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The Monitor's View - How young Africans find liberation - A challenger to Uganda's strongman speaks to a generation's desire for equality and truth.

2 days ago

George Wallace, Martin Luther King Jr., and the power of forgiveness - George Wallace's apology to the congregation where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached underscores King's emphasis on the power of forgiveness.

2 days ago

George Shultz and Robert Gates offer advice to the Biden team - For the Biden team, George Shultz and Robert Gates advise caution regarding conflicts, stability in the Cabinet, and improved relations with allies.

3 days ago

The Monitor's View - The deterrent to insurrection - Most Americans – including most Republicans – decry political violence like that against the U.S. Capitol. The moral norm of peaceful deliberation still works against the hate and fear behind armed protesters.

3 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Argentina's embrace of equality for women -- A law giving women control over their reproductive decisions reflects a recognition of the inherent dignity of all.

4 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Contrition in a crisis brings out truth -- Upheavals like a pandemic or political polarization often force humility in leaders. North Korea's Kim Jong Un may be an example.

5 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Textbook examples of dissolving hate -- Along with warming Arab-Israel ties comes a crucial step: a rethink of how children are taught to disparage a perceived enemy.

6 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Resisting hibernation -- "Winter placemaking" lures urban dwellers in cold-weather cities out of their self-made cocoons to experience the joys of the frosty season.

9 days ago

The Monitor's View -- A time for healing -- The U.S. has been shocked by rioters entering its Capitol Building. Americans must work together to find something better than perpetual tribal warfare.

10 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Responding to a cyber Pearl Harbor -- In less unusual times the hacking of computer systems in top U.S. government agencies might have dominated the news. The act needs a prompt, vigorous response.

11 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Why 2021 brings hope on climate change -- Efforts to curb global warming have failed to meet the expectations of the Paris Agreement. But a new U.S. commitment gives a reason for optimism.

11 days ago

From escapism to learning: How the arts got me through 2020 - The pandemic's disruptions hit the arts and education especially hard. But those very industries also provided uplift and enrichment.

12 days ago

The Monitor's View -- What's in a name? A lot. -- The year 2020 saw names that no longer represent how Americans see themselves come off buildings, places, even sports teams.

13 days ago

From the Editor -- Photography that opens doors – and minds -- I have often wondered how it would be to see like a photojournalist. In the right hands, the camera becomes a key that unlocks the world.

16 days ago