Page Updated: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 11:44 PM ET

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North Korea reports another jump in suspected COVID-19 cases -- The country's anti-virus headquarters said 62 people have died and more than 1.7 million have fallen ill amid a rapid spread of fever since late April.

14 minutes ago

Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, study finds -- The United States is the only fully industrialized country in the top 10 nations for total pollution deaths.

2 hours ago

Code names, jet skis and a "straw man": How the FBI seized a Russian superyacht -- Documents shed new light on U.S. efforts to track and confiscate sanctioned oligarch wealth through high-end property like the Amadea yacht

5 hours ago

Thanks to sanctions, some new Russian cars may lack airbags -- Shortages due to sanctions over the Ukraine war see safety requirements dropped and environmental standards reverted to what they were in 1988.

12 hours ago

Wheat prices soar as India heat wave and Ukraine war squeeze supplies -- Experts fear climate change-driven food shortages and inflation could lead to famine, insecurity and economic recession across the globe.

12 hours ago

100,000 now officially missing as drug gang violence soars in Mexico -- Rights groups are calling for "immediate" action from the government to locate the disappeared, but the problem is only getting worse.

14 hours ago

Queen pays surprise visit to mark new London subway line named after her -- The 96-year-old monarch's in-person appearance ahead of celebrations to mark her 70-year reign came after a cancelation blamed on "mobility problems."

14 hours ago

Pregnant woman from viral Ukraine hospital bombing photo speaks out -- "I received threats that they would come and find me, that I would be killed, that my child would be cut into pieces."

14 hours ago

Taliban dissolves Afghanistan's independent human rights commission -- The country's hardline Islamist rulers say the body was "not considered necessary," as they continue breaking up freedom-oriented institutions.

15 hours ago

Student protesters claim rare victory over China's "zero-COVID" crackdown -- Students say an elite Beijing university backed down from plans to wall them onto campus after a protest against the school's mounting anti-virus measures.

16 hours ago

Biden administration to expand flights and consular services in Cuba, official says -- The new policies reverse Trump-era restrictions on family remittance and travel to the island. -- May 16

1 hour ago

Authorities find massive drug-smuggling tunnel between Tijuana and San Diego -- The secret passage from Tijuana to San Diego featured rail and ventilation systems, electricity and reinforced walls, authorities said.

1 day ago

Russian seizure of Mariupol complete as Ukrainian troops leave steelworks -- Ukraine's president says the evacuation to separatist-controlled territory was needed to save "Ukrainian heroes" after weeks of bombardment. Russia calls it a surrender.

17 hours ago

Biden to return U.S. troops to Somalia -- Hundreds of U.S. forces will have a persistent presence in Somalia to assist in the counterterrorism fight against al Qaeda affiliate al Shabab. -- May 16

3 hours ago

Drug traffickers groom kids as young as 10 at "school of assassins" -- One man recounted shielding his grandson's eyes from two headless bodies left behind by drug traffickers. -- May 16

8 hours ago