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FDA withdraws Covid treatment Evusheld because it's not effective against 93% of subvariants

Many take Evusheld as an additional layer of protection because the vaccines do not trigger a strong immune response for them.

CNBC - Top Stories - 45 minutes ago

Health News - FDA recommends new Omicron COVID-19 shots become standard

The FDA's advisory committee approved a proposal to phase out the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines used in the original round of nationwide vaccinations and replace them with the newest shot for the Omicron variant.

UPI - Top Stories - 3 hours ago

California's COVID-19 Gag Law Is 'First Effort to Suppress' Doctors: Lawyer

California's controversial COVID-19 misinformation law, which bars doctors from providing “misinformation” or “disinformation” related to COVID-19, is an ...

Epoch Times - Top Stories - 2 hours ago

FDA advisers favor retiring original covid shot in favor of newer version

Advisers to the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday unanimously endorsed retiring...

SF Gate - Politics - 2 hours ago

Opinion: San Diego ending its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for workers makes sense. But risks remain.

A new pandemic phase has arrived, at least for those without pre-existing conditions. But what will vaccine fearmongering lead to going forward?

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Politics - 2 hours ago

COVID in California: Study says long COVID is affecting college campuses

San Francisco will permanently shut down its long-running coronavirus testing site at the...

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 3 hours ago

Law aimed at doctors who spread COVID-19 misinformation is put on hold by judge

The judge granted a preliminary injunction on the grounds that the scientific consensus about COVID-19 is still evolving, making the law difficult to enforce.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 3 hours ago

FDA advisers raise doubts about moving to yearly Covid boosters

Earlier this week, the agency proposed adopting a yearly approach to Covid vaccines. Its advisory committee on Thursday said there are still too many unknowns.

NBC News - US News - 4 hours ago

FDA's advisors back plan to simplify COVID-19 vaccinations

The U.S. is poised to make COVID-19 vaccinations more like a yearly flu shot, a major shift in the country's public health strategy.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 4 hours ago

COVID-19 misinformation cost at least 2,800 lives and $300M, new report says

The spread of COVID-19 misinformation in Canada cost at least 2,800 lives and $300 million in hospital expenses over nine months of the pandemic, according to estimates in a new report out Thursday.

CBC News - Top Stories - 5 hours ago

FDA advisers back plan to simplify COVID-19 vaccinations

The Food and Drug Administration's scientific advisers are helping to decide if most Americans may need once-a-year boosters — and how and when to periodically update the shots’ recipe.

Orlando Sentinel - Top Stories - 5 hours ago

FDA advisers back the same COVID vaccine for initial shots, boosters -- , article with gallery

Advisers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday unanimously voted in favor of targeting the same coronavirus strain for initial COVID-19 vaccine doses and boosters going forward, but some expressed skepticism about whether all Americans need to receive the shots annually.

Reuters - Health - 5 hours ago

The COVID emergency might end after 3 long years — but the virus is still a threat

On Friday, a World Health Organization committee is meeting to consider whether the COVID-19 pandemic still represents a global public health emergency. Multiple experts say that regardless the decision, this virus will remain a threat for years to come.

CBC News - Top Stories - 7 hours ago

FDA advisors recommend replacing original Covid vaccine with omicron shots

Currently, Pfizer's and Moderna's omicron shots are authorized as a booster, while the first two doses are still the old shots based on the original strain.

CNBC - Top Stories - 7 hours ago

U.S. health officials want to make COVID-19 vaccinations more like the annual flu shot -- Matthew Perrone -- |

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday proposed a simplified approach for future vaccination efforts, allowing most adults and children to get a once-a-year shot to protect against the mutating virus.

CBC News - Health - 8 hours ago

Judge trashes, blocks California COVID-19 misinformation law

The judge wrote that the law's definition of what classifies as "misinformation" is...

SF Gate - Top Stories - 10 hours ago

Lahari Vuppaladhadiam: 'Tripledemic' of RSV, flu and COVID-19 reveals America's broken child care system

The child care system has been falling apart for years. The “tripledemic” may be the push we need to call for reform.

