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Biden and Sunak to focus on Ukraine and economic security in British...

President Joe Biden is welcoming Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for wide-ranging talks on... - US News - 29 minutes ago

World Bank to assess damage after destruction of Ukraine dam

Official says destruction of Nova Kakhovka dam has ‘very serious consequences’ for essential services and environment.

Aljazeera - Top Stories - 30 minutes ago

Books - Author Haruki Murakami says pandemic, war in Ukraine create walls that divide people - 4 hrs ago

The author’s new book “The City and Its Uncertain Walls” was released in April in Japan and an English translation is expected in 2024.

Toronto Star - Entertainment - 40 minutes ago

Emergency workers in southern Ukraine respond to giant floods after collapse of vital dam

New drone vision shows the full extent of the flooding in Ukraine after the collapse of a critical dam.

Sydney Morning Herald - World - 56 minutes ago

Replacement plane for diverted Air India flight leaves Russia for San...

A replacement plane for an Air India flight diverted to Russia has left for San Francisco,...

Houston Chronicle - World - 1 hour ago

Stranded Passengers In Russia Flown To US In Air India's 'Ferry Flight

A replacement aircraft carrying all passengers and crew on board took off from Russia's Magadan for San Francisco today after an Air India flight was forced to make an emergency landing in the remote Russian town due to a technical issue on Tuesday.

NDTV - Top Stories - 1 hour ago

Kakhovka dam collapse: Analysts weigh in on who has more at stake amid Russia and Ukraine blame game

While Kyiv itself has not confirmed that it has launched the much-awaited spring counter-offensive against Russia, one analyst said that “by the sounds of it, it has”.

Channel NewsAsia - Top Stories - 1 hour ago

Ukraine flood victims ferried to safety; shelling intensifies after dark

In contrast to the chaotic response in flooded areas under Russian occupation, the massive rescue effort in Ukrainian-controlled areas continued smoothly and efficiently. The Ukrainian government reported that a total of 1,752 people had been evacuated from the region.

Stars and Stripes - Top Stories - 2 hours ago

Air India says plane carrying passengers stranded in Russia takes off for San Francisco

Air India said on Thursday that its replacement flight has taken off from Russia's Magadan for San Francisco, carrying all passengers and crew.

Reuters - Top Stories - 2 hours ago

'Russia is responsible': Ukraine rushes drinking water to flooded areas after dam break

The collapse of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam and emptying of its reservoir on the Dnieper River added to the misery the region has suffered for more than a year from artillery and missile attacks.

Sydney Morning Herald - World - 8 hours ago

Dam destruction devastates vast Ukraine farmland

The long-term consequences for agriculture will be severe in one of Ukraine's most fertile areas.

BBC News - World - 3 hours ago

Video 1 minute 41 seconds -- Maps and images show scale of Ukraine dam floods

Emerging images and maps reveal the full scale of the devastation caused by the Kakhovka dam disaster in southern Ukraine.

BBC News - World - 3 hours ago

Ukraine news: Thousands flee amid dam flooding

News on the Kakhovka dam destruction and its implications on the war in Ukraine, including updates on how Putin and Zelenskyy have responded to the disaster.

NBC News - World - 3 hours ago

Ukraine calls Russia a 'terrorist state' at World Court hearing -- June 6, 2023

A panel of 16 judges at the ICJ began hearing Ukraine’s claim that Moscow violated a UN anti-terrorism treaty by equipping and funding pro-Russian forces who shot down flight MH17

The Globe and Mail - World - 4 hours ago

Head of Wagner calls Russian claims of victories in Ukraine 'absurd science fiction' -- June 6, 2023

Russia’s defence ministry said that its forces had repelled Ukraine’s second major offensive in two days, destroying eight main battle Leopard tanks and 109 armoured vehicles

The Globe and Mail - World - 4 hours ago

Russia Aims To Block EU From Hosting COP29 Climate Summit

Russia intends to block European Union countries from hosting next year's U.N. international climate negotiations, according to internal emails seen by Reuters.

NDTV - World - 4 hours ago

Hundreds of U.S.-bound passengers stranded in Russia after plane makes emergency landing -- A plane bound for San Francisco was forced to make an emergency landing in Siberia due to engine issues, leaving passengers stranded in Russia and thousands of miles from their destination.

A plane bound for San Francisco was forced to make an emergency landing in Siberia due to engine issues, leaving passengers stranded in Russia and thousands of miles from their destination.

New York Daily News - World - 5 hours ago

Video - Ros Atkins unpacks the Ukraine dam breach

The BBC’s analysis editor looks at what we know about the Ukraine dam collapse at Nova Kakhovka.

BBC News - Top Stories - 5 hours ago

Russia tells US government to publish truth about JFK assassination

If the US wants to lecture the world on democracy and human rights, it needs to come clean about the Kennedy killings, Moscow has said

Russia Today - World - 6 hours ago

Commentary: Dam breach gives Russia a new weapon in Ukraine war

The humanitarian disaster of catastrophic flooding will draw attention away from the unfolding counter-offensive, says Ben Hall for the Financial Times.

Channel NewsAsia - World - 6 hours ago

Ukraine Dam Explosion Could Be Considered Russian War Crime

An explosion at a dam is causing massive flooding in Russian controlled territory in Ukraine.

