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Biden's Dog Bites A Secret Service Agent ... Again

The many examples of Commander injuring people has prompted conversations about how the dogs may have made the White House an unsafe workplace.

Huffington Post - Entertainment - 1 day ago

Dog owner notices spots on pet's chest that resemble the pup himself: See the surprising pictures

A pet owner in Australia was shocked to see that her dog, after a thorough grooming, had spots on his torso that resembled a similar-looking dog. See the funny results!

Fox News - Weird - 1 day ago

Cop Charged With Animal Cruelty After Tasing Dog 8 Times: Court Docs

An Oklahoma police officer has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly tasing, pepper-spraying, hitting, and pulling a gun on neighbor's dog, authorities said.

Inside Edition - Weird - 2 days ago

Dearborn's 18th annual Mutt Strut raises funds for a good cause -- By Layla McMurtrie

The dog festival and street fair feature food trucks, local exhibitors, and other family-friendly activities

Detroit Metro Times - Entertainment - 2 days ago

Girl, 3, and two adults shot dead during dog sale row in Florida

A girl aged three and two adults were shot dead during an argument over an apparent dog sale in Florida, according to police.

Evening Standard - World - 3 days ago

New Zealand couple angered by farting dog on 13-hour flight receives $1,400: Report

A New Zealand couple was given $1,400 in compensation after they complained about sitting next to a farting dog on a 13-hour Singapore Airlines flight.

Fox News - Business - 4 days ago

Crocodiles Spotted Pushing Dog In River To Safety Instead Of Eating It

Researchers who described the incredible scene also said that the reptiles appeared drawn to marigold flowers.

Huffington Post - Environment - 4 days ago

Crocodiles save dog stranded in river instead of eating it - in possible case of 'emotional empathy'

The giant reptiles have a reputation for being "opportunistic predators" - but chose to nudge the dog to safety, in what scientists say may be "sentient behaviour suggestive of cross-species empathy".

Sky News - Weird - 5 days ago

Missing toddler found asleep in woods with one family dog 'as a pillow' while the other 'kept her safe'

A huge search was launched after the two-year-old girl disappeared from her home in Michigan - before she was eventually found three miles away alongside both family dogs.

Sky News - Weird - 5 days ago

A toddler lost in the woods is found asleep using family dog as a pillow

Police say a 2-year-old girl who walked away from her home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with two family dogs was found hours later asleep in the woods using one of the canines as a furry pillow.

AP News - Weird - 6 days ago

World's First Dog-Fox Hybrid 'Dogxim' Dies, Investigation Launched

The Pampas fox-dog hybrid had been living at Sao Braz conservation centre since November 2021.

NDTV - Science - 9 days ago

World's tallest dog dies

The "truly special dog" passed away with his head in his "loving owner Brittany's lap", from "amputation-related pneumonia". He "was primed to beat cancer's butt, but in the end, he was just too sick".

Sky News - Weird - 14 days ago

Red Planet breakthrough: NASA generates enough oxygen on Mars to keep small dog alive for 10 hours

In a potential breakthrough for future exploration on Mars, NASA says it has generated enough oxygen for a small dog to survive on the Red Planet for 10 hours.

Fox News - Science - 16 days ago

The return of Frasier Crane: how an eccentric star and a stuck-up dog made a comedy classic

In 1993, a sitcom spin-off featuring an unloved character and high-brow gags somehow charmed the world. And now it's making a comeback

Telegraph UK - Entertainment - 1 month ago

Elon Musk says he's sleeping at Twitter and his dog is in charge

SAN FRANCISCO - Nearly six months after he bought Twitter for $44 billion, Elon Musk says...

Houston Chronicle - Technology - 5 months ago

Meet Davy Jones, the Seattle Kraken's team dog

Davy is a 4-month-old husky mix. He made his first appearance as the Kraken’s team dog... - Sports - 1 year ago

Dog rides bus by herself every day to play in local park - then takes bus home again

IF you've ever been too scared to let your kids take the public bus by themselves, you might chan...

Irish Post - Weird - 1 year ago