Chicago Tribune - Top Stories - 10 hours ago

Health & Wellness -- COVID-19 misinformation contributed to 2,800 Canadian deaths, report suggests

A new report says misinformation about COVID-19 contributed to more than 2,800 Canadian deaths and at least $300 million in hospital and ICU visits.

Toronto Star - Health - 10 hours ago

Exclusive - Premier pressured justice minister's office to get rid of COVID charges, sources say - News - Canada - Calgary - | January 26 - |

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith pressured the attorney general and his office to intervene in COVID-related court cases, according to multiple sources familiar with the interactions.

CBC News - Top Stories - 12 hours ago

MP threatens to sue Hancock in Covid vaccine row

MP Andrew Bridgen claims he was libelled, but the former health secretary is standing by his comments.

BBC News - Health - 12 hours ago

WHO calculations of excess deaths during the pandemic highlight a lack of proper death surveillance in half the world.

December’s WHO calculations of excess deaths during the pandemic highlight a big, but largely unseen, problem in global health: Lack of proper mortality surveillance in half the world’s countries.

Deutsche Welle - Science - 13 hours ago

China's One Billion COVID Infections Explained

Eight in 10 people in China have been infected with COVID-19, a senior health official said last weekend.

Newsweek - Health - 13 hours ago

Andrew Bridgen threatens to sue Matt Hancock over Covid vaccine row

Bridgen was stripped of Tory whip for comments condemned by the former health secretary

Independent UK - Politics - 13 hours ago

Federal Politics -- Did COVID-19 misinformation cost the lives of 2,800 Canadians?

A Canadian organization is behind an unprecedented use of modelling that has illustrated for the first time the disturbing cost of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Toronto Star - Top Stories - 13 hours ago

COVID-19 misinformation contributed to 2,800 Canadian deaths, report suggests

A new report says misinformation about COVID-19 contributed to more than 2,800 Canadian deaths and at least $300 million in hospital and ICU visits.

CTV News - Health - 13 hours ago

Call for China to release protesters detained in demonstrations against zero-Covid policy

Current location of some detainees remains unknown following widespread demonstrations in late 2022, says Human Rights Watch

Irish Times - Top Stories - 13 hours ago

China says Covid deaths and severe cases have fallen over 70 percent since peak

The figures come after a prominent government scientist said that 80% of China’s 1.4 billion population had already been infected.

NBC News - World - 15 hours ago

Bharat Biotech's nasal Covid vaccine launched

The nasal vaccine -- BBV154 -- had received the Drugs Controller General of India's (DCGI) approval in November for restricted emergency use among adults as a heterologous booster dose

First Post - Health - 16 hours ago

Union Budget: Halwa Ceremony Held After Year's Gap Due To Covid

The ceremony is an annual ritual in which traditional dessert 'halwa' is prepared and served to officials and staff members of the finance ministry who were involved in the preparation of the Budget.

NDTV - Business - 17 hours ago

Dozens of Covid protesters still behind bars in China – HRW

A man is arrested while people are gathering on a street in Shanghai on Nov. 27, 2022, where protests against China's zero-Covid policy took place the night before following a...

Manila Times - World - 18 hours ago

Trump's Attack On Ex-COVID Adviser Contains 1 Weird Detail

The former president claimed he fired former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx, who retired at the conclusion of Trump's term.

Huffington Post - Top Stories - 18 hours ago

California law that targets COVID misinformation halted by court

Implementation of a California law aimed at punishing doctors who gave patients false...

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 22 hours ago

Updated Covid boosters cut the infection risk from XBB.1.5 subvariant by nearly half, CDC finds

The report provides the first data on how the updated shots fare against the predominant strain in the U.S.

NBC News - Health - 1 day ago

North Korean capital Pyongyang on lockdown as COVID spreads through the city

Confirmed cases of the disease prompted authorities to restrict access to the city until Jan. 31, sources say.

Radio Free Asia - Top Stories - 1 day ago

COVID-19 drove sharp rise in child labour worldwide, as 'risky' goods bought by Canadians increase, report says -- January 23, 2023

Supply chain risk analysis finds a ‘surge in imports of risky goods of over 50 per cent in the last 10 years’

The Globe and Mail - Politics - 1 day ago

First Look - Big-screen movies sweep post-pandemic Oscar nominations

A year after a streaming service won Hollywood’s top honor for the first time, big-screen spectacles dominated Tuesday’s nominations to the 95th Academy Awards. The Oscars will be presented on March 12 in Los Angeles.

