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Ukraine may be forced into deal with Putin on his terms

The International Crisis Group think tank said Europe must step up to arm and help train Ukraine's forces.

Newsweek - Top Stories - 42 minutes ago

Putin claims West provoked Kharkiv offensive | War latest

Ukraine's use of weapons supplied by its Western allies to hit targets inside Russia would not make NATO and its members part of the conflict, NATO secretary-general has said.

Sky News - World - 44 minutes ago

Ukraine gets more military aid from Europe, but Putin warns of consequences if Russian soil is hit

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday received a second $1 billion promise of military aid in as many days for his war with Russia during a whirlwind tour through the European Union.

Stars and Stripes - World - 57 minutes ago

Biden's Ukraine conference snub a major boost for Russia – Zelensky

The absence of US President Joe Biden from an international conference on Ukraine would be a major boost for Russia, Vladimir Zelensky says

Russia Today - US News - 1 hour ago

NATO Chief Faces Calls to Resign After Calling for Ukraine to Use Western Missiles on Russia Mainland

Jens Stoltenberg is facing calls to resign after arguing Ukraine should be allowed to use NATO weapons to attack the Russian mainland.

Breitbart - World - 1 hour ago

Belgium Commits $1 Billion to Ukraine as Zelenskyy Continues His Whistlestop European Tour -- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy received a second $1 billion promise of military aid in as many days for his war with...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy received a second $1 billion promise of military aid in as many days for his war with Russia during a whirlwind tour through the European Union. - Top Stories - 2 hours ago

Russia rebukes Biden claim that US won WWII

President Joe Biden’s claim that US won Second World War is part of “psychological warfare” against Russia, says Moscow’s envoy to the US

Russia Today - US News - 2 hours ago

Top Iran, Russia security officials stress more cooperation

TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – The heads of the Iranian and Russian security councils have held talks to stress the continuation of cooperation in various fields.

Mehr News Agency - World - 3 hours ago

NATO states paying four times more than Russia for shells – media

Moscow produces artillery shells three times faster than Ukraine’s Western backers, according to a study seen by Sky News

Russia Today - World - 4 hours ago

Taiwan to get better weapons than Ukraine – Washington

American arms set to arrive in Taiwan will be new ones, unlike those sent to Ukraine, Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul has said

Russia Today - World - 4 hours ago

Western firms 'backtracking' on Russia exit plans – FT

More than half of the foreign firms that pledged to leave Russia have remained in the country, the Financial Times has reported

Russia Today - Business - 4 hours ago

Russia captures two settlements in Ukraine, Defence Ministry says -- Yesterday

The captured settlements were Ivanivka in the Kharkiv region and Netailove in Donetsk

The Globe and Mail - World - 5 hours ago

Jeremy Bowen: Ukraine faces its worst crisis since the war began

The composure Ukrainians show in the face of Russian attacks cannot conceal the dangers Kyiv faces in the summer ahead.

BBC News - Top Stories - 9 hours ago

French military instructors arriving in Ukraine 'soon'

Ukraine's top commander said on Monday (27 May) he had signed paperwork allowing French military instructors to visit Ukrainian training centres soon.

Euractiv - World - 10 hours ago

Russia to build Central Asia's first nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan

Russia will build a small nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan, the first such project in post-Soviet Central Asia, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said on Monday (27 May) at a meeting with visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Euractiv - World - 11 hours ago

NATO ministers to discuss implementing of €100 billion fund for Ukraine

NATO foreign ministers are expected to discuss a support package for Ukraine at length when they meet in Prague on Friday (31 May) ahead of the alliance's July summit in Washington.

Euractiv - World - 12 hours ago

List of New Weapons Spain's Sending to Ukraine

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said, "It is more important than ever to redouble our support" for Ukraine.

