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Coronavirus Live Updates: China's Travel Limits Cover 35 Million People

42 minutes ago

Panic and Criticism Spread on Chinese Social Media Over Coronavirus

5 hours ago

Many in China Wear Them, but Do Masks Block Coronavirus?

5 hours ago

Protesters Mass in Baghdad, Demanding U.S. Leave Iraq

6 hours ago

Greta Thunberg Joins Climate March on Her Last Day in Davos

5 hours ago

Trump Invites Netanyahu to White House to Discuss Middle East Peace Plan

17 hours ago

U.N. Court Orders Myanmar to Protect Rohingya Muslims

1 day ago

Mystery of the Royal Family of Oudh Unravels a Bit More

1 day ago

Afghanistan Is Ready for Major U.S. Troop Reduction, Ghani Says

19 hours ago

Departing: Two Shopkeepers, Their Cat and Part of Paris's Soul

2 days ago

Battered but Resilient After China's Crackdown

5 days ago

Saudi Society Is Changing. Just Take a Look at These Coffeehouses.

9 days ago

Defying the Rabbis, Tel Aviv Rolls Out Sabbath Bus Service

14 days ago

At 'Sacred' Lake, Chinese Declare Love for Xi and Communist Party

16 days ago

China Cracks Down on Fentanyl. But Is It Enough to End the U.S. Epidemic?

1 month ago

With Boeing in Cross Hairs, Lion Air Gets a Pass on Poor Safety Record

2 months ago

Why Amazon Fires Keep Raging 10 Years After a Deal to End Them

3 months ago

After a Caribbean Hurricane, the Battle Is Where, or Even Whether, to Rebuild

3 months ago

Massacred at Home, in Misery Abroad, 730,000 Rohingya Are Mired in Hopelessness

5 months ago

Times - Video - White House Criticism Has 'Of Course No Effect,' Greta Thunberg Says - After days of urging global leaders to treat climate change with greater urgency, Ms. Thunberg ended her week in Davos, Switzerland, in much the same way she began her activism two years ago: joining her peers for a protest. By - Reuters

42 minutes ago

How 'Honeyland' Became an Oscar Game Changer -- The movie from North Macedonia is the first to be nominated for both best documentary and best international feature. -- Sara Aridi

1 hour ago

at war - Introducing 'Beyond the World War II We Know' Here are five articles from The Times you might have missed. By - Lauren Katzenberg - and - Dan Saltzstein

2 hours ago

Shooting in Germany Leaves at Least 6 Dead -- The police said they believed the gunman was related to the victims. Several people were wounded, two of them critically. -- Christopher F. Schuetze

2 hours ago

When the Prince of Wales Is Your Landlord -- On England's southwestern coast, a community built by the Duchy of Cornwall is attracting residents who have bought into Prince Charles's housing philosophy. -- Amie Tsang

2 hours ago

U.N. Court's Order on Rohingya Is Cheered, but Will Myanmar Comply? -- Officials in Myanmar have said little about a ruling that it must protect the Muslim ethnic group and report back on the steps it has taken. -- Richard C. Paddock

2 hours ago

London Police Amp Up Surveillance With Real-Time Facial Recognition -- The city, stepping into a debate over privacy, says it will use the technology "to tackle serious crime." -- Adam Satariano

2 hours ago

Coronavirus Outbreak Sours Japan on Chinese Tourist Boom -- Asia's two largest economies have been drawing closer. But as the Lunar New Year holiday starts, some Japanese say they cannot help but regard Chinese visitors warily. -- Motoko Rich

2 hours ago

A Legendary Documentary Maker Closes 'an Open Wound' -- Cecilia Mangini made a splash in 1958 with a movie about disaffected Roman teenagers. Her latest, drawing on material from North Vietnam in the mid-1960s, will be released this weekend. -- Elisabetta Povoledo

4 hours ago

U.S. Refuses Extradition in Fatal Crash, Prompting Anger in U.K. -- The British police accuse an American woman of driving on the wrong side of the road in an accident that killed a teenage motorcyclist. The State Department says she had diplomatic immunity. -- Elian Peltier

4 hours ago