Christian Science Monitor - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Yearly COVID vaccine?

A new FDA proposal would treat COVID-19 vaccines the same way Americans receive an annual flu shot — to protect people against virus mutations. Dr. Marc Siegel shared concerns.

Fox News - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Updated COVID vaccines prevented illness from latest variants -CDC -- , article with gallery

The updated COVID-19 boosters from Pfizer Inc /BioNTech SE and Moderna helped prevent symptomatic infections against the new XBB-related subvariants, offering new evidence of how the vaccines perform against these fast-spreading strains, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

Reuters - Health - 1 day ago

Updated COVID vaccines prevented illness from latest variants: CDC

Pfizer Inc/BioNTech SE s and Moderna s updated bivalent COVID 19 vaccines helped prevent symptomatic infections from the XBB related subvariants of Om...

Peninsula Qatar - Technology - 1 day ago

Did China Make a Mistake by Ending COVID Restrictions?

Commentary Never forget that the New York Times kicked off disease panic in the United States in late ...

Epoch Times - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Recovering from COVID-19 learning loss

The state is offering a realistic approach that should be seen as a floor, not a ceiling.

Boston Globe - Opinion - 1 day ago

Taiwan and China celebrate Lunar New Year amid vastly different COVID levels

Taiwan has reopened to international travel, and has lifted some other restrictions, as people celebrate Lunar New Year with family and friends.

PRI - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Covid Conspiracist Marjorie Taylor Greene Tapped to Investigate the Government's Covid Response

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been appointed to a congressional select subcommittee tasked with investigating the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rolling Stone - Politics - 1 day ago

People urged to take up Covid vaccine offer before universal programme closes

Vaccination experts said the nation is moving away from the ’emergency response’ to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Evening Standard - Health - 1 day ago

'My Crimean War' — long-term care managers on working during the pandemic

Given the serious workforce shortages and other issues already facing nursing homes, we cannot afford to ignore (recent) findings.

Toronto Star - Opinion - 1 day ago

Nevada Governor Turns to Lobbyist Tied to COVID Lab Scandal for Help With Budget

Gov. Joe Lombardo once called his predecessor’s support of an error-prone COVID-19 testing lab the “biggest scandal in our history” but then brought in the lobbyist who pulled strings to get that lab licensed to help prepare his state budget.

ProPublica - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Claims of Covid Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Revive Protest Movement

Misleading claims of vaccine injuries and deaths energize protests and legal actions from anti-vaxxers.

Rolling Stone - Politics - 1 day ago

San Diego repeals controversial COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers

Opponents of the mandate hailed the end of the policy, which the police union blamed for the loss of more than 100 officers.

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Health - 2 days ago

Preston Manning's COVID-19 panel appointment is a $253,000 travesty -- Gary Mason

Normally, there would be outrage over such a partisan, biased appointment. In Alberta, people just shrug

The Globe and Mail - Opinion - 2 days ago

More answers needed on U.S. FDA's proposal for annual COVID shot: Bogoch

There are still many unanswered questions involving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recent proposal for an annual COVID-19 shot, infectious diseases specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says.

CTV News - Health - 2 days ago

AdventHealth clinic helps people seeking relief from long COVID-19 symptoms

This is one of few clinics in the state for the estimated 6% of people who develop long COVID-19 after contracting the virus.

Orlando Sentinel - US News - 2 days ago

Letters: COVID is still dangerous. Why is Dr. Monica Gandhi downplaying this?

Chronicle readers also agree with Gandhi and offer comments on news coverage of mass...

San Francisco Chronicle - Opinion - 2 days ago

'Diamond' of Diamond and Silk did not die of COVID-19, death certificate reveals

Conservative YouTube star Lynette Hardaway — the “Diamond” of “Diamond and Silk” fame — did not die of COVID-19 as numerous liberals on social media had (sometimes gleefully) speculated.

