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Luhansk region military administration via AP

1 day ago

Ukrainians taken captive by Russia say they were held in brutal conditions: 'Everyone was beaten'

1 day ago

Millions of refugees are crossing back into Ukraine. See where they're returning from.

4 days ago

Israeli military gunfire likely killed Palestinian American journalist, U.S. concludes

9 hours ago

'There is shooting': Father recalls phone conversation with daughter inside Copenhagen mall

9 hours ago

Extreme weather thwarts ship rescue, creates flooding in Australia

13 hours ago

Zelenskyy acknowledges Ukrainian troops retreat from Lysychansk

14 hours ago

At least 3 dead, 3 critically injured in Copenhagen mall shooting

1 day ago

'I'm terrified': Brittney Griner sends Biden handwritten letter amid trial in Russia

2 hours ago

Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh likely killed by Israeli gunfire, U.S. says

8 hours ago

Scientists discover a new giant waterlily that was hiding in plain sight for 177 years

8 hours ago

Russia extends its grip on Ukraine's east, setting the stage for war's next phase

4 hours ago

Navy offers cash for tips to seize Mideast drugs, weapons

1 hour ago

Pope Francis denies resignation rumors, says he hopes to visit Moscow and Kyiv

10 hours ago

After huge crash, driver says Formula 1's halo device saved him

11 hours ago

Chunk of alpine glacier detaches in Italy, killing at least 6 hikers, injuring 9

12 hours ago

Death of a dentist in Ireland denied an abortion has worried doctors who say history may repeat in U.S.

11 hours ago

4 rescued, a dozen bodies retrieved after typhoon sinks ship off Hong Kong

13 hours ago

Second woman killed in shark attack in Egypt's Red Sea

13 hours ago