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Editorial: Why was Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson found asleep at the wheel? The city deserves an answer.

Police found Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson asleep at the wheel of parked car. Both he and the mayor mishandled the incident.

Chicago Tribune - Opinion - 5 hours ago

Report on Business -- Zuckerberg rebuffs moves by Congress to police Facebook -- Subscriber content

Speech by founder of social-media giant comes as U.S., European lawmakers probe spread of misinformation, election interference online

The Globe and Mail - Technology - 10 hours ago

Teens hurled racial slurs, peed on student during high school football game: cops

Two New Jersey high school seniors doused younger black students with hate speech — and at least one with urine — during a weekend football game, according to police. The pair of 17-year-old boys,

New York Post - US News - 11 hours ago

Heroin found in condemned Lancaster home leads to charges against 4, police say

Four men were charged with drug offenses after about 100 baggies of heroin and other drugs were found in a condemned home, according to Lancaster city police.

Lancaster Online - US News - 1 day ago

Tupac Shakur arrested in Tennessee for meth possession, threatening officers with knife: cops

It turns out Tupac Shakur isn't dead -- he's just been living in Tennessee.

Fox News - Weird - 1 day ago

Police song and dance against GBV all good - but hardly enough

It’s their job, to protect and to serve and if they can’t, they should be fired.

Independent Online - Opinion - 2 days ago

British Police Publicly Shame Parent Who Double-Parked In Front Of A School, When They Lived Half A Block Away

‘Please remember if you live close enough to the school to walk. THEN WALK,’ said the police. British police are publicly shaming a parent who broke at least one written law, and probably ...

Inquisitr - US News - 2 days ago

Hong Kong protesters throw Molotov cocktails as they defy police ban

Protests in Hong Kong are continuing as pro-democracy activists clash with the police. There has been unrest in the former British colony since March, with demonstrators fearing the growing control

Evening Standard - World - 2 days ago

Turnout key to Passaic Sheriff's re-election bid -- Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik is a heavy favorite to win a fourth term. But low turnout could help Republican challenger Darren Woolridge. -- News

Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik is a heavy favorite to win a fourth term. But low turnout could help Republican challenger Darren Woolridge.

North Jersey - US News - 3 days ago

Hong Kong riot police storm Ma On Shan mall to make arrest, as multi-district protests, vandalism continue to fizzle

Hong Kong police sparked controversy on Monday night after they forcefully entered a shopping mall in Ma On Shan to arrest a man. The incident to place during multi-district protests as the city simmered from a weekend of unrest over an emergency anti-mask law. The law was enacted under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance on Saturday […]

Hong Kong Free Press - Environment - 3 days ago

Boys 'chained up and tortured' in schools -- Police have freed hundreds of manacled boys from a madrassa in northern Nigeria for the third time in a month, raising fears of systemic torture...

Police have freed hundreds of manacled boys from a madrassa in northern Nigeria for the third time in a month, raising fears of systemic torture and sexual abuse in Islamic schools ther - World - 5 days ago

In Orlando's District 6, city council candidates debate infrastructure, police review board and gentrification

The three candidates vying for the open District 6 seat on the city council agreed in a debate Thursday the sprawling district needs upgrades to its aging infrastructure and the need for more power to the city’s police review board, which currently acts in an advisory role.

Orlando Sentinel - Politics - 5 days ago

Police test 'Spider-Man' device as alternative to Taser

SEP 17, 2019 - LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - With 49 people killed last year after being shocked by Tasers, police departments across the United States are trying out a “Spider-Man”-like...

Oklahoman - US News - 5 days ago

'Just push him off:' 2 Kissimmee police officers violated policies after shoving suspect off roof, report says

A Kissimmee police sergeant resigned and an officer was suspended after one of them pushed a car theft suspect off a roof earlier this year, according to an internal investigation released Wednesday.

Orlando Sentinel - Top Stories - 6 days ago

Massachusetts police used sock to calm emu that 'terrorized' community

A Massachusetts community can sleep a little easier after a high-stakes police operation Monday nabbed a menace that had "terrorized" locals: an emu.

Fox News - Weird - 6 days ago

Dutch Police Discover Family Hiding Away In Hidden Farmhouse Cellar, 'Waiting For The End Of Time'

Five adult siblings and their father were holed up in the farmhouse; police are trying to figure out what became of the mother. Dutch police found a family of several adult siblings and their father ...

Inquisitr - Weird - 7 days ago

Fort Worth Police Officer Aaron Dean Charged With Murder For Shooting Atatiana Jefferson Through Her Window

Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean has been charged with murder after the shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson, a woman who was fatally shot through her bedroom window after police responded to her ...

Inquisitr - US News - 8 days ago

The Latest: Texas police officer charged with murder

OCT 14, 2019 - FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The Latest on the fatal police shooting of a black woman inside her own home in Fort Worth (all times local):7:15 p.m.A white former Fort Worth police officer has...

Oklahoman - Politics - 8 days ago

Japanese pop star's 'avid fan' used pupil image reflections to stalk, assault her: police

An “avid fan” was arrested on suspicion of stalking a female Japanese pop star after allegedly using the reflections of her pupils in photos she shared on social media, then using Google Street View to find where she lived, police said.

