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Firefighting plane crashes in Australia, killing 3 Americans

1 hour ago

'Totally under control': China isolates Wuhan, a city of 11 million where deadly virus originated

8 hours ago

U.S.-Russia 'engagements' underscore danger of oil mission in Syria

9 hours ago

Europe will respond to any additional tariffs by the U.S. in 'the same vein,' German ambassador says

16 hours ago

Trump looks to Europe after China, N. American trade pacts

20 hours ago

'Woke' naval intelligence

13 hours ago

Chinese city stops outbound flights, trains to fight virus

14 hours ago

Huawei theft prosecutions proceed despite U.S.-Chinese trade deal

1 day ago

'Nuke sniffer' and other U.S. spy planes monitoring heightened North Korea threat: Report

17 hours ago

Trump optimistic about U.S.-Iraq relationship in Davos

23 hours ago

Hundreds of rebels surrender to Indian forces in peace push

45 minutes ago

US talks up trade deal with post-Brexit Britain this year

45 minutes ago

AP Explains: Why US troop cuts in Africa would cause alarm

1 hour ago

Afghan official says Taliban killed intel officer in Helmand

3 hours ago

Iran uses violence, politics to try to push US out of Iraq

4 hours ago

Trade council to help New Hampshire exporters

4 hours ago

UN court orders Myanmar to prevent Rohingya genocide

45 minutes ago

Japan has second straight year of red ink on trade last year

6 hours ago

UMd. to end long-standing support for Chinese government program

11 hours ago

Editorial Roundup: US

12 hours ago

U.S. envoy urges Kosovo, Serbia turn eyes on economy, jobs

13 hours ago

Trump suggests he may be open to entitlement cuts in future

13 hours ago

Obscure Seattle election offers experiment in online voting

12 hours ago

US official: China steals 'massive amounts' of data in West

13 hours ago

HRW: Armed groups move freely on Colombia-Venezuela border

14 hours ago

Arizona woman reported missing while vacationing in Belize

14 hours ago