Washington Times - Entertainment - 2 days ago

FDA proposes annual coronavirus shot tailored to latest dominant variants

The goal is to get more people protected by simplifying the process, eliminating the clutter of immunization cards with multiple entries and the need to keep track of a flurry of jabs.

New York Daily News - Top Stories - 3 days ago

US proposes once-a-year COVID-19 shots for most Americans

WASHINGTON: United States health officials want to make COVID-19 vaccinations more like the annual flu shot. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday (Jan 23) proposed a simplified approach for future vaccination efforts, allowing most adults and children to get a once-a-year shot to protect aga

Channel NewsAsia - World - 3 days ago

FDA proposes making the Covid vaccine a yearly shot, similar to the flu vaccine

The agency's proposal would allow most people to get the latest booster shot, regardless of whether they had received the primary series of the vaccine.

NBC News - Health - 3 days ago

Pandemic jobless benefits fraud likely tops $60 billion. House GOP to start investigating next week

More than $60 billion may have been paid out in fraudulent unemployment insurance benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report released Monday by the US Government Accountability Office.

CNN - Politics - 3 days ago

FDA to propose yearly COVID vaccines like annual flu shots for Americans

The Food and Drug Administration will meet later this week to weigh a proposal to treat COVID-19 vaccines like the annual flu shot, simplifying the process for many Americans.

Fox News - Health - 3 days ago

The FDA Is Considering A New Plan To Make COVID Vaccines A Lot More Like Your Annual Flu Shot

In a decision that could come this week, the FDA is looking to step away from the confusing array of COVID shots and boosters that are currently recommended and create an easier-to-understand schedule.

BuzzFeed News - Science - 3 days ago

Indonesia's influencers 1st in line for COVID-19 vaccine

Deciding who should be first in line for limited vaccine doses has been a challenge around the world, with many countries prioritizing vulnerable health...

Daily Sabah - Health - 3 days ago

China's Tragedy of Errors: Pandemic Redux

Commentary When communist China unleashed the COVID-19 virus on the rest of the world in the winter of ...

Epoch Times - Opinion - 3 days ago

FDA proposes once-a-year COVID-19 shots for most Americans

The new plan would make COVID-19 inoculations more like the annual flu shot, saving Americans from having to keep track of how many shots they’ve received.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 3 days ago

Once-a-year COVID shots proposed

U.S. health officials want to make COVID-19 vaccinations more like the annual flu shot.

Chicago Tribune - Health - 3 days ago

Katherine Prange: Students bore the brunt of COVID-19 and are feeling its effects on their education

Students feel there's a “different normal” after COVID-19, one with lower educational standards.

Chicago Tribune - Opinion - 3 days ago

FDA: Most people will probably need only one Covid vaccine shot moving forward

The agency said the shots will probably get an annual update, but most people will need only one shot moving forward.

CNBC - Health - 3 days ago

COVID-19 slows in Florida over the past 2 weeks

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations are down, while the number of deaths recorded in recent weeks have gone up in Florida.

Orlando Sentinel - Health - 3 days ago

Has California avoided another devastating winter COVID wave?

California's COVID-19 metrics have continued to improve since a late fall uptick in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 3 days ago

Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic can make Illinois healthier than ever

In the three years since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Illinois, public health experts have gained invaluable knowledge to improve our health care system.

Chicago Sun-Times - Opinion - 3 days ago

Fewer Medi-Cal patients got crucial treatment for hepatitis C amid pandemic

Hepatitis C can be cured in most cases with a few months of medication. The number of Medi-Cal patients getting the treatment dropped during the pandemic.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 4 days ago

Biden said the pandemic is over, but the pandemic won't cooperate

The public mood has shifted from fear of COVID to acceptance. That has allowed people to return to their regular lives but has undermined efforts to protect the vulnerable.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 4 days ago

China rings in Lunar New Year with most COVID rules lifted

In Beijing, many worshippers offered morning prayers at the Lama Temple but the crowds appeared to be smaller compared to pre-pandemic days

Deccan Chronicle - World - 4 days ago

Commentary: The costly lesson from COVID-19 - elimination should be default strategy for future pandemics

Localised quarantine measures, travel freezes and intensified surveillance can terminate virus outbreaks in countries over weeks, say public health experts.