Inside Edition - Top Stories - 7 hours ago

Ukrainians 'abandoned to die' by Russia on banks of Dnipro

Ukraine’s prime minister called on the Red Cross to step in to save tens of thousands of people affected by the surging floodwater

Telegraph UK - Top Stories - 7 hours ago

United States cannot stand idly by as United Arab Emirates sidles up to China, Russia

China and Russia are rapidly replacing the U.S. as preferential partners across the global south.

Washington Times - Entertainment - 7 hours ago

'Shhh': Ukraine quietly begins its fightback against Russia

It’s believed Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia has begun, with the release of a glossy new ad campaign.

Sydney Morning Herald - Top Stories - 7 hours ago

The FBI's most treacherous spy was inspired by Kim Philby to pass US secrets to Russia

'The most damaging spy in bureau history' leaked secrets to Russia for two decades in betrayals that led to lives lost

Telegraph UK - World - 8 hours ago

Waters Rise in Southern Ukraine After Dam Breach

Officials said waters were expected to rise further following Tuesday’s dramatic rupture of the Kakhovka dam about 70 kilometres (44 miles) to the east of the city of Kherson, but were slowing. (June 7) AP - Top Stories - 8 hours ago

Cornered in Ukraine and isolated by the West, the Kremlin returns to Cuba -- Evan Dyer -- |

Thirty years after the USSR dissolved and abandoned Cuba, the Kremlin is back in the Caribbean with a series of military, political and economic agreements that appear aimed at giving Russia a presence close to North America. Some Cubans fear their country will be used to create a new Cold War front.

CBC News - Politics - 9 hours ago

Germany fines woman €900 for saying Russian invasion of Ukraine was 'necessary'

The country has some of Europe’s most stringent laws regulating what people can say and do in public

Telegraph UK - World - 10 hours ago

Ukraine ramps up operations as dam destruction blame game unfolds

Ukrainian forces advance near Bakhmut as President Zelenskyy says his troops are set for a counterattack.

Aljazeera - Top Stories - 10 hours ago

Ukraine Dam's Destruction Increases Mines Threat: Red Cross

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine will have a catastrophic effect on locating landmines in the affected region, the Red Cross warned Wednesday.

International Business Times - World - 10 hours ago

Germany, Spain slam Commission over Ukraine import restrictions

The European Commission’s decision to extend restrictions on the import of certain Ukrainian agricultural products has been met with criticism by the governments in Berlin and Madrid, who stressed the importance of continuing to support the war-torn country.

Euractiv - Top Stories - 11 hours ago

Moscow-backed Official Says Russian Army Gains Advantage From Ukraine Dam Breach

A top Moscow-backed official in part of Ukraine controlled by Russia has said that the collapse of the giant Kakhovka Dam has handed the Russian military a tactical advantage, but a prominent U.S.

International Business Times - World - 11 hours ago

New leader of Army's sustainment command in Europe has Reagan-esque name, Russia focus

Army Brig. Gen. Ronald Ragin assumed command Wednesday of the largest American overseas sustainment command, which continues to be crucial to moving weapons and equipment into Ukraine.

Stars and Stripes - Top Stories - 11 hours ago

Tucker Carlson launches Twitter show, attacks Ukraine

Tucker Carlson's new show on Twitter launched Tuesday night, a month after he was fired from Fox News.

Washington Times - Top Stories - 12 hours ago

Evacuees flee floodwaters from destroyed Ukraine dam

As Moscow and Kyiv continue to blame each other for the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam on the front line between Russian and Ukrainian forces, evacuees fleeing the floodwaters are being transported to safety.

Deutsche Welle - Top Stories - 12 hours ago

UK Says Awaiting 'All Available Facts' On Ukraine Dam

Britain is unwilling to apportion blame at this stage for the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine and is awaiting "all available facts", Foreign Secretary James Cleverly told AFP on Wednesday.

International Business Times - Business - 12 hours ago

Russia Accuses Ukraine "Sabotage" Group Of Blowing Up Key Ammonia Pipeline

Moscow said Wednesday that a Ukrainian "sabotage" group had blown up a section of the Togliatti-Odesa pipeline that Russia used to export ammonia before the start of the offensive.

NDTV - World - 12 hours ago

Ukraine Demands Russia Pay Billions in Reparations for Dam Destruction

Ukraine must be "compensated for all the damage caused by Russia," Oleg Ustenko, an economic adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, told Newsweek.

Newsweek - Top Stories - 12 hours ago

Ukraine fears food production, export losses after dam destruction

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam, which has led to severe floods in parts of Ukraine, will likely impact both agricultural production and exports, according to the government in Kyiv.

Euractiv - Top Stories - 12 hours ago

'Evidence' suggests Russia deliberately damaged Kakhovka dam: ISW

According to the Institute for the Study of War, although it cannot be certain, the available evidence, reasoning, and rhetoric suggest that Russian forces deliberately damaged the Kakhovka dam.

Euronews - World - 12 hours ago

Ukraine wary of floating mines, disease spreading after Kakhovka dam collapse

A senior Ukrainian official warned of the danger posed by floating mines unearthed by flooding and the spread of disease and hazardous chemicals on Wednesday as he inspected damage caused by the collapse of the Kakhovka dam.

