Page Updated: Saturday, April 04, 2020 2:24 PM ET

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Corona beer halts production during coronavirus pandemic -- The brewery that produces Corona also announced it is donating 300,000 antibacterial sanitizers made from its beer.

59 minutes ago

UN chief praises positive response to global ceasefire -- U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday​ that over a dozen countries have said they will begin or continue ceasefires.

16 hours ago

Coronavirus may lead to increase in domestic violence: WHO -- Speaking to reporters Friday about the coronavirus pandemic, the WHO Director General called on countries to include services for addressing domestic violence in their COVID-19 response.

19 hours ago

Remains of 90-million-year-old rainforest found near South Pole -- The South Pole is a harsh, frozen landscape of ice. But new research suggests it once held a lush temperate rainforest.

21 hours ago

The Earth is shaking less under coronavirus lockdowns -- During the coronavirus pandemic, people are moving less - and so is the planet.

23 hours ago

Google data tracks coronavirus lockdown movement -- The internet giant's Community Mobility Reports show how social distancing has affected travel to places like supermarkets and parks. -- Apr 3

3 hours ago

U.S. warns Americans to leave Japan as COVID-19 cases rise fast -- Strongest message to date from U.S. Embassy comes as experts warn Japan could be heading for a surge in new coronavirus infections. -- Apr 3

4 hours ago

Women in ICE custody plead for release amid pandemic -- Immigrant women detained in rural Louisiana feel powerless to shield themselves from the rapidly-spreading coronavirus. They're asking the U.S. not to forget about them. -- Apr 3

9 hours ago

"Above normal" Atlantic hurricane season on tap, researchers say -- At least eight of the 16 named tropical storms that are forecast will reach hurricane status with winds greater than 74 mph, according to Colorado State University. -- Apr 2

18 hours ago

Bodies pile up on streets in Ecuador as coronavirus spreads -- Some residents have gone as far as pleading with authorities on social media to help pick them up. -- Apr 2

20 hours ago

Coronavirus cases now top 1 million worldwide -- The number of deaths worldwide has soared past 51,000, -- Apr 2

22 hours ago

"Shoot them dead": Duterte orders police to kill Filipinos who defy coronavirus lockdown -- "Do not challenge the government," he warned the nation Wednesday. "You will lose." -- Apr 2

1 day ago

Human impact on environment raises risk of pandemics -- Some members of the scientific community have been warning for years that it was not a matter of if, but when​ another pandemic​ would threaten humanity. -- Apr 2

1 day ago

Patriots' plane flying medical masks to Boston from China -- NFL team's owner, Robert Kraft, helped arrange the flight to bring 1.2 million N95 masks for use in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. -- Apr 2

1 day ago

Fighting virus in Africa is "existential war for the continent" -- "My biggest fear is that the situation we are seeing in Europe, in the United States, and what we saw in China, will be in play in Africa, and that will be extremely devastating for us," the head of Africa CDC says. -- Apr 1

2 days ago