Channel NewsAsia - World - 5 days ago

Editorial: The Reality of China's Pandemic and the CCP's Demise

The pandemic is spreading like wildfire again across China. Since December, an estimated 900 million people in China ...

Epoch Times - Opinion - 6 days ago

Texas jobless rate drops below 4% for first time since pandemic

The state has set a record for the number of employed people for 14 consecutive months,...

Houston Chronicle - Business - 6 days ago

Japan to lower COVID-19 to flu status, further easing rules

The move to treat COVID-19 more like influenza would further relax mask wearing and other preventive measures as the country seeks to return to normality.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 6 days ago

Did Bay Area avoid a COVID winter surge? Here's what the numbers show

New infections and hospitalizations have slowed across California after peaking in late...

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 6 days ago

'Sizeable' drop in UK Covid-19 infections as Christmas wave recedes

Levels have dropped by nearly a third since the start of the month.

Evening Standard - Health - 6 days ago

How Long Are You Contagious With The Latest COVID Variant? Here's What To Know.

It can be hard to know if you’re putting others at risk, but there are rules you can follow to help protect those around you.

Huffington Post - Health - 6 days ago

B.C. surpasses 5,000 deaths linked to COVID-19 while hospital admissions decreasing

B.C. says new COVID-19 hospital admissions, critical care admissions, and deaths either stable or declining

The Globe and Mail - Top Stories - 7 days ago

A Spike in People Dying at Home Suggests Coronavirus Deaths in Houston May Be Higher Than Reported

In Houston, one of the nation’s fastest-growing coronavirus hot spots, more residents are dying before they can make it to a hospital. Medical examiner data shows that an increasing number of these deaths are the result of COVID-19.

ProPublica - Health - 7 days ago

Plastic surgeon injected kids with saline instead of COVID vaccine, feds allege

The plastic surgery group allegedly squirted the 2,000 vaccine doses down the drain.

Ars Technica - Science - 7 days ago

Recent Deaths of China's Top Officials and Elites Amid COVID Surge Expose an Unspeakable Crime

Commentary During the new wave of COVID-19 cases and deaths in China, it’s hard not to notice the ...

Epoch Times - Opinion - 7 days ago

How scientists trained computers to forecast COVID-19 outbreaks weeks ahead

Using machine learning, scientists have trained computers to comb the internet and recognize the early signs of a COVID-19 surge up to 6 weeks in advance.

Los Angeles Times - World - 7 days ago

From 37 to 60,000: China's official COVID-19 death toll data remains opaque

...there are a total of 35,519 hospitals, the 60,000 figure implies that, on average, there was fewer than two COVID-related death per hospital between December 8 and January 12.

Global Voices - Health - 7 days ago

Unvaccinated COVID patients 'at greater risk of death' for at least 18 months after infection

Because the research took place in 2020, it only takes into account people who had not been vaccinated at the time they were infected with COVID. But because of the sheer number of people who fell ill in the first wave, the study's authors say it can still help evaluate future outbreaks.

Sky News - Top Stories - 8 days ago

Vaccine Skeptics Slam Celebs for Flagging COVID Health Risks

Pink, Questlove, Charlie Puth, Michael Phelps and Jean Smart are among the stars who have shared posts promoting the COVID-19 vaccine in recent days.

Newsweek - Health - 8 days ago

Is this China's full Covid data? Why the WHO is pushing for more

The lack of transparency around the latest outbreak has heightened concern among global health officials that new variants could be spreading undetected, writes Adam Taylor

Independent UK - Science - 8 days ago

DeSantis wants his ban on COVID vaccine and mask mandates made permanent

DeSantis wants lawmakers to make those measures permanent, calling them a “prescription for freedom.”

Orlando Sentinel - Health - 9 days ago

Why was the major COVID-19 drug Paxlovid delisted from China's medical insurance scheme?

The Chinese poor will not be able to access the WHO-recommended "life-saving" COVID-19 drug after delisting Paxlovid from China's basic medical insurance scheme. But online patriots are backing the decision.

