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Readers Respond -- Readers write: Gardening tips, equine therapy, and more -- Letters to the editor for the June 8, 2020 weekly magazine. Readers discuss the history of equine therapy, the year's best gardening books, and more.

15 hours ago

The Monitor's View -- For whistleblowers, an honest day's pay -- With trillions spent to rescue the U.S. economy, corporate tipsters are stepping up. One just received the largest reward ever from the SEC.

15 hours ago

The Forgotten King: Commentary on protest, race, and MLK - As U.S. cities writhe in protest, columnist Ken Makin urges Americans to consider the roots of rage feeding the unrest.

1 day ago

The Monitor's View - With new crises, the world's change agents embrace change - Both the pandemic and the George Floyd killing have brought activist groups together, forcing new directions for the givers and doers in society.

1 day ago

The Monitor's View -- Peacemakers rescue the protests -- Nonviolent activists like George Floyd's brother put love into action against the rioters and looters.

3 days ago

The Monitor's View -- Justice for George Floyd, one trial at a time -- The lead prosecutor in the case sees justice as individual – for an act of homicide. That is a basis for systemic reforms.

4 days ago

The Monitor's View -- What U.S. protesters can learn from Ferguson -- The Missouri city's long-term response to a 2014 police killing shows a different way to confront racial inequities.

6 days ago

From the Editor -- Humanity's ultimate laboratory -- Just because something is hard does not mean that it is unnecessary, and our families give us ample evidence of that every day – especially now.

6 days ago

The Monitor's View -- A grand cleansing in governance -- The pandemic's economic fallout is forcing governments to shape up quickly. First demands: accountability and transparency.

8 days ago

The Monitor's View -- An opening for softer diplomacy? -- As Iran ships petroleum to Venezuela, the U.S. looks the other way, cracking a door for better ties with both regimes.

9 days ago

The Monitor's View -- China puts GDP target on history's ash pit -- The ruling party abandons the material growth standard of gross domestic product. Now, like many nations, it struggles to define progress in alternative ways.

10 days ago

From the Editor -- 'Fake news' and 'real news' -- Journalism can inform, advocate, and entertain. Yet there is something greater journalism can do: it can enlighten and illumine.

10 days ago

The Monitor's View -- The nuts and bolts of integrity in the US election -- The 2020 campaign and the vote itself are challenged by the fallout from COVID-19. What's needed to raise public trust?

11 days ago

Readers Respond -- Readers write: Informational comics, George Shultz, and more -- Letters to the editor for the May 25, 2020 weekly magazine. Readers discuss alternative cattle ranching, comics with important lessons, and more.

14 days ago