Reuters - Environment - 12 hours ago

Putin blames Kyiv for Kakhovka dam explosion as 'barbaric'

TEHRAN, Jun 07 (MNA) – In a phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Russian President called alleged Kyiv’s recent attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant "a barbaric act".

Mehr News Agency - Top Stories - 12 hours ago

Air India Plane From Delhi to San Francisco Lands in Russia After Engine Problem

ISTANBUL/WASHINGTON—An Air India plane flying from Delhi to San Francisco was forced to divert and land at an ...

Epoch Times - Business - 13 hours ago

Bay Area man aboard Air India flight trapped in Russia sleeping on mattress in makeshift shelter

“Everything is calm here,” Hayward resident Prajwal Chaulagain wrote in a series of...

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 13 hours ago

Hundreds of thousands affected by dam destruction, says Kyiv

UN aid chief says magnitude of Nova Kakhovka dam catastrophe ‘will only become fully realised in coming days’

Irish Times - World - 13 hours ago

World News -- Air India sending ferry flight for passengers stranded in Russia after engine issue -- Technical issues forced an Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco to a remote airport in Russia on Wednesday, where passengers and crew awaiting a ferry flight that will allow them to complete the trip, the carrier

Technical issues forced an Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco to a remote airport in Russia on Wednesday, where passengers and crew awaiting a ferry flight that will allow them to complete the trip, the carrier

UPI - World - 13 hours ago

Kakhovka dam flooding set to peak; Kyiv says it's on offensive in Bahmut

Ukraine is dealing with a humanitarian and ecological disaster as flooding engulfs much of Kherson after major damage to the Kakhovka dam.

CNBC - Politics - 14 hours ago

Kakhovka Dam Explosion Will be Devastating to Ukraine for One Main Reason

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky has said that hundreds of thousands of people could be left without clean drinking water.

Newsweek - World - 14 hours ago

Emergency flight en route to Russia to replace stranded Indian airliner

A San Francisco-bound flight made an emergency landing in Magadan after suffering engine problems

Russia Today - US News - 14 hours ago

Anger as San Francisco-bound passengers are stranded in Russia instead

One passenger says ‘many US nationals’ were on board the flight and are now stranded in Russia, unable to use credit cards due to Western sanctions over the Ukraine war

Independent UK - World - 15 hours ago

Analysis: Diverted Indian jet lands in middle of Russia airspace dispute

The diversion of a U.S.-built Air India jetliner to Russia with engine problems has thrust industry tensions surrounding Russian airspace into the spotlight - just a day after the head of a major American carrier predicted an almost identical scenario.

Reuters - World - 15 hours ago

Destruction of Ukraine dam floods villages and transforms frontline

The breach of a major dam in southern Ukraine that supplies both Russian-controlled Crimea and the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant has transformed the frontline and forced villages to flee. Both sides give conflicting accounts of what happened to the Nova Kakhovka dam and the motives behind it.

The Globe and Mail - World - 15 hours ago

Haruki Murakami: Pandemic, Ukraine war fuel divisions

There has been a noticeable increase in the construction of walls, both literal and metaphorical, which are causing divisions among people and nations,...

Daily Sabah - Top Stories - 16 hours ago

Thousands flee rising floodwater after Ukraine dam breach

Thousands of people were evacuated Wednesday amid fears of a humanitarian disaster after the destruction of a Russian-held dam flooded dozens of villages...

Daily Sabah - World - 16 hours ago

World News -- Major dam in Russia-occupied Ukraine destroyed; thousands evacuated -- A major hydroelectric dam in Russia-occupied southern Ukraine was destroyed early Tuesday, forcing thousands of residents in the area to evacuate and raising fears over the safety of a nearby nuclear power plant.

A major hydroelectric dam in Russia-occupied southern Ukraine was destroyed early Tuesday, forcing thousands of residents in the area to evacuate and raising fears over the safety of a nearby nuclear power plant.

UPI - World - 16 hours ago

Thousands face evacuation after destruction of huge Ukraine dam blamed on Russia

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky calls attack on dam a ‘war crime’ and the ‘largest manmade environmental disaster in Europe in decades’

Independent UK - Politics - 17 hours ago

Around '42,000 people at risk' from Ukraine dam collapse with water levels expected to keep rising

Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford, reporting downriver from the dam, said there was a "sense of desperation" in the area as aid chiefs warned the dam's collapse will have "grave and far-reaching consequences".

Sky News - World - 17 hours ago

Passengers On San Francisco-Bound Plane Stuck In Russia With Engine Problem

A "technical issue" forced the Air India flight from New Delhi to land at Magadan airport in Russia's far east. Passengers will likely leave for the U.S. on Thursday.

Huffington Post - Politics - 17 hours ago

Ukraine and AI on the agenda for Sunak and Biden

UK Prime Minister reportedly wants new global artificial intelligence regulator to be based in London

Euronews - Top Stories - 17 hours ago

What We Know About Dam's Destruction In Ukraine

The Russian-held Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine was ripped open after an explosion in the early hours of Tuesday, according to multiple accounts.

International Business Times - Business - 17 hours ago

Russia calls for intl. investigation into Kakhovka HPP dam

TEHRAN, Jun 07 (MNA) – The situation with the collapse of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant's dam should become the subject of a worldwide study and investigation, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Mehr News Agency - Politics - 17 hours ago

Floodwaters swamp more areas of Ukraine as hundreds flee after dam breach

Floodwaters from a collapsed dam kept rising in southern Ukraine, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes in a major emergency operation.

