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Norway makes country's largest-ever cocaine bust after tip from German police -- Police didn't disclose the exact date that the cocaine was found in Oslo, or where the fruit originated from.

1 hour ago

Police defuse bomb strapped to guard by suspects demanding money -- In a video released by the police, the man is seen with packages taped to his chest - tubes and wires sticking into the air.

3 hours ago

Chat GPT wrote a letter to get a college student out of a parking ticket -- Millie Houlton said the parking ticket was wrongly issued, but she was going to just pay up. Then, she realized she could ask ChatGPT to dispute it.

3 hours ago

Little boy left in church back with foster parents after custody saga -- A family feud and Egypt's rules on faith and adoption left a little boy at the center of a legal battle that played out before a national audience.

3 hours ago

Fire department releases cookbook for "if you're drunk or high" -- Half of fatal house fires involve alcohol or drugs, according to New Zealand's fire service.

4 hours ago

Olympian Oscar Pistorius denied parole decade after killing girlfriend -- Arriving for the parole hearing, Reeva Steenkamp's mother said she was against any early release for their daughter's killer, whom she said had "never" shown real remorse.

6 hours ago

What to know as tension between the U.S. and China mounts over Taiwan -- The U.S. is bound by law to help Taiwan defend itself from aggression, and analysts believe Beijing may be preparing for aggression.

6 hours ago

Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit to cut 85% of its workforce -- Rocket company is halting its operations indefinitely after failing to secure new funds following scrubbed mission.

7 hours ago

Six people found dead in marsh near Canada's U.S. border -- Local police noted in January that people involved in human smuggling had attempted to utilize shorelines along the St. Lawrence River in the area.

8 hours ago

U.S. troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after attacks in Syria -- Six U.S. service members were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following attacks by Iranian-backed militias that killed a U.S. contractor, the Pentagon said.

16 hours ago

Turkey's parliament ratifies Finland NATO membership -- Alarmed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine​ a year ago, Finland abandoned its decadeslong policy of nonalignment and applied to join the alliance​.

21 hours ago

State Department confirms two U.S. citizens kidnapped in Haiti -- The couple was visiting relatives in Haiti when they got caught up in a wave of gang-related kidnappings. -- Mar 30

21 minutes ago

U.S. sanctions man for trying to arrange arms deal between Russia, North Korea -- The deal would have given Russia access to weapons and military supplies from North Korea in exchange for aircraft, food and other material. -- Mar 30

1 hour ago

Deporting Pablo Escobar's "cocaine hippos" carries a hefty price tag -- In the 1980's, the Colombian drug kingpin imported just four hippos from Africa - and now there are nearly 150 of them. -- Mar 30

2 hours ago

U.N. pushes for deal to protect Ukraine nuke plant as threat increases -- "It is obvious that this area is facing perhaps a more dangerous phase," IAEA boss Rafael Grossi said after a visit to Europe's largest nuclear power plant. -- Mar 30

3 hours ago