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'Our Patience Is Over': Why Iraqis Are Protesting

21 hours ago

In Warning to Hong Kong's Courts, China Shows Who Is Boss -- China's legislative body criticized a court ruling overturning a ban on wearing masks, signaling that it was the final arbiter of law in Hong Kong. -- Steven Lee Myers

20 hours ago

Israel Launches Airstrikes in Syria to Target Iranian Forces -- The strikes came a day after rockets were fired across the border into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. -- Megan Specia

7 minutes ago

After Disastrous Epstein Interview, Prince Andrew Steps Down From Public Duties

9 hours ago

Arab Thinkers Call to Abandon Boycotts and Engage With Israel

1 hour ago

Afghanistan's Curse: A Bomb From 2 Wars Ago Crushes a Family Today

28 minutes ago

Aung San Suu Kyi to Lead Team to Fight Genocide Accusation

13 hours ago

Malta Arrests Businessman as 'Person of Interest' in Journalist's Killing

17 hours ago

Almaas Elman, Somali-Canadian Activist, Is Shot Dead in Mogadishu

7 hours ago

Hitler's Birthplace in Austria to Become a Police Station

21 hours ago

U.K. Conservative Party Scolded for Rebranding Twitter Account

13 hours ago

After 2 Elections and 3 Tries, Israel Is No Closer to Forming a New Government

10 hours ago

First Comes Snapchat, Then the Bachelor and Spinster Ball

1 day ago

This Mexican Village's Embroidery Designs Are Admired (and Appropriated) Globally

7 days ago

The French Theaters Where the iPhone Is No Match for Guignol

9 days ago

The City That Cycles With the Young, the Old, the Busy and the Dead

11 days ago

Why Amazon Fires Keep Raging 10 Years After a Deal to End Them

1 month ago

After a Caribbean Hurricane, the Battle Is Where, or Even Whether, to Rebuild

1 month ago

Massacred at Home, in Misery Abroad, 730,000 Rohingya Are Mired in Hopelessness

2 months ago

Thailand's Roads Are Deadly. Especially if You're Poor.

3 months ago

A Runaway Train Explosion Killed 47, but Deadly Cargo Still Rides the Rails

4 months ago

Your Thursday Briefing: Impeachment, Prince Andrew, Tesla -- Here's what you need to know. -- Remy Tumin

1 hour ago

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Northern Thailand and Rattles Bangkok -- The earthquake could be felt hundreds of miles away, and shook high-rises in Bangkok, the Thai capital. -- The Associated Press

5 hours ago

Thich Tri Quang, 95, Galvanizing Monk in South Vietnam, Dies -- An orator with "eyes of a tiger," he helped bring down American-backed governments in Saigon during the Vietnam War and pressed for democratic reforms. -- Richard C. Paddock

8 hours ago

Your Thursday Briefing -- Hong Kong, impeachment inquiry, Democratic debates: Here's what you need to know. -- Melina Delkic

10 hours ago

Greece Announces Steps to Shut Down Notorious Refugee Camps -- The government's plan to redistribute asylum seekers was presented as a more humane alternative, but it was also clearly intended to deter new arrivals. -- Niki Kitsantonis

12 hours ago

U.S.-India Defense Ties Grow Closer as Shared Concerns in Asia Loom -- The countries are wrapping up their most expansive joint military drills to date amid efforts to coordinate more ambitiously on challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. -- Zach Montague

16 hours ago

Gordon Sondland, Syracuse University, Grammys: Your Wednesday Briefing -- Here's what you need to know. -- Mike Ives

20 hours ago

Photo Essay - Peer Inside Tashkent's Art-Filled (and Long-Shrouded) Subway - For decades, the city's elaborately decorated metro stations were largely hidden from the outside world. By - Danielle Villasana - and - Stephen Hiltner

21 hours ago