Los Angeles Times - World - 18 hours ago

Dam destruction takes Ukraine war into uncharted territory

The floodtide inundating the region will prevent the use of heavy weaponry for at least a month, said one analyst, making Ukraine’s counteroffensive difficult.

Sydney Morning Herald - Opinion - 18 hours ago

Author Haruki Murakami says pandemic, war in Ukraine create walls that divide people

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami says walls are increasingly built and dividing people and countries as fear and skepticism flourish following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Bay to Bay News - World - 18 hours ago

Floodwaters Engulf More Areas of Southern Ukraine After Dam Breach as Hundreds Evacuated

Amid the disaster response, artillery shelling rang out as people scrambled to get out of the danger zone, climbing onto military trucks or rafts. - US News - 18 hours ago

Russia Loses 37 Artillery Systems, 13 Tanks in a Day: Ukraine

The losses come amid Kyiv and Moscow trading blame for the destruction of a key dam in south Ukraine on Tuesday.

Newsweek - World - 18 hours ago

Air India plane flying to San Francisco lands in Russia after engine problem, US citizens 'likely' onboard

An Air India plane with over 230 people onboard flying from New Delhi to San Francisco landed in Russia after it developed an engine problem, officials said.

Fox News - World - 18 hours ago

U.S. Accused of Blowing up Kakhovka Dam by Russia State TV

A guest on the Russia 1 program 60 Minutes said that the West was behind the destruction of the dam in the Kherson oblast.

Newsweek - World - 19 hours ago

Belarus' Sabalenka denounces Lukashenko, war on Ukraine

Belarusian tennis sensation Aryna Sabalenka publicly denounced her nation's involvement in the war in Ukraine on Tuesday, resolutely affirming her...

Daily Sabah - Sports - 19 hours ago

Massive destruction of Ukraine dam revealed in new satellite images

Imagery captures more than 2,500 sq km of area around Nova Kakhovka before and after its collapse

Independent UK - World - 20 hours ago

Ukraine money drives wedge between House and Senate Republicans

The GOP unity seen in the debt ceiling fight is giving way to a House vs. Senate divide over defense as Congress shifts its attention to funding the government later this year.

Washington Examiner - Politics - 21 hours ago

Arms sent to Ukraine could end up elsewhere – Hungary

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned that weapons flooding into Ukraine are likely to spur chaos and violence around the globe

Russia Today - World - 21 hours ago

Kakhovka dam breach takes Ukraine war into uncharted territory

The breach of a huge dam on the front-line Dnipro river has muddied the picture for a much-awaited Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian invaders and threatens an environmental disaster for civilians living in the war zone.

Reuters - Top Stories - 22 hours ago

Waters continue to swell as flooded southern Ukraine copes with day after dam breach

Residents of southern Ukraine braced for a second day of swelling floodwaters on Wednesday as authorities warned that a Dnieper River dam breach would continue to unleash pent-up waters from a giant …

Bay to Bay News - World - 22 hours ago

Ukraine, Russia trade blame for devastating dam collapse that displaces thousands

Western powers lean toward pointing finger at Moscow for explosion that set off flooding in dozens of towns; Israel condemns 'deliberate targeting of critical infrastructure'

Times of Israel - Top Stories - 23 hours ago

Ukraine updates: Kyiv accuses Russia of blowing Kakhova dam

Russian-installed officials in Ukraine's Kherson region have begun civilian evacuations, while Kyiv has also reported a major leak of engine oil from the hydroelectric plant. DW has the latest.

Deutsche Welle - Top Stories - 1 day ago

GOP senators pledge to push ahead with Ukraine supplemental funding, despite McCarthy comments

Senate Republicans say they’ll keep pushing for more funding for Ukraine and defense even in the wake of Kevin McCarthy’s comments that additional funding would face long odds in the GOP-controlled House, potentially setting off a clash between the House Speaker and Senate Minority Leader McConnell.

CNN - Politics - 1 day ago

Citizens embark on chaotic scramble to escape floodwaters after Ukraine dam breach

Dozens of evacuees on an island in the Dnieper River scurried onto the tops of military trucks to flee rising floodwaters caused by the breach of a dam upstream, as shelling in a war zone separating …

Bay to Bay News - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine dam attack will exacerbate Russia false flag concerns over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

The explosion at and grave damage to Ukraine's Nova Kakhovka dam was likely caused by Russian sabotage. As I noted earlier, for months now, there has been Russian activity of concern in relation to possible "false flag" attacks on Ukrainian and Russian critical infrastructure. In such a plot, Russia would stage an attack or provocation and then seek to shift blame for the incident on to Ukraine.

Washington Examiner - World - 1 day ago

BRICS Is Evolving from China-Russia Dream to Potential U.S. Nightmare

"The main drivers are to do with an overall belief that the [U.S.] has become both unreliable and overbearing in its foreign policy," an expert tells Newsweek.