Newsweek - World - 14 hours ago

NATO states demand clarity on Ukraine aid plan – Politico

NATO chief’s proposal to give Kiev €100 billion in aid “a bit confusing,” Eastern European official has told Politico, seeking clarification

Russia Today - Top Stories - 19 hours ago

Russia Loses 28 Artillery Systems, 15 APVs and 9 Tanks in One Day: Ukraine

Ukraine's Armed Forces estimates that Russia has lost nearly 13,000 artillery systems since the start of the war.

Newsweek - World - 19 hours ago

German military officer convicted of spying for Russia

A discharged German military officer has been convicted of spying for Russia and providing documents containing “official secrets”

Russia Today - US News - 19 hours ago

Russia to build a small nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan

MOSCOW: Russia and Uzbekistan signed an accord Monday for Moscow to build a small nuclear power plant in the Central Asian country, as Russian Preside...

Peninsula Qatar - Top Stories - 19 hours ago

Russia Seals Nuclear Power and Gas Deal with Uzbekistan

Russia and Uzbekistan have agreed to build the first nuclear power plant in Central Asia, signaling Moscow's continued influence in the region. - Business - 20 hours ago

EU state explains why it can't support new Russia sanctions

Hungary is committed to blocking a massive EU military aid package for Kiev and a new round of sanctions on Russia, FM Peter Szijjarto says

Russia Today - World - 20 hours ago

Germany opposes NATO missile shield over Ukraine

Launching air defenses from NATO soil would be direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict, a spokesman for the government in Berlin has said

Russia Today - World - 21 hours ago

EU ministers clash with Hungary over blocked aid for Ukraine

Fresh tensions as Budapest holds up several billion euros of EU aid for Ukrainian military

Irish Times - World - 22 hours ago

Opinion: Every day is Memorial Day in Ukraine

As Americans commemorate the sacrifices of wars past, Ukrainians are serving, donating, volunteering and dying now.

Los Angeles Times - World - 22 hours ago

Moscow reacts to NATO chief's call for attacks deeper inside Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg of overstepping his mandate

Russia Today - US News - 1 day ago

A Young Russian's Life Transformed By Ukraine Conflict

Two years ago, Anastasia was working for a spa in Moscow and "life was good".

International Business Times - Business - 1 day ago

The death toll in Kharkiv attack rises to 14 as Zelenskyy warns of Russian troop movements

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned that Russia is preparing to intensify its offensive along Ukraine’s northern border as the death toll rose to 14 in an aerial bomb attack on a large …

Bay to Bay News - World - 1 day ago

Baltic states join with Norway, Finland and Poland to build 'drone wall' against Russia

Many of Russia's close neighbors plan to build a "drone wall" on their borders with Russia to prevent incursions as tensions in the region escalate.

Fox News - World - 1 day ago

Zelensky warns of build-up of Russian troops as Kharkiv attack death toll rises

Ukrainian president asks Joe Biden and Xi Jinping to attend summit in Switzerland

Irish Times - World - 2 days ago

Lithuanians vote in presidential election overshadowed by Russia

Lithuania holds presidential elections on Sunday, with incumbent Gitanas Nauseda expected to win after a campaign dominated by security concerns.

CNBC - Politics - 2 days ago

Ukraine says it regains control in some areas of Kharkiv region, as Russian attacks continue

President Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine's forces have secured 'combat control' of areas where Russian troops entered Ukraine’s Kharkiv region this month.

Los Angeles Times - US News - 2 days ago

Ukraine: Russian strikes on Kharkiv kills at least six, injures dozens

Putin claims Kremlin’s army is attempting to create a ‘buffer zone’ in region to prevent cross-border attacks by Kyiv’s forces

Irish Times - World - 2 days ago

Zelenskyy Says Ukraine Has Taken Back Control in Areas of Kharkiv Region, Aerial Attacks Continue

Ukraine’s problems have been mounting in recent months as it tries to hold out against its much bigger foe, and the war appears to be at a critical juncture. - US News - 2 days ago

At least 2 dead after Russian strikes on DIY supermarket in Kharkiv

The bomb strike triggered a huge blaze and wounded many shoppers

Evening Standard - World - 2 days ago

NATO Chief: Ukraine Should Be Allowed to Use Western Missiles Against Russian Mainland

Western nations should end their prohibition on Ukraine using their missiles to hit targets within Russia, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said.

