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One Minute It Was an Afghan Wedding. The Next, a Funeral for 63.

12 hours ago

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Police Ban in Show of Strength After Tumult

22 hours ago

Women Are Fleeing Death at Home. The U.S. Wants to Keep Them Out.

12 hours ago

India Plans Big Detention Camps for Migrants. Muslims Are Afraid.

1 day ago

Teenage Brides Trafficked to China Reveal Ordeal: 'Ma, I've Been Sold'

1 day ago

Sudan Erupts in Celebration After Army and Civilians Agree to Share Power

1 day ago

Crack Cocaine Makes a Paris Neighborhood 'Hell' for Users and Residents

1 day ago

Migrant Ship Stranded Off Italy in 'Crisis,' Aid Group Says

18 hours ago

Blackface, Staple of Arab Comedy, Faces Surge of Criticism

15 hours ago

Accusations Against Plácido Domingo Divide the Opera World

12 hours ago

French Waiter Shot Dead Over Slow Sandwich Service, Witnesses Say

20 hours ago

Trudeau, in Trouble in Much of Canada, Still Has Fans in Quebec

1 day ago

Critic of China's Detention Camps Is Free, but Silence May Be the Price

2 days ago

Scorched Portugal Turns to the Goat as a Low-Cost Firefighter

2 days ago

Here There Be Dragons. But Can They Survive an Invasion of Tourists?

7 days ago

Klezmer Music and Memory at a Festival Celebrating Jewish Life in Poland

8 days ago

The Bride, the Groom and the Greek Sunset: A Perfect Wedding Picture

13 days ago

Russian Land of Permafrost and Mammoths Is Thawing

15 days ago

Picasso Show Captivates Beijing, Whose Art Scene Hums as Censors Hover

21 days ago

A Runaway Train Explosion Killed 47, but Deadly Cargo Still Rides the Rails

1 month ago

On Hong Kong Handover Anniversary, Many Fear Loss of Freedoms

1 month ago

An Overloaded Ferry Flipped and Drowned Hundreds of Schoolchildren. Could It Happen Again?

1 month ago

Britain Vowed Big Changes After Grenfell Tower Burned. Why Are Thousands Stuck in Firetraps?

1 month ago

Colombia's Peace Deal Promised a New Era. So Why Are These Rebels Rearming?

2 months ago

Asia Pacific -- Hong Kong Protesters Love Pepe the Frog. No, They're Not Alt-Right. -- To much of the world, the cartoon frog is a hate symbol. To Hong Kong protesters, he's something entirely different: one of them. -- Daniel Victor

55 minutes ago

Asia Pacific -- With Troop Buildup, China Sends a Stark Warning to Hong Kong -- An exercise by the People's Armed Police on Hong Kong's border signaled Beijing's willingness to intervene to end any serious threat to sovereignty. -- Steven Lee Myers -- Javier C. Hernández

55 minutes ago

Briefing -- Brexit Files, Gibraltar Tanker, Hong Kong Protests: Your Monday Briefing -- Here's what you need to know. -- Melina Delkic

55 minutes ago

Americas -- Egyptian Sought in F.B.I. Qaeda Query Says He Has Nothing to Hide -- "I love American people," said Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim, an Egyptian living in Brazil who was named on a most-wanted bulletin. -- Ernesto Londoño -- Letícia Casado

9 hours ago

Europe -- Seized Iranian Tanker Leaves Gibraltar Despite U.S. Pressure -- The ship's departure raised expectations that Iran, in turn, would relinquish a British tanker it seized in apparent retaliation. -- Megan Specia

10 hours ago

Briefing -- Hong Kong, India, China: Your Monday Briefing -- What is happening in Asssam? -- Alisha Haridasani Gupta

11 hours ago

Economy -- China Pressures Business Over Hong Kong. Workers Get Caught in the Middle. -- Beijing wants global companies to back its power over the city, even as their workers join protests calling for greater say in the fate of their home. -- Sui-Lee Wee -- Raymond Zhong

15 hours ago

Image - Times - Video - 'We Just Want Hong Kong to Stay Hong Kong': Protesters Come Out in Force - Thousands of protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday in what appeared to be the largest turnout in weeks. By - Nilo Tabrizy

15 hours ago

Europe -- A Summer of Angst in One of the World's Safest Countries -- Episodes like the death of a boy who was shoved in front of a train have fueled public anxiety, and far-right campaigning, in Germany. -- Melissa Eddy

16 hours ago

Europe -- No-Deal Brexit Risks Food, Fuel and Drugs Shortages, Leaked U.K. Files Say -- Britain would be likely to face jammed ports and a hard border in Ireland if it left the European Union without a transition deal, according to government documents leaked to The Sunday Times of London. -- Reuters

15 hours ago