Newsweek - World - 1 day ago

PM says Ukraine dam attack would be 'new low' if Russia responsible

Military experts have said the flood of water could destroy some Russian defences but also hamper the long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive

Evening Standard - World - 1 day ago

Sunak: Destruction of Ukraine dam a 'new low' if Russian forces are responsible

The Prime Minister said the immediate priority was the humanitarian response to the catastrophe, which has flooded villages and endangered crops.

Evening Standard - Politics - 1 day ago

'Ecological disaster': Collapse of major dam in Ukraine triggers emergency -- 06 Jun 11:28 AM

Officials order hundreds of thousands of residents downriver to evacuate.

NZ Herald - World - 1 day ago

'It's a nightmare': Burst dam triggers emergency in Ukraine -- 06 Jun 08:30 PM

Thousands evacuated as one of the world's largest reservoirs empties.

NZ Herald - World - 1 day ago

First Look -- Ukraine dam collapses, flooding villages. Who's responsible? -- The wall of a major dam controlled by Moscow in southern Ukraine has collapsed, threatening Europe's largest nuclear power plant and drinking water supplies. Both sides of the conflict are evacuating residents and blaming the other for damages to the dam.

The wall of a major dam controlled by Moscow in southern Ukraine has collapsed, threatening Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and drinking water supplies. Both sides of the conflict are evacuating residents and blaming the other for damages to the dam.

Christian Science Monitor - World - 1 day ago

Thousands evacuated, many more at risk in Ukraine dam crisis: UN

An attack on a major Russian-held dam in southern Ukraine on Tuesday unleashed a torrent of water that flooded two dozen villages and forced the evacuation...

Daily Sabah - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine isn't Europe's only front-line battle

The fighting spirit of Ukrainians has emboldened the European Union to ensure its member states – such as Poland – uphold democratic values.

Christian Science Monitor - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Ukraine and Russia call for UN Security Council meeting on dam blast

Ukraine and Russia have reportedly requested emergency meetings of the UN Security Council on the blowing up of the Kakhovka dam, which has put tens of thousands of people at risk of flooding.

Euronews - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine War: Major dam attack

The Kakhovka dam in the Russian controlled part of southern Ukraine has been damaged by shelling, leading to flooding and mass evacuation in an area already hit by months of conflict.

Sky News - Top Stories - 1 day ago

US knew Ukraine planned to sabotage Nord Stream – WaPo

According to Pentagon documents, American spies knew since last June that Ukraine planned on destroying the Nord Stream gas pipelines

Russia Today - US News - 1 day ago

Beavers Walk Through Ukraine City After Dam Explosion Destroys Homes

"There are a lot of beavers in that area, their habitat has been destroyed," said a Ukrainian official.

Newsweek - World - 1 day ago

CIA had info of Ukraine plan to attack Nord Stream pipeline: Report

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency had information that Ukraine planned to carry out an attack on the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline three months...

Daily Sabah - Business - 1 day ago

China And Russia Lock Horns Over Kazakhstan's Uranium

Kazakhstan's position as the leading global producer of uranium is leading to an intensifying geopolitical conflict in Eurasia, particularly between major consumers like Russia and China. - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine brands Russia 'terrorist state' at UN court over dam breach

Ukrainian representative Anton Korynevych called Russia a "terrorist state", blaming the destruction of a major dam at Nova Kakhovka on Moscow.

Euronews - World - 1 day ago

US intelligence 'leaning towards' Russia being behind dam attack

The dam was built in 1956 on the Dnipro river as part of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant and supplies water to the Crimean peninsula and to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which is also under Russian control.

Sky News - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up major dam

Water was surging through the critical Kakhovka dam Tuesday, unleashing flooding that could threaten hundreds of thousands of residents, as well as a nearby nuclear plant.

NBC News - World - 1 day ago

Report: CIA Was Warned of Ukraine Plan to Sabotage Nord Stream Pipeline

The Biden administration was forewarned the Ukraine military planned an attack on the Nord Stream pipeline a full three months before the sabotage took place, a report claims.

Breitbart - World - 1 day ago

What we know about Ukraine dam incident

A flood of water has been released after a major dam in the Russian-controlled region of Kherson was hit.

BBC News - World - 1 day ago

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine is central to Russia's war. Experts say a meltdown would be catastrophic.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine is Europe's largest nuclear facility. It's also central to Russia's war. Experts say a meltdown would spell disaster.

Deutsche Welle - Environment - 1 day ago

Ukraine And Russia Trade Accusations Over Huge Hydropower Dam Blow-Up

Ukraine and Russia on Tuesday blamed each other for blowing up a hydroelectric dam in Ukraine’s Kherson region, currently under Russian occupation, which prompted evacuation after flooding followed the collapse of the dam - Business - 1 day ago

Moscow and Kyiv trade blame for destruction of Kakhovka dam

Analysis: Moscow set to benefit from Kyiv diverting efforts away from flood-hit southern flank

Irish Times - World - 1 day ago

Watch: Kyiv and Moscow signal start of Ukraine's counter-offensive

The Institute for the Study of War and the UK Ministry of Defence have observed a jump in combat activity along the frontline in Ukraine.

Euronews - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine and Russia blame each other for breaching dam in Kherson region; 1,300 residents evacuated so far

Ukraine and Russia have both begun emergency evacuations in parts of the southern Kherson region as flooding spreads.