Global Voices - Health - 9 days ago

WHO appeals to China to release more COVID-19 information

The World Health Organization has appealed to China to keep releasing information about its wave of COVID-19 infections.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 10 days ago

WHO presses China for more data after COVID death tally leaps from 37 to 60K

The new death toll figure "should be considered the minimum."

Ars Technica - Science - 10 days ago

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson bow out of awards show after contracting COVID-19

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson both scored Critics Choice Award nominations for their work in 'The Banshees of Inisherin.'

Los Angeles Times - Health - 11 days ago

China reports 60,000 COVID-related deaths, says peak passed

China on Saturday reported nearly 60,000 deaths in people who had COVID-19 since early December, offering hard numbers for an unprecedented surge that was apparent in overcrowded hospitals and packed crematoriums, even as the government released little data about the status of the pandemic for weeks.

Orlando Sentinel - Health - 12 days ago

China reports almost 60,000 COVID-related deaths, says peak has passed

China reported nearly 60,000 deaths in people who had COVID-19 since early December and said the “emergency peak" of its surge appears to have passed.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 12 days ago

China reports almost 60,000 COVID-related deaths in just over a month

China has reported almost 60,000 COVID-related deaths since early December.

Sky News - Top Stories - 12 days ago

Commentary: China's COVID-19 situation is dire - but it shouldn't pose a big risk to other countries

Testing travellers for COVID-19 at borders was shown to be of little value from early in the pandemic, says this epidemiologist.

Channel NewsAsia - Opinion - 13 days ago

L.A. County COVID-19 deaths hit a new winter high. Why?

The distressing development comes even as other metrics show a relatively promising picture, including a decrease in case counts.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 14 days ago

Amazon laying off over 18,000 workers in biggest tech downsizing of the pandemic

The cuts began last year and came after the company saw one of the biggest hiring sprees...

San Francisco Chronicle - Business - 14 days ago

Even after mild cases of COVID, long COVID symptoms can linger for a year or more

Mild cases of COVID-19 can cause patients to suffer long COVID symptoms, and a new study finds that some of those symptoms can linger for more than a year.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 14 days ago

US extends Covid public health emergency as Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 spreads; how will it benefit Americans?

The Covid-19 public health emergency was first declared during the Trump administration in January 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began

First Post - Health - 14 days ago

New COVID variant XBB.1.5 is fueling cases in Florida. Here's why you're at risk, and what to do about it

A new COVID variant has made its way to Florida, pushing case numbers higher and leading health experts to say the most transmissible version yet is certain to infect even those who have had the virus.

Orlando Sentinel - Health - 15 days ago

Long COVID symptoms 'resolve in a year' for most with mild illness

After looking at the information of almost two million people, researchers in Israel found that mild symptoms of the virus will not lead to serious or chronic long-term health effects.

Sky News - Top Stories - 15 days ago

Europe has not used potential of COVID tools to ease travel, EU auditors say

Of all the tools Commission proposed to facilitate travel during the pandemic, only EU Digital COVID Certificate was effective, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) found.

Euractiv - Health - 15 days ago

Will XBB.1.5, the latest Omicron subvariant, fuel another California COVID surge? What we know

The latest Omicron subvariant, perhaps the most infectious yet, has gained a foothold in California. Officials say its growth advantage is worrisome.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 15 days ago

Europe faces no immediate COVID-19 threat from China, WHO says

A World Health Organization’ official says the agency sees 'no immediate threat' for the European region from a COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 16 days ago

China's COVID-19 surge raises odds of new coronavirus mutant

Could the COVID-19 surge in China unleash a new coronavirus mutant on the world. Maybe it could. Maybe not.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 17 days ago

Is China sharing enough COVID-19 information?

As COVID-19 rips through China, other countries and the World Health Organization are calling on its government to share more comprehensive data. Is it doing enough?

Los Angeles Times - Science - 17 days ago

Israeli study: Omicron COVID booster cuts hospitalization in over 65s

Researchers from Clalit HMO, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Sapir College conduct first ever study with 622,701 cases from late September to December

YNET News - Science - 17 days ago

Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg discourage travel to Covid-hit China

Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg on Saturday (7 January) discouraged non-essential trips to China, the world's most populous nation, as it struggles with a surge in Covid cases after relaxing strict virus restrictions.