Breitbart - World - 3 days ago

Zelenskyy says Ukraine has taken back control in areas of the embattled Kharkiv region

Ukrainian forces have secured "combat control" of areas where Russian troops entered the northeastern Kharkiv region earlier this month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

CTV News - Top Stories - 3 days ago

Zelensky Claims Ukraine Has Taken Back Control of Key Areas in Kharkiv

Ukrainian forces have secured "combat control" of areas where Russian troops entered the Kharkiv region earlier this month, Zelensky said.

Breitbart - World - 3 days ago

Yellen sees no 'showstoppers' on G7 Ukraine loan backed by Russian asset earnings

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she does not see "any showstoppers" in talks with G7 finance ministers about a larger loan to Ukraine.

CNBC - Politics - 3 days ago

US announces $275m in new military assistance for Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the package, which was previewed by two US officials, “is part of our efforts to help Ukraine repel Russia’s assault near Kharkiv.”

Boston Globe - Politics - 3 days ago

Ukraine has 'combat control' of parts of Kharkiv region Russia has targeted, Zelenskyy says

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Friday that his country's armed forces had secured "combat control" of areas where Russian troops staged an incursion this month in northern parts of Kharkiv region.

CBC News - World - 3 days ago

Russia's Putin ready to halt Ukraine war on frontlines: Sources

President Vladimir Putin is ready to stop the Ukraine war with a cease-fire that takes into consideration the current battlefield lines, Russian sources...

Daily Sabah - World - 3 days ago

Case dismissed against Maryland couple accused of patient privacy violations to help Russia

A federal judge has tossed a case against a Maryland couple accused of divulging patients' medical records as part of a conspiracy to aid Russia. The Baltimore Sun reports that U.S. District Court …

Bay to Bay News - Top Stories - 3 days ago

NATO members near Russia border to erect 'drone wall': Lithuania

NATO members Lithuania and five others near the border with Russia agreed to put up a 'drone wall' for defense against provocations, a top official said...

Daily Sabah - World - 3 days ago

Daesh-K responsible for Moscow terrorist attack: Russia

A top Russian security official said that the March 22 concert hall attack in Moscow was carried out by the Daesh terrorist group. The terrorist attack,...

Daily Sabah - World - 3 days ago

Here's why the energy price cap is still £300 more than before the Ukraine war energy crisis

Soaring inflation, fuelled by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, has driven up costs and despite falling back remains positive.

Sky News - Business - 4 days ago

Russia cannot swallow the West whole, Orban says; G7 finance chiefs meet with Ukraine on agenda

Some G7 leaders suggest helping Kyiv with as much as $50 billion in loans funded by frozen Russian assets.

CNBC - Politics - 4 days ago

Western governments undermining their Middle Eastern policy in Ukraine

Opinion: The death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and removal of Russia's Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev from power open a rare opportunity to avoid partition of Middle East into two opposing blocs; by refusing to negotiate in Eastern Europe, Western governments are missing an opportunity

YNET News - Opinion - 4 days ago

Russia threatens direct strikes on British military targets; Kharkiv hit with 'extremely brutal' attack

Russia said its border region of Belgorod came under a missile and drone attack, claiming its air defense systems shot down 35 rockets and three drones.

CNBC - Politics - 5 days ago

Canada sanctions Russian companies accused of shipping North Korea weapons to Ukraine -- May 21, 2024

The sanctions apply to two men and six shipping companies that Ottawa says have ‘facilitated the illegal transportation of weapons, including ballistic missiles, from North Korea to Russia’

The Globe and Mail - Politics - 5 days ago

Ukraine May Soon Have to Sue for Peace | Opinion

While the war with Russia has enabled a quiet extension of Volodymyr Zelensky's term, it is a fitting moment to take stock of a catastrophe that has been overshadowed by the Gaza war.

