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Mission is a customizable news aggregator of online mainstream news websites. Our mission is to provide a fast loading website to find what's going on in the world right now, with multiple persepectives and sources, without editorialization, and to be a good portal for the discovery of new and interesting news websites. We are located in the United States.

News Sources

Our sources are newspaper publishers, popular internet-based media websites, and international news outlets, not social media outlets. We try to avoid news aggregators, hard-paywall, and video-based websites.

We are constantly adding sources. You can see all our sources on the Status page.

We use sources from different political ideologies and/or countries, mixed with mainstream sources so as to get an interesting entertaining mix of stories for breaking news. We encourage visitors to visit those websites to read the full articles.


ZAQS is fully automated using its own spiders and algorithims (not RSS feeds), that identifies the top stories and associated news articles. We are a work in progress still making daily improvements to the website and the software behind it.

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Enter keyword(s) separated by space. Append '+' before a keyword to require it in results. Append a '-' to exclude. Enclose a phrase in double quotes for exact matches. All searches are case insensitive. Search functionality currently searches headline text only.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect user data. User-defined customization parameters are saved as cookies on the user browser.

Update History

August 2019

  • Added form to customize top feed menu
  • CSS revised to Bootstrap for mobile and desktop sites

July 2019

  • Fixed handling of corrupted images so they are ignored in display instead of broken link
  • Added 5 sites Spanish

June 2019

  • Update of backend custom CMS
  • Added 6 sites English

May 2019

  • Update of backend custom CMS

April 2019

  • Backend preparation for a new tier of customizable sub menus
  • Added feeds to second menu

March 2019

  • Improvements to the "More headlines" topic pages

Feb 2019

  • Added 10 news source websites
  • Photos added to right column on desktop
  • Improvements to how custom pages are generated when excluding sites
  • Update design of customization page

Jan 2019

  • Backend preparation for expansion of customization features
  • Fixes to search functionality

Dec 2018

  • User can exclude news sources from pages
  • User-customization of categories
  • Fixes to search functionality
  • Added 12 news source websites (Spanish)

Nov 2018

  • Prepare CMS for user-customization
  • Fixes to search functionality

Oct 2018

  • New ZAQS Spanish Website!
  • Added 12 news source websites

Sep 2018

  • Added search functionality

Aug 2018

  • Each main article now shows number of related articles
  • Added catched rendered HTML canonical pages for main articles
  • Launch of separate mobile domain

July 2018

  • Server migration

June 2018

  • Server architecture improvments
  • update to how images are thumbnailed

May 2018

  • Begin transition to multi-server architecture
  • Launch of Science News Feed on Facebook

April 2018

  • Finished main parser conversion project
  • Improvements to social bots
  • CSS Improvements

March 2018

  • Main parser conversion project

Feb 2018

  • Begin conversion of main parser from c# to python
  • Launched more Twitter bots: ZAQS Sports, Entertainment, Business

Jan 2018

  • Launch of the ZAQS 'Desktop' Website
  • Launch of the ZAQS World Twitter Feed