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Video - Man Holding 'We Like Dave' Sign Attacked by Woke Mob at Netflix Protest: 'Repent, Motherf**ker!'

21 minutes ago

…Netflix CEO caves: 'I screwed up'…

1 hour ago

…Joe Rogan pushes back: 'Make Your Own Special'

1 hour ago

Artist Quits DC Comics over Superman Ditching 'American Way' Motto: 'It's a Bunch of F**king Nonsense'…

1 hour ago

John Legend Pushes Senate Democrats' Effort to Federalize Elections Ahead of Doomed to Fail Senate Vote

2 hours ago

Travis Tritt: Vaccine Mandates Used to 'Shame,' 'Discriminate Against People that They Don't Feel Are Clean'

9 hours ago

Watch: Alyssa Milano Arrested at Protest Pushing Senate Democrats' Effort to Federalize Elections

22 hours ago

Barack Obama joins Celebs for YouTube Climate Special to 'Celebrate Mother Earth'

6 hours ago

'Survivor: Fiji' Star Michelle Yi Stabbed and Beaten By Homeless Woman in Democrat Run Santa Monica, California

22 hours ago

Sinclair TV Stations Go Dark During Massive Ransomware Attack, Data Stolen

7 hours ago

'Sex and the City' Author Candace Bushnell: HBO Show Was 'Not Very Feminist'

11 hours ago

Chinese Film About Defeating America in Korean War Tops Global Box Office

23 hours ago

Elliot Page: 'I Stand with the Trans, Nonbinary, and BIPOC' Netflix Employees Protesting Dave Chappelle

30 minutes ago

Former 'Batwoman' Star Ruby Rose Posts Photos of Gruesome Injuries, Alleges Abusive Behavior on Warner Bros. Set

58 minutes ago

2SLGBTQQIA+ Netflix Employees Release List of Demands: More 'Trans and Non-Binary' Shows and Executives

1 hour ago

Alyssa Milano: Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special Should Be Pulled

3 hours ago

Paris Hilton Calls on Congress to Fight the 'Troubled Teen Industry' in Childcare Facilities

8 hours ago

CNN's Stelter Celebrates Superman Dropping 'American Way' Motto - 'This Is a Global Franchise'

20 hours ago

Howard Stern Blasts 'Top Idiot' Kyrie Irving for Refusing Vaccine

1 day ago

Not Woke Enough: 'Handmaid's Tale' Novelist Margaret Atwood Blasted for Sharing Article Questioning Transgender Agenda

1 day ago

MTV Says Award Show in Hungary Will Protest the Nation's Anti-LGBTQ Laws

1 day ago

Activists Claim Phil Collins' Battle of the Alamo Memorabilia Props Up White Leaders over Latino, Black Battlers

1 day ago

Whoopi Goldberg: Colin Powell May Not Have Died as Quickly 'Had Everybody Been Vaccinated'

1 day ago

Woke Grammys: Recording Academy Embrace 'Equity and Inclusion' in Hiring for 2022 Show

1 day ago

Hollywood Swoons for 'Fauci,' 'Mayor Pete' Documentaries, Nominated for Five Critics Choice Awards

1 day ago

Pictures: Hundreds Pose White and Naked in Latest Spencer Tunick Art by Dead Sea

1 day ago

Kanye West Officially Changes His Name to 'Ye'

1 day ago

Cancel Halloween? 'Spooky' Banned For Being Racist by the National Theatre Scotland

1 day ago

Leftist Media Freak After Jon Stewart Calls Out Their Trump Derangement

1 day ago

Country Star Travis Tritt Refuses to Play Venues with Vaccine Requirement: 'Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is'

1 day ago