CNBC - Politics - 1 day ago

Russia Could Nuke Own Border Region, Wagner PMC Chief Warns

Yevgeny Prigozhin appeared to escalate his feud with the Russian Defense Ministry, threatening to "march his troops" on Moscow if more ammo wasn't provided.

Newsweek - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine blames Russia for destroying dam as evacuations get underway

A move of “desperate vandalism”. That’s the view of Robert Fox, the Standard’s Defence Editor, on the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro River, which Volodymyr Zelensky has blamed on Vladimir Putin.

Evening Standard - Opinion - 1 day ago

The dam attack in Ukraine shows just how desperate Putin is

Destroying the dam may make strategic sense to Moscow – to block Ukrainian troop movements – but it comes at an appalling cost, writes Kim Sengupta

Independent UK - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine, Russia trade blames after wrecked dam triggers emergency

Ukraine and Russia traded blame after the wall of a major dam in southern Ukraine collapsed Tuesday, triggering floods, endangering Europe's largest...

Daily Sabah - World - 1 day ago

Robert Hanssen, former FBI agent who was convicted of spying for Russia, dies -- A former FBI agent who took more than $1.4 million in cash and diamonds to trade secrets with Russia and the former Soviet Union in one of the most notorious spying cases in American history died in prison Monday.

A former FBI agent who took more than $1.4 million in cash and diamonds to trade secrets with Russia and the former Soviet Union in one of the most notorious spying cases in American history died in prison Monday.

The Baltimore Sun - US News - 1 day ago

African peace initiative team proposes dates for Russia-Ukraine visits

South Africa’s president and counterparts from five other African nations have proposed the date for ceasefire talks with Putin and Zelensky

Russia Today - US News - 1 day ago

Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Blowing Up Major Dam, Warns Of Ecological Disaster

The Kakhovka dam’s failure could unleash 4.8 billion gallons of water and flood Kherson and dozens of other areas where hundreds of thousands of people live.

Huffington Post - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine war: If Bakhmut is to be retaken, then new recruits must demonstrate sharp combat skills

Ukrainian army does not disclose losses, but they have been considerable

Irish Times - World - 2 days ago

Ukraine begins reconnaissance-in-force operations against Russian defenses

Suggesting that an anticipated counteroffensive may begin this week, Ukraine is testing Russian front lines. These actions appear to be "reconnaissance-in-force" operations centered on southeastern Ukraine's Donetsk oblast and the city of Bakhmut. Russia's Wagner Group mercenary force recently seized Bakhmut. Control over the city retains significant psychological value for both sides.

Washington Examiner - World - 2 days ago

American spy who fed secrets to Russia dies in prison

A former FBI agent who took more than £1.1 million in cash and diamonds to trade secrets with Russia has died in prison.

Evening Standard - World - 2 days ago

Blurred Battle Lines: Drone Strikes Stoke Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Apparent drone attacks in Moscow are stoking Putin’s propaganda plan, though the negative effects of the strike may outweigh positive effects for Putin and the Russian state. - World - 2 days ago

Russia claims it thwarted Ukrainian attacks. Is the counteroffensive underway? -- -

Russian officials said their forces thwarted large Ukrainian attacks in two provinces of Ukraine illegally annexed by Moscow. Ukraine did not confirm the attacks, making it unclear whether they marked the start of an anticipated counteroffensive.

CBC News - World - 2 days ago

Belgium investigating whether its weapons were used inside Russia

Belgium will ask Ukraine for clarification on reports that rifles made in Belgium had been used by pro-Ukrainian forces to fight Russian troops inside Russia's western border, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Monday (5 June).

Euractiv - World - 2 days ago

Russia planning major high-speed rail expansion

Several new high-speed railway lines are expected to ease travel, according to Russian Railways

Russia Today - Business - 2 days ago

Exclusive: Top US general says Ukraine is 'well prepared' for counteroffensive in war that has 'greater meaning' for the world

The top US general told CNN on Monday that while Ukraine is “very well prepared” for a counteroffensive against Russia, it is “too early to tell what outcomes are going to happen.”

CNN - Politics - 2 days ago

Russia claims to repel major Ukrainian offensive, Kyiv slams lies

Russia claimed Monday its forces repelled a major Ukrainian offensive at five points along the front in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk and killed hundreds...

Daily Sabah - World - 2 days ago

Exclusive: Ukraine has cultivated sabotage agents inside Russia and is giving them drones to stage attacks, sources say

Ukraine has cultivated a network of agents and sympathizers inside Russia working to carry out acts of sabotage against Russian targets and has begun providing them with drones to stage attacks, multiple people familiar with US intelligence on the matter told CNN.

CNN - Politics - 2 days ago

Russia says it thwarted major Ukrainian offensive, Kyiv's reaction enigmatic

Russia said on Monday (5 June) that its forces had thwarted a major Ukrainian offensive at five points along the front in the southern Ukrainian region of Donetsk and killed hundreds of pro-Kyiv troops.

Euractiv - World - 2 days ago

Russia says it thwarted major Ukrainian offensive, killed hundreds

Kremlin says forces killed 250 Ukrainian troops as well as destroyed 16 tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles and 21 armored combat vehicles in the southern Ukrainian region of Donetsk

YNET News - World - 2 days ago

Russia says it thwarted large Ukrainian attack in Donetsk -- 05 Jun 06:26 AM

It’s unclear if this was the start of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

NZ Herald - World - 2 days ago

Ukraine keeps up pressure after Russian declaration of victory in Bakhmut -- 04 Jun 08:59 AM

“We fight for every tree, every trench, every dugout.”

