Page Updated: Friday, August 23, 2019 5:27 AM ET

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YouTube shuts over 200 channels spreading disinformation on Hong Kong -- The decision follows the suspension​ of hundreds of thousands of Twitter and Facebook accounts tied to the Chinese government

2 hours ago

What you can do to help the burning Amazon rainforest -- The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and vital to combating climate change - and it's on fire with no end in sight

5 hours ago

New Zealand speaker cradles baby during debate -- The speaker held the baby for his colleague, who had just come back from paternity leave after welcoming his son's birth

11 hours ago

Amazon fires caused by humans, environmentalists say -- The rainforest protection group Amazon Watch says farmers, emboldened by the government, intentionally set the forest ablaze

15 hours ago

Taliban says ending Afghanistan war "is very necessary" -- U.S.-Taliban peace talks have been taking place in the Gulf Arab state of Qatar, where the group has a political office

17 hours ago

Study raises concerns about microplastics in drinking water -- "If you ask somebody whether they'd like their water with or without plastic, I doubt you'd get any answer other than, 'hold the plastic, please!'" -- Aug 21

9 hours ago

Black hole possibly swallowed neutron star, causing ripples in space -- The cosmic collision could be the first example of a black hole colliding with a neutron star - possibly offering new insights into the expansion of the universe -- Aug 21

10 hours ago

Rapidly decaying Titanic could disappear in decades -- Explorers on the first manned voyage in nearly 15 years were astonished by the famous ship's rapid decay -- Aug 21

10 hours ago

U.S. athletes punished for protesting at Pan American Games -- Fencer Race Imboden kneeled on the medal stand and hammer thrower Gwen Berry raised her fist during the national anthem and both face 12-month probation -- Aug 21

12 hours ago

Spacewalk installs key upgrade to station -- The new port will allow two U.S. commercial crew ships to dock at the space station at the same time -- Aug 21

14 hours ago

Cardinal George Pell loses appeal of sex abuse convictions -- Australian court upholds unanimous jury verdict that most senior Catholic to be found guilty of sexually abusing kids molested two choirboys in late 1990s -- Aug 21

16 hours ago

Smoke plumes from Amazon rainforest fires spotted from space -- The sky in Sao Paulo, Brazil, went dark Monday due to the smoke carried in from nearly 1,700 miles away

2 days ago

Trump postpones meeting with Danish leader over refusal to sell Greenland -- President scraps trip to Denmark for now and puts off meeting with Danish prime minister, who said Greenland is "not for sale" -- Aug 21

20 hours ago

U.S. won't give flu vaccines to migrants in border detention centers -- Three migrant children have died in the past year from the flu -- Aug 20

1 day ago

Migrants stranded off Italy rescued after 19 days at sea -- Italy's interior minister banned migrant rescue vessels from docking in Italy -- Aug 20

1 day ago