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DWP is being forced to defend its decision to cut YOUR Universal Credit benefits

24 minutes ago

Climate activists disrupt TotalEnergies AGM as company commits to more fossil fuels

3 hours ago

Weather, technical malfunction, or US interference: what really happened to Iran president Raisi's helicopter?

2 hours ago

Contaminated water labelled a 'political failure' as 'alarming' levels of toxic TFAs found

7 hours ago

Climate crisis threatens half of world's mangrove ecosystems

5 days ago

Human rights violations against Indigenous Sami systemic across Northern Europe

6 days ago

LUSH and EachOther stage 'shower' protest to wash away toxic Tory rhetoric on human rights

6 days ago

Small island states win legal case, forcing rich nations to slash climate-wrecking carbon emissions

6 days ago

Nonprofits to take fossil fuel giant TotalEnergies to court for manslaughter over the climate crisis

7 days ago

Devastating loss of global rangelands threatening pastoralist communities

7 days ago

With elections looming, EU must ramp up efforts to curb malign external interference

7 days ago

Climate crisis drove record low Antarctic sea ice levels

7 days ago

Corporate capitalists are still the biggest winners of Labour's Great British Energy

7 days ago

ICC prosecutor officially seeks arrest warrant for Netanyahu - but will the UK protect him?

7 days ago

There's already a shortage of critical minerals for renewable energy just as the industry's human rights abuses come to light

8 days ago

UK zoos breaching basic animal welfare standards as investigation shows standards not fit for purpose

10 days ago

The owner of a mine in Yorkshire is supplying white phosphorus to Israel

11 days ago

Israel's conscientious objectors are subject to attacks, prison, and human rights abuses

11 days ago

Portugal's ecocidal airport grounded, but more climate-wrecking air travel infrastructure on the horizon

11 days ago

Trump and Biden agree to debate in a Grandpa Rumble, leaving American public as the real losers

12 days ago