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American toilet paper is taxing base plumbing at US air base in Japan

1 day ago

Pacific Fleet's deputy commander tapped to lead San Diego-based 3rd Fleet

1 day ago

Fort Jackson soldier charged with assault after confronting Black man is suspended from duties

15 hours ago

House lawmakers pledge to find ways to prevent Taliban grip on Afghanistan after US troops leave

19 hours ago

Top commander says more vaccines coming to Europe after lawmakers question Pentagon planning

2 hours ago

'Wipes clog the pipes': Civil engineers say American toilet paper OK to use at Yokota

3 hours ago

Marine Corps recognizes first responders on Okinawa for water rescue near Camp Schwab

10 hours ago

Twerking dancers at ship commissioning ceremony put Australian navy in spotlight

6 hours ago

Tours to truce village on border with North Korea to resume

6 hours ago

Navy veteran hopes to repeat his Paralympic archery success in Tokyo

7 hours ago

From the cockpit to the concert hall: Grissom airman flies high as both pilot, violin virtuoso

38 minutes ago

Police: Eight dead in shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis

4 hours ago

SpaceX, NASA give 'go' for astronaut launch, 3rd for Dragon

12 hours ago

White House: Intel on Russian 'bounties' on US troops shaky

13 hours ago

Man killed while waiting for dialysis, suspect at large

12 hours ago

Clashes break out at student protest in northern Greek city

11 hours ago

US expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking

19 hours ago

Rota to gain two US destroyers by middle of the decade, EUCOM chief says

20 hours ago

Rheinland-Pfalz survey aims to help Americans navigate life in Germany

1 day ago

A dozen new coronavirus patients for US military in Japan as Osaka surge continues

3 hours ago

Drone attack targets US-led coalition at Irbil Air Base

1 day ago

Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal

1 day ago

Australia to withdraw last 80 troops from Afghanistan

1 day ago

Eisenhower strike group operates with France's flagship around the Persian Gulf

14 hours ago

Fort Jackson soldier who yelled, pushed Black man in viral video charged with assault, police say

1 day ago

DOD steps back from decision to disinter remains believed to be Medal of Honor recipient

2 days ago

New curfew looms in Kaiserslautern as coronavirus cases climb

1 day ago