Euractiv - Health - 17 days ago

China reopens borders after three years of COVID isolation

It's a big moment for China - which is finally ditching one of the central planks of its zero-COVID strategy - but concerns remain over a surge in cases in the country.

Sky News - Top Stories - 18 days ago

'Surveillance programme' to begin random COVID tests for travellers from China to UK

As incidents of COVID infection soar across China, the UK Health Security Agency launches a new testing system at Heathrow, which will also help to identify new variants.

Sky News - Top Stories - 18 days ago

China tries to minimize COVID-19 risk during Lunar New Year travel crush

Officials expect more than 2 billion trips to be made in China during the weeklong holiday, the most important time for visiting family and friends.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 20 days ago

The Symptoms Of COVID Variant XBB That Doctors Are Seeing Right Now

Pay attention to these common signs of infection.

Huffington Post - Health - 20 days ago

WHO worried about COVID-19 surge in China amid lack of info

The World Health Organization is 'concerned about the risk to life in China' amid the coronavirus’ explosive spread and the lack of outbreak data from the Chinese government.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 21 days ago

What is known about the XBB.1.5 COVID variant and what's behind the nickname 'kraken'?

The World Health Organisation has warned the new COVID variant XBB.1.5 is the "most transmissible yet", with the "recombinant" new strain of Omicron nicknamed "kraken" - but what does that all mean, and how worried should people be?

Sky News - Top Stories - 21 days ago

Celebrity deaths in China serve as evidence of rising COVID-related toll

The official COVID death toll has come under scrutiny as more and more deaths of prominent Chinese citizens are made public, reported the BBC.Given how young she was, Chinese Suprano Chu Lanlan's...

International The News - Health - 21 days ago

Ladapo's COVID vaccine policy based on 'careless' research, UF faculty say

The report authored by a committee of College of Medicine professors echoed many of the criticisms raised by scientists across the country about the state’s study and recommendation.

Orlando Sentinel - Health - 21 days ago

A Beijing hospital runs out of beds amid a COVID surge in China

Patients, most of them elderly, lie on stretchers in hospital hallways or take oxygen while sitting in wheelchairs as COVID-19 cases surge in Beijing.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 21 days ago

EU countries 'encouraged' to demand Covid tests from China passengers

EU countries are "strongly encouraged" to demand Covid tests from passengers coming from China, a crisis meeting of European Union experts decided Wednesday (4 January).

Euractiv - Health - 21 days ago

Patients waiting on beds outside Chinese hospitals struggling with spiralling COVID cases

More images emerge of the situation overwhelming the health system in China as COVID continues to spread through a large population which possesses little immunity to the virus, while concern grows about how accurate the country's data is over the outbreak.

Sky News - Top Stories - 22 days ago

What is known about new Covid variant XBB.1.5?

The latest Omicron variant is making scientists take notice in the US - so what do you need to know?

BBC News - Health - 22 days ago

COVID-19 vaccines almost certainly didn't cause Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest. Here's what may have

After Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the football field, speculation arose asking whether COVID-19 vaccines may have played a role. Medical experts say the answer is almost certainly no.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 23 days ago

EU and Beijing heading for collision over China's COVID-19 crisis

The European Union and China are moving closer to a political standoff over the COVID-19 crisis. An EU offer of help, including vaccine donations, was also as good as slapped down.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 23 days ago

The Uncounted: People of Color Are Dying at Much Higher Rates Than COVID Data Suggest

Death data hides the true toll of the pandemic on Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people.

Texas Observer - Top Stories - 23 days ago

China state media plays down severity of COVID wave before WHO meeting

China's state media played down the severity on 3 January of the COVID-19 wave, with its scientists expected to give a briefing to the World Health Organization on the evolution of the virus later in the day.

Euractiv - Health - 23 days ago

Health agency: COVID surge in China unlikely to cause rise in EU cases

As COVID-19 cases in mainland China rise, the EU's health agency said on Tuesday (3 January) that the increase is unlikely to cause a spike in infections across the bloc.