Fox News - Technology - 9 days ago

Atatiana Jefferson Shooting: Police Killing Of Black Woman Through Her Bedroom Window Prompts Outrage

Her killing comes one year after an unarmed black man was killed in Dallas by police officer Amber Guyger, who was recently convicted of murder. The shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson by police in ...

Inquisitr - US News - 9 days ago

'They don't deserve sympathy': how a young police recruit switched sides to join the Hong Kong protests

On the evening of June 21, Patrick Lee wanted to talk about . Hundreds of protesters had surrounded Wan Chai police headquarters, vandalising its facade and chanting “shame on corrupt cops.” Lee’s mission was to get protesters to lift the blockade. Stepping outside the building, he made a plea in front of the television […]

Hong Kong Free Press - Top Stories - 11 days ago

Canada police take down Hong Kong protester

Canada is among several nations where demonstrations for and against Hong Kong’s ongoing anti-government protests have played out in recent weeks. The tension between rival groups…

South China Morning Post - US News - 11 days ago

Apple chief defends decision to pull Hong Kong police-tracking app

The head of Apple defended the tech giant’s removal from its App Store an app that allows Hong Kong protesters to see the location of police.

Washington Examiner - Technology - 11 days ago

Apple removed police-tracking app

Apple removed an app that protestors in Hong Kong have used to track police movements.

Euronews - Business - 12 days ago

China criticizes Apple for app that tracks Hong Kong police

OCT 9, 2019 - HONG KONG (AP) — Apple Inc. has become the latest company targeted for Chinese pressure over protests in Hong Kong after the ruling Communist Party's main newspaper criticized the...

Oklahoman - Business - 13 days ago

China's state newspaper criticises Apple for use by Hong Kong protesters of app that tracks police -- Subscriber content

The app, has become a lightning rod on Twitter for criticism and support of the protests.

The Globe and Mail - Technology - 14 days ago

Fowl play: Police called after goose smashes into taxi

Officers thought they were being led on a wild goose chase only to discover the bird in the back of the vehicle in Radford.

Sky News - Weird - 21 days ago

Police round up protesters on Hong Kong Island after rally, as fight breaks out at pro-democracy message board

Masked men attacked onloers in Fortress Hill in the early hours of Sunday as they tried to tear down a neighbourhood pro-democracy “Lennon Wall” message board. Meanwhile, police conducted stop-and-search operations in multiple districts following a protest on Saturday evening which turned violent. At around 12:30am, around five men ripped up messages posted on a […]

Hong Kong Free Press - Top Stories - 24 days ago

Minnesota police seize nearly $4 million worth of illegal THC vaping cartridges in massive bust

Police in Minnesota seized nearly $4 million worth of illegal THC cartridges near Minneapolis as the nation’s vaping-related death count continued to climb.

New York Daily News - Health - 27 days ago

Amnesty International Accuses Hong Kong Police Of Torturing Protesters

Human rights group Amnesty International has accused Hong Kong’s police force of “unnecessary and excessive force” towards detained protesters in what it says amounts to ...

Inquisitr - World - 1 month ago

Emu Leads California Police On Wild Chase

Near Madera, California, an emu led California Highway Patrol on a chase along Highway 99, and eventually, they managed to catch the flightless bird without any injury to people or the animal. The ...

Inquisitr - Weird - 1 month ago

Angry seal 'helps' Australian police bust drug smuggling ring

An international drug smuggling ring was busted in Australia with the help of an angry seal.

Fox News - World - 1 month ago

Hong Kong police obtain warrant to read medical records of woman who suffered eye injury at protest

Hong Kong police have acquired the medical records of a woman who suffered an eye injury during clashes on August 11 after they successfully obtained a court warrant. The woman, who was hurt in the right eye, had become a symbol of the city’s anti-government protest movement and is wiy seen as a victim of […]

Hong Kong Free Press - Environment - 1 month ago

On the frontlines: the Hong Kong public hospital doctors making a stand against police violence

The sme was so thick and the rounds were coming so fast that Bruce found himself crouching in the gutter, his protective gear all but useless. On that same stretch of Nathan Road, a woman would pe her head out between the advertising panels of a bus stop and get shot in the eye. Meanwhile, […]

Hong Kong Free Press - Environment - 1 month ago

Hong Kong police ban rally at Cathay Pacific HQ, as airline issues fourth statement in support of authorities

Hong Kong police banned a rally at the headquarters of Cathay Pacific Airways on Wednesday citing a court injunction imposed at the airport to restrict demonstrations. CEO Rupert Hogg resigned from his post two weeks ago amid criticism from China over the air’s response to the city’s anti-extradition law protests. Meanwhile, Rebecca Sy – chair of the flight […]

Hong Kong Free Press - Business - 1 month ago

Police In Missouri Arrest Felony Suspect When Loud Fart Gives Away Their Hiding Spot

Police in Missouri searching for a felony suspect got some very unusual help in finding their hiding spot. As Fox 9 reported, officers from the Liberty Police Department were searching for a person ...

Inquisitr - Weird - 1 month ago