Newsweek - Opinion - 5 days ago

US says Russia likely launched anti-satellite weapon

The Russian satellite launched last week may be capable of attacking other satellites, the Pentagon says.

BBC News - Science - 6 days ago

Opinion | India Can't Wish Away The Growing Russia-China Bonhomie

For New Delhi, managing this Russia-China axis will be the most significant foreign policy challenge in the coming years.

NDTV - Opinion - 6 days ago

'Possible' $50bn Ukraine loan from Russian assets

In an interview with Sky News, the US Treasury secretary speaks of her hopes for a new funding solution for Ukraine's war effort.

Sky News - Business - 7 days ago

Strange brew: The stories and culture of tea in Russia

Russian tea: samovar, special tea cozies, food ... but the essential part is that the tea time has always been a setting for discussing important matters and socializing.

Global Voices - Entertainment - 7 days ago

Russia jails hypersonic missile scientist for 14 years for treason

Anatoly Maslov is among a string of prominent Russian scientists to have been charged with treason in recent years.

Aljazeera - Science - 7 days ago

Commentary: The price of rebuilding Ukraine goes up each day - but shirking the bill will cost even more

Failing to repair Ukraine's infrastructure will lead to longer-term instability, says this University of Arizona professor.

Channel NewsAsia - Opinion - 7 days ago

Pentagon vows to keep weapons moving to Ukraine as Kyiv faces a renewed assault by Russia

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III is committing to keep U.S. weapons moving to Ukraine as Kyiv faces one of its toughest moments against Russia.

Los Angeles Times - US News - 7 days ago

ECB rushing banks to quit Russia – FT

The EU regulator has demanded that Eurozone banks still in Russia should speed up their exits due to looming US sanctions, the FT reports

Russia Today - Business - 8 days ago

Russia Loses Ground to China in Central Asian Trade

Kyrgyzstan has a significant trade deficit with China, raising concerns about its economic dependency on the Asian giant. - World - 8 days ago

Russia may lay new oil pipeline to China – Putin

The planned Russia-China mega gas pipeline project could see an extra conduit laid for crude oil, President Vladimir Putin has said

Russia Today - Business - 11 days ago

U.S. Fast-Tracks $2 Billion Military Aid for Ukraine

The United States pledges an additional $2 billion in military aid to Ukraine, reaffirming its commitment to supporting the country's defense efforts against Russian aggression. - World - 11 days ago

Strategic amnesia, political division put U.S. in extreme jeopardy -- To put it charitably, America and Americans suffer from a bad case of strategic amnesia. This condition has affected how the U.S. is responding to the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and dealing with its "enemies."

To put it charitably, America and Americans suffer from a bad case of strategic amnesia. This condition has affected how the U.S. is responding to the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and dealing with its "enemies."

UPI - Opinion - 12 days ago

90% of Russia-China transactions in national currencies – Putin

Most payments between Russia and China are made in national currencies, which has boosted trade, Vladimir Putin has said

Russia Today - Business - 12 days ago

Guitar-playing Blinken stirs criticism for staging rock show at Kyiv bar

Despite US diplomat's intent to salute struggling Ukrainian soldiers with performance, politicians and public figures say performance in poor taste

Times of Israel - Top Stories - 13 days ago

Zelenskyy defers trips, pulls some Kharkiv troops amid Russia push

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy suspended all foreign state visits and pulled troops from some areas in Kharkiv where Russia continued to make...

Daily Sabah - World - 13 days ago

Armed with a guitar, Blinken sings in Kyiv bar: 'Keep on rockin' in the free world'

Watch: US Secretary of state wanted to convey to the Ukrainians a message that the US and the free world are with them as the war against them continues - and chose to do so through Neil Young's song

YNET News - World - 13 days ago

Putin's Cabinet Shakeup Reflects Shift in Strategy As Ukraine War Persists

Putin has replaced Defense Minister Shoigu with economist Belousov, signaling a shift towards prioritizing economic mobilization in Russia's conflict with Ukraine and challenging the West. - World - 13 days ago

Russia Targets Kharkiv in Major Offensive After Kyiv Attacks Refineries

Over the weekend, Russia launched a major offensive in the Kharkiv region, taking control of an estimated nine villages and prompting thousands to flee - World - 15 days ago

The US Army is getting new 'Iron Fist' technology – thanks to Ukraine war aid

The more money spent on helping Kyiv, the faster US forces will be re-equipped with better kit

Telegraph UK - Technology - 19 days ago

As banks pull plug on Russia payments, China firms go 'underground'

In southern China, an appliance manufacturer is facing hurdles in shipping its products to Russia, not because of any problems with the gadgets but because...

