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'Foreign-trained' dual nationals among those arrested for stirring up violent fuel price riots – Iranian semi-official news agency

10 hours ago

'Utter rubbish!' Putin says 'Russian threat' is fake, invented by those trying to cash in on it

7 hours ago

Android camera bug let hackers spy on users even if phone is LOCKED & screen is OFF

13 hours ago

Ideal wedding gift? Pakistanis respond to historic surge in TOMATO prices with memes & satire (VIDEO)

10 hours ago

Back to the future? 120-year-old photo of Greta Thunberg doppelganger sparks jokes about 'time traveling' climate activist

13 hours ago

The law is thrown out of the window in Assange's case, Roger Waters tells RT (VIDEO)

2 hours ago

'Stop the massacre': Ousted Morales calls for UN to intervene in Bolivia

4 hours ago

Several dead & injured after explosion at fireworks factory in Italy – local media

5 hours ago

Israel may face unprecedented THIRD ELECTION after Gantz fails to form coalition government

5 hours ago

Rare 'unicorn' meteor shower set to be sparked by mysterious comet

5 hours ago

Alliance life after 'brain death': NATO focuses on outer space, compares army spending with Russia

6 hours ago

Putin's plan: Wait for US' most-advanced shale oil know-how and SNATCH IT! (Spoiler: it was a joke)

8 hours ago

Destination lost: Airline pilot confuses passengers welcoming them to MOSCOW after landing in KIEV (VIDEO)

9 hours ago

Pakistani journalist quits her job after colleagues 'rubbish' her Christian faith & pressure her to convert to Islam

11 hours ago

CrossTalk on impeachment: Systemic breakdown?

16 hours ago

A rivalry turned 'financial war' (E1464)

1 day ago

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You've been lied to: Walrus suicide NOT caused by climate change as Attenborough story quietly revised. What else is a lie?

13 days ago

Belittling of language: You can't say 'blind spot '– it's not inclusive enough, say liberals in their hunt for power

14 days ago

Ukraine joining NATO would take world dangerously close to nuclear war

14 days ago

EU split over accession process delays any hope of membership for struggling Balkan nations

14 days ago