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When the world stood still, they found freedom on roller skates - Roller-skating, whose popularity has ebbed and flowed, is trending again, thanks to young people and a history that connects it to Black culture.

1 hour ago

In a Word - Stars and canines collide in 'dog days' We're in the dog days of summer, at least where I live – over 90 degrees and humid. According to ancient Greeks, it's thanks to Sirius, the Dog Star.

6 hours ago

How I've spent my extra time -- I'd always wanted to watch bushtits build their astonishing nests. Now I had a front-row seat, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

1 day ago

'I can't keep this up much longer': Parents struggle with pandemic strain -- After months of trying to do it all, many parents are considering other child care options, tapping into networks, and asking for flexibility at work.

6 days ago

Home theater: With games on hold, it's sports films for the win (video) -- The Monitor's film critic shares his top picks for movies and documentaries that capture the drama and pulse racing that accompany sporting events.

7 days ago

As police face a public grilling, so do iconic cop shows -- Recent protests against police brutality have some cop-show fans wondering if their favorite prime-time detectives are part of the problem.

7 days ago

In a Word -- Super-duper reduplicative words -- The first words we speak are reduplicative. Around the world, babies refer to their parents by simple, repeating syllables: mama, tata, and so on.

1 day ago

In a pandemic summer, picnicking 'nurtures the soul' -- As the pandemic persists, picnics have become the dinner party of choice. Included here are two recipes for an outing.

15 days ago

Seeing China face-to-face -- Shorthand turns people into monoliths – until we step closer, into their homes and lives and hearts.

15 days ago

First Look -- Tributes and politics: How artists used 2020 BET Awards platform -- The 20th BET Awards paid tribute not only to Black artists like Little Richard, but also George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the Black Lives Matter movement. "We have to vote like our lives depend on it," said Beyoncé, "because it does."

5 days ago

Culture Cafe -- Racial justice: Five eye-opening documentaries -- These eye-opening films, chronicling injustice in the Black community, carry messages that are arguably more relevant than ever.

19 days ago

First Look -- Soul search: Country music artists challenge racial barriers -- Long dominated by white executives and artists, the country music industry is facing its complicated history with race following protests for racial justice. Black artists are speaking out, calling on the industry to address entrenched racial barriers.

19 days ago

In a Word -- The psalm says 'apple,' but it was 'pupil' of the eye -- A fruit-related idiom was produced when the Psalms were first translated into Old English in the 10th century.

19 days ago

Zumba in lockdown -- With social distancing and videoconferencing, every home can now become a music-filled exercise studio.

16 days ago