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Dog Bought on Facebook Kills Woman's Brother, Attacks Husband on Day of Funeral

The dog's bites caused severe infections in both victims, leading to cardiac arrest and other complications.

Newsweek - World - 4 hours ago

Husky Energy facing 3 charges for massive SeaRose oil spill off coast of N.L. -- Canada -- - -- Nfld. & Labrador -- |

Husky Energy is facing three charges for a massive spill of crude oil into the Atlantic Ocean in November 2018.

CBC News - Technology - 8 hours ago

Convinced Your Dog Is a Genius? Scientists Want To Hear From You

The 'Finding Rico' project is looking for gifted dogs all over the world to better understand canine intelligence and their capacity for learning human words

Gizmodo - Technology - 1 day ago

Robot dog Spot finds new work: Scanning worksites, sending results over 5G

Tech News News -SINGAPORE - After a stint at a park last year in which it reminded visitors on safe distancing, Spot the robot dog has a new assignment - helping to do laser scans of structures built

The Straits Times - Technology - 1 day ago

Dog-sized sea scorpions in south China were 'top predators': study

The creature was a large arthropod with a ‘sharp weapon’

Independent UK - Science - 1 day ago

Dog rides bus by herself every day to play in local park - then takes bus home again

IF you've ever been too scared to let your kids take the public bus by themselves, you might chan...

Irish Post - Weird - 6 days ago

Middle East -- Wandering dog is Istanbul commuters' best friend

In a packed Istanbul passenger ferry between Europe and Asia, all eyes turn to one commuter enjoying the view from his window.

Reuters - Weird - 13 days ago