NZ Herald - World - 3 days ago

Russian forces 'arresting people for wearing colours of Ukraine flag'

Russian security officials have begun arresting people for wearing colours similar to the Ukrainian flag, British defence chiefs claim.

Evening Standard - World - 3 days ago

Brazil's Lula is right on glob­al pol­i­tics and wrong on Ukraine

The Brazilian president should support Ukraine; this would be an expression of the South-South solidarity he’s pursuing.

Aljazeera - Opinion - 3 days ago

US farmer tears into Biden administration over China, Russia payment claims: 'A real slap in the face'

National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. is sounding the alarm on the Biden administration for sending money for American farmers to China.

Fox News - Business - 4 days ago

Russia sets priorities in tackling pressure from West

Russia’s National Security Council considers combating Western attempts to stoke an economic crisis as a top priority

Russia Today - Business - 4 days ago

James Stavridis: Ukraine War May Become a Proving Ground for AI

Artificial intelligence is, suddenly, everywhere. We are awash in ideas about how we can use AI productively. - Opinion - 6 days ago

'Waging Peace': How a tour of Russia showed me that propaganda perverts reality in the minds of Americans

My month-long tour of Russian cities was an eye-opening experience, and so was the hostility that met me back home

Russia Today - Opinion - 5 days ago

Russia limits Ukraine grain shipments in new threat to food security

The United Nations Thursday warned of a fresh risk to global food security, saying Russia is limiting the number of vessels permitted to collect Ukrainian...

Daily Sabah - Business - 5 days ago

Putin 'dilemma' over whether to boost defences in Ukraine or Russia

Russia unleashing ‘full range of military firepower’ against anti-regime forces launching attacks in west of the country

Evening Standard - World - 5 days ago

Ukraine War: Kyiv lifts air raid alerts as defence shoots down more than 30 missiles fired by Russia

Ukraine War: According to preliminary information, more than 30 air targets of various types were detected and destroyed in the airspace over and around Kyiv by air defense forces,' Ukrainian authorities said in a statement.

First Post - World - 5 days ago

Inside the right-wing debate over Ukraine and Taiwan

China, Iran, and Russia are forming a new “Eurasian Axis” opposed to the American-led world order.

Washington Examiner - World - 6 days ago

Russia Claims Apple Is In 'Close Cooperation' With NSA

The FSB said it found "anomalies" in several thousand iPhones, including those used by diplomatic missions in Russia.

International Business Times - Technology - 6 days ago

Elon Musk's SpaceX wins Pentagon deal for Starlink in Ukraine

SpaceX's Starlink satellite communications terminals are seen as vital for keeping civilians connected and providing crucial military communications.

Los Angeles Times - Technology - 6 days ago

SpaceX's Starlink Wins Pentagon Contract for Satellite Services for Ukraine

SpaceX, through private donations and under a separate contract with a US foreign aid agency, has been providing Ukrainians and their country's military with Starlink internet service since Russia’s invasion in early 2022

Voice of America - Technology - 6 days ago

NATO divided on discussing fast Ukraine accession at key summit

NATO members remain divided over giving Ukraine fast accession to the alliance as the foreign ministers met in Oslo on Thursday just weeks before a...

Daily Sabah - World - 6 days ago

Nintendo ends online sales of games in Russia

Tokyo: Nintendo has said it will no longer sell games in Russia through its online store as the Japanese giant winds down operations in the increasing...

Peninsula Qatar - Technology - 6 days ago

Russia puts U.S. Senator Graham on wanted list - Russian media

Russian media claimed Graham says Russians dying is best U.S. dollars ever spent while video released by the office of Ukraine president Zelensky shows senator said no such thing

YNET News - World - 9 days ago

With an Erdogan win, Turkey would continue to play both sides of the U.S.-Russia divide

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has courted Russia, to U.S. chagrin, while serving as a stalwart in the Western NATO alliance.

Los Angeles Times - US News - 11 days ago

Russia moves ahead with deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

U.S. State Department denounces the deployment plan but says Washington has no intention of altering its position on strategic nuclear weapons or sees any signs Russia was preparing to use a nuclear weapon.

YNET News - World - 13 days ago

The long fight for arts and culture in Ukraine as war rages on

When Russia's full-scale invasion in Ukraine began on Feb. 24, 2022, the pursuits of many of Ukraine's leading artists and cultural institutions came to a halt. The World takes a look back at the

PRI - Entertainment - 13 days ago

Russia Says Warship Guarding Pipelines Attacked By Ukraine

A Russian warship guarding pipelines in the Black Sea has been attacked by three Ukrainian speedboats, Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Wednesday - World - 14 days ago

Protests break out in Georgia as Russia flight routes resume

Flights between Georgia and Russia have been banned since 2019, on President Putin's orders, following Russian lawmaker Sergey Gavrilov's visit to the country in June 2019. They just reopened to much controversy.

