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Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine

5 hours ago

First photos show 'unprecedented disaster' after undersea eruption, tsunami hit Tonga

1 day ago

Ahmad Gharabli / AFP - Getty Images

13 hours ago

Canadian restaurant ordered to close after accepting dog photos instead of vaccination proof

38 minutes ago

CIA says 'Havana Syndrome' not result of sustained global campaign by hostile power

56 minutes ago

Teen pilot one stop away from her record-breaking flight around the world

56 minutes ago

Otto Warmbier's family awarded $240k in seized North Korean assets

8 hours ago

Biden: Russia 'will be held accountable' for significant Ukraine invasion

4 hours ago

Airlines scramble to change flights over 5G rollout fears

18 hours ago

U.K. PM Johnson defies calls to quit as ouster bid gathers pace

9 hours ago

French actor Gaspard Ulliel dies in skiing accident

10 hours ago

Ancient 'scepters' were actually straws for communal boozing, researchers say

15 hours ago

World's oldest man dies at 112, Guinness World Records says

22 hours ago

Trans activists will not be charged for sharing J.K. Rowling's address on Twitter

1 day ago


17 minutes ago

Video released of deadly U.S. drone strike on Afghan civilians from August 2021

6 hours ago

Watch: Twin polar bear cubs play together in German zoo

6 hours ago

U.K. prime minister challenged by lawmakers to resign over lockdown parties

13 hours ago

Russia could attack Ukraine at 'very short notice': Secretary Blinken

16 hours ago

Moscow will face 'severe consequences' Secretary Blinken tells Ukrainian president

16 hours ago

Palestinian family evicted from home in contentious east Jerusalem neighborhood

17 hours ago

'Nobody told me': Boris Johnson denies lying about lockdown parties

22 hours ago

Russian forces hold urban conflict drill near Ukrainian border

1 day ago

Cold case investigation names prime suspect in betrayal of Anne Frank

1 day ago

Vaccinated America is rising from the pandemic. Uganda has fewer than 1M shots for 45M people.

8 months ago