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Australia and New Zealand - Australia to offer residence option to 10,000 Hong Kongers - 7 hrs ago

13 minutes ago

United States -- 2 officers killed in shootout in south Texas border town

7 hours ago

United States -- Trump wears mask in public for first time during pandemic

11 hours ago

Mali protests in second day despite president's call for talks

7 hours ago

United States -- Mueller defends Russia probe, says Stone remains a felon

10 hours ago

Asia -- Okinawa governor wants tougher action as 61 Marines infected

7 hours ago

Bosnia marks 25th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

10 hours ago

Hundreds try to storm Serbian parliament as protests heat up

20 hours ago

Multiple protests against French minister accused of rape

1 day ago

Serbia, Kosovo to resume talks but won't budge on key issues

1 day ago

Singapore's ruling party holds on to power but faces setback

22 hours ago

Lawmakers vote to shut down Philippines' largest TV network

1 day ago

Seoul mayor's death prompts sympathy, questions of his acts

1 day ago

China auto sales off 22.4% in first half of 2020

1 day ago

Brazil's Bolsonaro picks pastor as latest education minister

14 hours ago

Bolivian president has COVID-19 as virus hits region's elite

2 days ago

Mexican president's US visit cordial, lacking in substance

2 days ago

Venezuela socialist party boss announces he has COVID-19

2 days ago

Tanzania's ruling party nominates president to run again

12 hours ago

5 dead in hostage situation at troubled South Africa church

16 hours ago

Building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria; 2 dead including child

17 hours ago

Australia and New Zealand

4 months ago