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In a Summer of Feints, Russia and Ukraine Try to Predict Enemy's Next Move

7 hours ago

Floods Kill at Least 7 in Seoul Area, With More Rain Coming

1 hour ago

Israel and Militants in Gaza Agree to Cease-Fire

1 day ago

U.S. Promotes Democracy in Africa as Rival Nations Expand Influence

11 hours ago

'Jewel in the Crown of Corruption': The Troubles of Kenya's China-Funded Train

1 day ago

Live Updates: Ukrainian Grain Has Not Gone to Countries Most in Need

1 hour ago

Strip-Searches of Children by London Police Are Called 'Deeply Concerning'

7 hours ago

'A Slow Death': Egypt's Political Prisoners Recount Horrific Conditions

11 hours ago

In War-Torn Mykolaiv, Ukrainians Search for Informers

12 hours ago

Live Updates: A Fierce Contest to Lead Kenya, an African Powerhouse

1 hour ago

Another Gaza Conflict, but With a Difference: Hamas Sat It Out.

13 hours ago

A Cease-Fire Holds After a 3-Day Gaza Conflict: Key Takeaways

17 hours ago

A Time for War, a Time for Play

17 hours ago

China's Military Drills and Other Tensions With Taiwan, Explained

1 hour ago

The Saturday Profile

28 days ago

'Captain Condom' Turned the Tide in Thailand's War on AIDS and Overpopulation

3 days ago

Dr. Oh, 'the God of Parenting,' Will See You Now. On Television.

10 days ago

After Mocking France's Literary Elite, a Fraught Invite Into the Club

17 days ago

Ex-Goddess Works to Reform 700-Year Tradition. Her M.B.A. Helps.

24 days ago

With Sign Language and Sound, an Artist Upends Audience Perceptions

1 month ago

In My Homeland, the Smell of Death on a Summer Afternoon

1 day ago

Kyiv Nightlife Comes Back Amid Urge for Contact. 'This Is the Cure.'

14 days ago

'We Survived Another Night': In Ruined Suburb, Solace in a Small Community

15 days ago

Below an Israeli City, a Musical Harmony Belies the Tensions Above Ground

16 days ago

Words of War: A Literary Lifeline for the Battlefield

20 days ago

Read The Times in Spanish

28 days ago

Your Tuesday Briefing -- An F.B.I. raid on the home of Donald Trump. -- Natasha Frost

2 hours ago

Corrections: Aug. 9, 2022 - Corrections that appeared in print on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022.

2 hours ago

For Ukrainians Abroad, War Has Also Meant a Flowering of Identity -- Italy already had the biggest Ukrainian community in Western Europe before the war, but in recent months the diaspora has taken on new prominence and visibility. -- Emma Bubola

2 hours ago

Heavy Rain Floods Streets in South Korea, Leaving Several Dead -- A record-breaking storm hit Seoul and surrounding provinces in South Korea, causing deaths. More rainfall is expected. -- Storyful

3 hours ago

Ukraine Disowns an Olympic Champion Who Skated in Russia -- Viktor Petrenko, who won a gold medal at the 1992 Winter Games, has been shunned by Ukrainian figure skating officials — and by President Volodymyr Zelensky — after performing in Sochi, Russia. -- Jeré Longman

8 hours ago

Your Tuesday Briefing: China's New Military Drills Near Taiwan -- Also, a moving dispatch from Ukraine and the dire outlook for Afghanistan. -- Daniel E. Slotnik

10 hours ago

The U.S. Will Send Another $1 Billion in Aid to Ukraine. -- The latest round of aid includes rockets credited with destroying Russian command posts and ammunition depots. -- John Ismay

11 hours ago

Blinken Details Push to Bolster Democracy in Africa -- Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said the United States would collaborate with African nations to promote democratic governance across the continent. -- The New York Times

3 hours ago

Chad's Military Junta and Rebels Sign a Deal, but a Main Player Is Missing -- The accord paves the way for national reconciliation talks and democratic elections. However, it was snubbed by the main rebel group responsible for the death of Chad's previous leader. -- Elian Peltier

14 hours ago

Ukraine Will Not Negotiate if Russia Holds Referendums, Zelensky Says -- American and British officials have said the Kremlin is setting up illegitimate elections in occupied areas of Ukraine that it will present as demonstrating popular desire to join Russia. -- The Associated Press

3 hours ago