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Eight people shot dead at FedEx facility in US

6 hours ago

Hong Kong sentences media tycoon Jimmy Lai to year in jail for taking part in pro-democracy protests

4 hours ago

'I hope the brakes work': Prince Philip's old car becomes a Sri Lankan royal artefact

3 hours ago

Iran starts enriching uranium to 60 per cent ahead of international meeting

2 hours ago

China's economy recovers rapidly but experts forecast much slower recovery from now on

3 hours ago

US publishing house says it won't distribute book written by police officer who shot at Breonna Taylor

4 hours ago

'It's time to come home': Mother of soldier killed in action reflects on Afghanistan withdrawal

5 hours ago

Hundreds test positive to coronavirus at 'superspreader' Kumbh Mela festival in India

7 hours ago

Trump has found a way back to social media he says is 'better than a tweet'

10 hours ago

'Shy podcaster' helps police move closer to cracking California cold case

7 hours ago

Only 30 people will attend Prince Philip's funeral. Here's who made the cut (and who didn't)

15 hours ago

Angus Campbell urges China to resolve dispute with Taiwan to avoid 'disastrous' conflict

23 hours ago

The fate of the Tokyo Olympics hangs in the balance — so does the future of the Japanese government

14 hours ago

'The final memory was Phil's sense of humour': Kiwi business goes against the grain of coffin design

1 day ago

Hacked China blacklist includes Australian citizens and Uyghur children

1 day ago

'He felt me up': For women like Holly, street harassment is all too common

16 hours ago

Researchers have extracted Neanderthal DNA from cave dirt. Here's what it tells us

19 hours ago

'Shockingly malicious' or true to life? How The Crown retold Prince Philip's story

1 day ago

Iran says it will enrich uranium to 60 per cent, its highest level ever. Here's why it matters

2 days ago

Shrapnel-blasted time capsule from 1845 found on top of Hungarian cathedral

8 hours ago

France toughens child sex laws but adds 'Romeo and Juliet' clause for consensual relationships

9 hours ago

Coronavirus hug image named World Press Photo of the Year

12 hours ago

NBA star forced to retire immediately after 'scary' moment during game

11 hours ago

Graphic bodycam footage released of 13yo boy shot and killed by police

12 hours ago