Daily Sabah - Business - 29 days ago

Russia exodus costs foreign firms over $107 billion

The corporate exodus from Russia since its 2022 invasion of Ukraine has cost foreign companies more than $107 billion in writedowns and lost revenue, a...

Daily Sabah - Business - 2 months ago

Ukraine War Veteran Makes Bionic Prosthetic Arm for Amputee Soldier

It’s estimated that 10,000 people in Ukraine have lost at least one limb due to the ongoing war with Russia.

Inside Edition - Health - 2 months ago

2 Years After Russia's Invasion, Ukraine Needs More Than Just Our Aid. It Needs Our Attention.

Saturday, Feb. 24, marked the second anniversary of Russia's unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine. - Opinion - 2 months ago

Ukraine says 53, including 6 children, hurt in Russian missile strikes on Kyiv

Russia's second missile assault on Kyiv this week injured at least 53 people, damaging homes and a children's hospital, Ukrainian officials said on Wednesday, as President Volodymyr Zelenskiy pleaded in Washington for more help for his country.

Reuters - World - 5 months ago

Zelenskiy meets Republican doubts in push for US aid to fight Russia

President Joe Biden warned Republicans on Tuesday that they would give Russia a "Christmas gift" if they failed to provide additional military aid to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, whose meeting with a top U.S. lawmaker concluded without a commitment for more support.

Reuters - US News - 5 months ago

U.S. intelligence assesses Ukraine war has cost Russia 315,000 casualties -source

A declassified U.S. intelligence report assessed that the Ukraine war has cost Russia 315,000 dead and injured troops, or nearly 90% of the personnel it had when the conflict began, a source familiar with the intelligence said on Tuesday.

Reuters - World - 5 months ago

Watch Out for Backroom Warmongers Urging NATO Entanglement in Ukraine

Recent proposals encouraging initiatives to increase NATO membership for Eastern European nations are antagonistic, ill-timed and of questionable strategic value to the U.S. - Opinion - 8 months ago

Erdoğan says West must 'keep promises' on Ukraine grain deal

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Tuesday that the revival of a key deal with Russia that allowed Ukraine to export its grain via the Black Sea...

Daily Sabah - Politics - 9 months ago

Russia opens fire on Ukraine-bound cargo ship in Black Sea

A Russian warship on Sunday fired warning shots at a cargo ship in the southwestern Black Sea as it made its way northwards, marking the first time Moscow...

Daily Sabah - Politics - 9 months ago

IOC president blasts Ukraine – media

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Back has reportedly urged Kiev against calls to boycott the Paris 2024 Games

Russia Today - Sports - 1 year ago

Russia and Belarus may be permitted to send neutral delegations to the 2024 Olympics

Ukraine’s Sports Minister Vadim Guttsait says his country might boycott the Paris Olympics next year if Russia and Belarus are granted entry

Russia Today - Sports - 1 year ago

Ukraine Invaded by Russia: Inside the War, the Refugee Crisis and the World's Reaction

Russia's invasion of Ukraine began Feb. 24. Since then, at least 24,000 people have been killed and at least 10 million people have been displaced.

Inside Edition - Politics - 2 years ago

In the Ukraine Conflict, Fake Fact-Checks Are Being Used to Spread Disinformation

Social media posts debunking purported Ukrainian disinformation are themselves fake. That doesn’t stop them from being featured on Russian state TV.

ProPublica - Technology - 2 years ago