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'We are hygiene pros!' Sex workers demand brothels reopen in Hamburg's red light district (VIDEO)

19 minutes ago

North Korea warns UK will 'pay price' for brazen sanctions, and calls it 'US puppet'

14 hours ago

Japan may still install Aegis Ashore missile defense systems despite calling it quits on project with US – reports

12 hours ago

Serbian police arrest 71 protesters, including Brit, as mayhem over Covid-19 restrictions continues

18 hours ago

5 killed, dozens of firearms seized in hostage situation & violent shootout at South African church (PHOTOS)

20 hours ago

White dwarf stars are huge source of life-giving carbon in the universe, new study finds

16 hours ago

'US military supply convoy' attacked & torched in Iraq (VIDEO)

7 hours ago

UN Security Council adopts Syria cross-border aid resolution, but refuses to address humanitarian costs of sanctions

7 hours ago

Okinawans 'shocked' & demand transparency after Covid-19 outbreaks at US bases increase Japanese prefecture's case toll by 40%

9 hours ago

Tens of thousands of Israelis protest over Netanyahu's handling of Covid-19 crisis (VIDEOS)

2 hours ago

Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan hospitalized with Covid-19

13 hours ago

Indian forces kill 6 Naga militants near Myanmar border, find stash of weapons & bombs

20 hours ago

CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Bipartisan death grip

2 days ago

'A Declaration of Monetary Independence' (E1565)

1 day ago

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Iran explosions: Did Israel and the US just start a cyber war?

1 day ago

UK ditches Blair's 50% university graduate plan. Maybe now we can get the skilled elite we'll need after Covid

1 day ago

With half the state now deemed a Native reservation, is a crime wave coming to Oklahoma?

1 day ago

The queer Russian pop star in the Netflix hit 'Eurovision' is a rare example of an American movie getting Russians right

2 days ago