Global Voices - Business - 14 days ago

Russia says captured Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, Zelensky appears to confirm

Leader of Russia's Wagner mercenaries says troops pushed Ukrainians out of last built-up area inside city; Ukrainian leader says it appears city no longer under Kyiv's control

YNET News - World - 17 days ago

As G-7 Summit kicks off in Hiroshima, China and Russia are on everyone's minds

The leaders of the seven major industrial democracies will discuss the future of the global relations and its economy as the world faces a number of uncertainties.

CNBC - World - 20 days ago

China's problem: It wants the Ukraine war to end but doesn't want Russia to lose

Political analysts question whether China has the diplomatic skills — and perceived neutrality — needed to bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table.

CNBC - World - 23 days ago

Putin tells WWII event West is waging a 'real war' on Russia

In relatively limited affair compared with previous years, Putin praised soldiers taking part in the war in Ukraine and urged Russians to stand together

YNET News - World - 29 days ago

Biden's Fine-Tuning of the Ukraine War Is a Terrible Idea

Since the time of Harry Truman, Democratic presidents have loved limited wars. - Opinion - 1 month ago

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Attempting to Assassinate Putin

Russian authorities are making a stunning claim that Ukraine tried to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin with a drone attack.

Inside Edition - Politics - 1 month ago

Russia accuses Ukraine of trying to kill Putin with Kremlin drone strike

Senior Ukrainian presidential official says Kyiv had nothing to do with any drone attack on the Kremlin and that such actions would achieve nothing on the battlefield and would only provoke Russia to take more radical actions

YNET News - World - 1 month ago

Snap Insight: Xi-Zelenskyy phone call could trigger real effort towards ending Ukraine war

Calling for negotiations and sending an envoy are low risk actions that do not threaten Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s relationship, says former diplomat James Carouso.

Channel NewsAsia - Opinion - 1 month ago

The grim fate of critics and dissidents in Vladimir Putin's Russia

Politicians, journalists and even comedians have either paid with their lives under suspicious circumstances or have fled Putin's grasp for fear of reprisal

YNET News - World - 1 month ago

UN head Guterres raises concerns with Russia over Ukraine deal

The secretary-general of the United Nations has raised his concerns regarding the implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, amid ongoing threats by...

Daily Sabah - Politics - 1 month ago

From Russia with love (and money): Forbes lists Israeli power players among Russia's richest

Five Israeli citizens ranked among country’s 20 richest, according to magazine's Russian edition, and how did the sanctions imposed following the Ukraine war impact their fortunes?

YNET News - Business - 2 months ago

Bulgarian ammo to Ukraine could impact war

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Slovakia failing to inform the Commission about the country's progress regarding its climate and energy plan, Hungary's parliament finally ratifying Finland's NATO membership, and so much more.

Euractiv - Politics - 2 months ago

Pentagon Unsure It Can Recover Drone Downed by Russia -- Milley voiced skepticism that pieces of the drone, which was apparently bumped by the Russian jet after being doused in fuel...

Milley voiced skepticism that pieces of the drone, which was apparently bumped by the Russian jet after being doused in fuel, would be retrieved. - Technology - 2 months ago

Athletes in Ukraine strive for Olympic gold

As Ukrainian athletes train for the Summer Olympics next year in Paris, it is unclear whether or not Russian athletes will be allowed to compete in the Games.

PRI - Sports - 2 months ago

War in Ukraine Accelerates Global Drive Toward Killer Robots

"As casualties mount in Ukraine, so does the pressure to achieve decisive battlefield advantages with fully autonomous weapons." - Opinion - 3 months ago

Vice President Kamala Harris says Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, the vice president said the international community has both a moral and a strategic interest in pursuing those crimes.

Los Angeles Times - Politics - 3 months ago

IOC president blasts Ukraine – media

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Back has reportedly urged Kiev against calls to boycott the Paris 2024 Games

Russia Today - Sports - 3 months ago

Russia and Belarus may be permitted to send neutral delegations to the 2024 Olympics

Ukraine’s Sports Minister Vadim Guttsait says his country might boycott the Paris Olympics next year if Russia and Belarus are granted entry

Russia Today - Sports - 4 months ago

Russia risks causing new year IT worker flight with remote work law

Legislation is being mooted for early next year that could ban remote working for some professions.

Euronews - Business - 5 months ago

Activists speculate on Elon Musk's foreign influence after proposing Ukraine and Taiwan peace deals

Speculation about Elon Musk’s ties with Beijing and the Kremlin have been boiling on Twitter after the world's richest man proposed peace plans for the Ukraine-Russia and Taiwan-China conflicts.

Global Voices - Science - 7 months ago

Ukraine Invaded by Russia: Inside the War, the Refugee Crisis and the World's Reaction

Russia's invasion of Ukraine began Feb. 24. Since then, at least 24,000 people have been killed and at least 10 million people have been displaced.

Inside Edition - Top Stories - 1 year ago

In the Ukraine Conflict, Fake Fact-Checks Are Being Used to Spread Disinformation

Social media posts debunking purported Ukrainian disinformation are themselves fake. That doesn’t stop them from being featured on Russian state TV.

ProPublica - Technology - 1 year ago

A Partisan Combatant, a Remorseful Blogger: The Senate Staffer Behind the Attack on the Trump-Russia Investigation

Jason Foster, chief investigative counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, once blogged under the handle “Extremist,” expressing worry about a Muslim takeover and whether Joe McCarthy got a bum…

ProPublica - Politics - 1 year ago