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Editorial - Ford has few opportunities left to give the public a say over Ontario Place redevelopment - 'To mean anything, public consultation has to happen before the big decisions are made. Why can't the Ford government see that?' 6 hrs ago

7 minutes ago

Housing or golf? Ford government thwarts development during housing crisis in the GTA

5 hours ago

Contributors -- Toronto is now a world leader in vaccination rates. Here's the plan for getting the city across the finish line

5 hours ago

Contributors -- France was right to restrict public access to people not fully vaccinated

5 hours ago

Editorial Cartoon - Greg Perry: Invisible leader - 6 hrs ago

7 minutes ago

We can re-define Canada's health systems because we already have

5 hours ago

The Saturday Debate -- The Saturday Debate: Does the proposed new hate speech law go too far?

5 hours ago

Corrections -- Corrections for July 29

2 days ago

Readers' Letters -- Americans on the cover of Star Week to start the Olympics?

2 days ago

Readers' Letters -- Police can't deal with causes of homeless encampment

2 days ago

Readers' Letters -- Will politicians listen and give seniors a real choice?

2 days ago

Shawn Micallef -- A reimagining of the Prince Edward Viaduct sees the historic bridge as a place for Toronto to stop and visit, not just hit the gas and cross

4 hours ago

Bruce Campion-Smith -- Readers fault Star Week's Olympic coverage for neglecting Canada's athletes

2 days ago

Emma Teitel -- Union Station's reno may be finished, but its empty, echoing spaces show that Toronto still has a long way to go

2 days ago

Rosie DiManno -- An Olympics in Japan can be wonderful (even if these Games aren't)

2 days ago

Editorials | The Star's View

1 year ago

Governments need to get moving on vaccine passes to fight COVID-19

1 day ago

If employers can't find workers, they should stop complaining and start offering better jobs

2 days ago

Canada's triumphant women athletes deserve our support between Olympic Games

2 days ago

Hockey - Opinion - Dave Poulin: The NHL landscape has changed in a flash. It's hard to say goodbye - 17 hrs ago

37 minutes ago

DEFANGING BIG TECH - Opinion - Navneet Alang: Facebook wants to be a bigger part of our lives — but why do we need it at all? 1 day ago

3 hours ago

Hockey - Opinion - Damien Cox: 'The process is not working,' Jack Eichel's agents say, with their client still stuck with the Sabres - Eichel team says Buffalo is delaying Eichel's return to the NHL by not agreeing that surgery is the best option for his neck injury. 1 day ago

11 hours ago

We've finally changed the math curriculum to accommodate programming. Why wait to include quantum computing as well?

2 days ago

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our dedicated nurses. To retain them, we need to offer fair compensation

2 days ago

Thomas Walkom: North Korea's flirtation with the West is on again

2 days ago

Star in Tokyo -- Dave Feschuk: Defending Olympic wrestling champ Erica Wiebe runs out of time in knockout loss at Tokyo Games

4 hours ago

Blue Jays -- Gregor Chisholm: The Blue Jays have the starters to compete in the post-season. Now they just have to get there

9 hours ago

Star in Tokyo -- Dave Feschuk: Sage Watson's coach calls her 'ranch tough.' Canadian will have to be to overcome injury hurdle at Tokyo Olympics

21 hours ago

Public Editor - Opinion - University research could point the way to more inclusive journalism - The Diversity Institute at Ryerson University will examine online news coverage and its representations of those who are Indigenous, Jewish, Muslim, Black and racialized. The project promises to be an important road map to how the Star and other media outlets can do better. Jul. 02, 2021

22 days ago

Remembering the victims is vital when tragedy strikes

26 days ago

Newsroom photo edit of a police officer's name tag put reader trust at risk

1 month ago

Online abuse of women journalists is a crisis we can no longer ignore

2 months ago

Sports correction for July 27

3 days ago

Clarification for July 27

4 days ago

Corrections for July 26

5 days ago