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Global Voices - World

Russian internet censor blocks Team Navalny websites

6 days ago

Eastern & Central Europe

6 months ago

Pro-European party takes the lead in Moldova's snap elections

19 days ago

Georgia mourns the death of a journalist

20 days ago

Central Asia & Caucasus

1 month ago

The Georgian Dream Party withdraws from EU-brokered deal with opposition

2 days ago

Armenia and Azerbaijan exchange accusations in renewed clashes

3 days ago

Fresh clashes on Nakhchivan border

6 days ago

Global investigation reveals Pegasus Project identified in Azerbaijan and elsewhere

9 days ago

Pegasus spyware revelation indicates Indian state snooping on journalists, activists and politicians

9 days ago

Government-appointed rector removed from office in an overnight decree

17 days ago

EU flag torn down from Georgian Parliament in second day of far-right street violence

23 days ago

Will President Moïse's assassination bring stability or unleash even more chaos in Haiti?

24 days ago

Controversy over an explosion in the Caspian sea

25 days ago

Tbilisi Pride march canceled amid violent attacks

26 days ago

Protests in front of Czech embassy in North Macedonia target anti-Roma racism and police brutality

27 days ago

Turkey moves to ban pro-Kurdish political party

1 month ago

Where are the voices of Central Asian and Russian Uyghurs?

1 month ago

Armenia and Azerbaijan exchange detainees and critical information in breakthrough diplomatic deal

1 month ago

Belarus bans foreign travel for citizens, EU closes airspace to Belarusian flights

1 month ago

Belarus grounds Ryanair flight, detains independent journalist amid regime's crackdown on media

2 months ago

Czech-Russian relations hit new low after Prague accuses Moscow of 'state-sponsored terrorism'

3 months ago

Russian authorities crack down on student journalism outlet over protest explainer video

3 months ago

Serbian freelancers protest new taxation law that threatens to push thousands into poverty

3 months ago

'Explosive eruption confirmed' at St. Vincent's La Soufrière volcano

3 months ago