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More than 100 killed while seeking aid in Gaza, overall death toll passes 30,000

1 hour ago

Biden says reported firing on Gaza food queue will complicate truce talks

10 hours ago

What we know about Gaza aid convoy deaths

4 hours ago

UN refugee agency in Gaza can't easily be replaced: Chief

5 hours ago

Israel's response to Hamas attack has 'gone too far', but severing ties would not help Palestinians, says Singapore

18 hours ago

More than a billion people worldwide are obese, WHO study finds

3 hours ago

Biden, Trump making rival US-Mexico border visits

5 hours ago

Houthis say they will introduce military 'surprises' in Red Sea

10 hours ago

Serial failings allowed UK police officer to commit rape, murder: Inquiry

6 hours ago

Commentary: Emmanuel Macron's 'whatever it takes' stance on Ukraine highlights EU divisions

5 hours ago

Attempts to hire a hearse to take Navalny to his own funeral have been blocked: Spokesperson

7 hours ago

Who is Mohammad Mustafa - the man who could be next Palestinian PM?

12 hours ago

Ailing Eiffel Tower dragged into power play for Paris city hall

15 hours ago

Russia's Putin warns West of nuclear war risk

15 hours ago

War crimes committed by all parties in Israel-Hamas conflict: UN rights chief

16 hours ago

US to probe if Chinese cars pose national data security risks

12 hours ago

China slams foreign criticism of upcoming Hong Kong's Article 23 national security law

18 hours ago

Mitch McConnell to step down as Republican leader in US Senate

20 hours ago

UNRWA says humanitarian aid to Gaza has halved, appeals for more donations

21 hours ago

Humanitarian aid entering Gaza has reduced by half in February, says UNRWA

21 hours ago

Over 100 dead, 700 injured after Israeli troops fire at Gazans waiting for aid trucks

13 hours ago

Smaller brands, quirky electric cars in the spotlight at Geneva International Motor Show

1 day ago

Hamas chief says group showing flexibility in talks but ready to continue fight

1 day ago

Biden says Israel ready to pause Gaza attacks for Ramadan as Hamas mulls truce plan

2 days ago