Euractiv - Health - 23 days ago

Beijing threatens response to toughened COVID measures for Chinese travelers

Beijing is blasting coronavirus testing requirements being imposed by various countries, including the U.S. and Canada, on travelers from China.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 23 days ago

China threatens retaliation over COVID-19 testing rules for travellers

A growing list of countries, including England, have said that people travelling from mainland China will need a negative test before flying.

Sky News - Top Stories - 23 days ago

Why China's COVID wave is stirring fear

BEIJING: China is experiencing a huge COVID-19 surge after years of hardline containment restrictions were dismantled last month.A growing number of countries are worried about a lack of data and...

International The News - Health - 23 days ago

China falls into a chaos amid a Tsunami-scale winter COVID-19 outbreak

Many countries have announced new travel restrictions on travellers from greater Chinese regions due to inadequate sharing of epidemiological and viral genomic sequence data.

Global Voices - Health - 24 days ago

France, Britain, Spain impose Covid tests on travelers from China

France, Britain and Spain on 30 December joined a growing list of nations imposing Covid tests on travelers from China, and the World Health Organization pressed Beijing to be more forthcoming on real-time data amid an explosion of cases there.

Euractiv - Health - 24 days ago

EU to discuss joint Covid response to China arrivals on 4 January

EU countries will meet next week to discuss a joint response to travellers from China amid concern over the country's explosion of Covid cases, incoming EU presidency holder Sweden announced Saturday (31 December).

Euractiv - Health - 24 days ago

China's manufacturing activity drops despite lifted COVID restrictions

BEIJING: China's manufacturing activity contracted sharply in December for the third month in a row, according to official figures released Saturday, despite Beijing's loosening of...

International The News - Health - 26 days ago

China media decry Covid curbs against its travelers

Chinese state-media said COVID-19 testing requirements imposed by several places around the world in response to a surging wave of infections were "discriminatory", in the clearest pushback yet against restrictions that are slowing down its re-opening.

Euractiv - Health - 27 days ago

EU urges more checks for COVID variants given surge in China

The EU should consider immediately scaling up genomic sequencing of COVID-19 infections and monitoring of wastewater, including from airports, to detect any new variants given the virus surge in China, the bloc's health chief said.

Euractiv - Health - 27 days ago

Medicare Keeps Spending More on COVID-19 Testing. Fraud and Overspending Are Partly Why.

Medicare’s COVID-19 testing costs reached over $2 billion in 2022. The growing costs concern some experts, who say financial incentives and a lack of regulation early in the pandemic led to fraud and overspending.

ProPublica - Health - 27 days ago

Why are some places Covid-testing Chinese arrivals?

Beijing is finally opening its borders - but some countries are wary of a Covid threat.

BBC News - Health - 28 days ago

Lack of info on China's explosive COVID-19 outbreak stirs global concern

Global concern grows that Beijing may be too slow to report new variants to the rest of world. Which, in turn, could lead to new outbreaks.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 28 days ago

Video 4 minutes 11 seconds -- Ros Atkins on... China's Covid surge

As China deals with a new Covid wave, Ros Atkins looks at why it’s hard to assess its scale.

BBC News - Health - 28 days ago

U.S. will require coronavirus testing for travelers from China

Due to a surge in infections, travelers from China must show a negative coronavirus test to enter the U.S. beginning Jan. 5.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 29 days ago

China to resume issuing passports and visas as COVID-19 control barriers lift

China says it will resume issuing passports for tourism in another big step away from anti-virus controls that isolated the country for almost three years.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 29 days ago

China to scrap COVID-19 quarantine for incoming passengers

China will drop a COVID-19 quarantine requirement for passengers arriving from abroad starting Jan. 8.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Stress, lockdowns, depression: The COVID class of 2023 is...

They’ve faced lockdowns, a mental health crisis and the dawn of climate change. What...

San Francisco Chronicle - Opinion - 1 month ago

'A very, very hard road ahead': COVID cases spiral in China as restrictions ease

Nearly three years after the coronavirus was first identified in China, it is now spreading through the country and putting major stress on hospitals.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Surge in remote working due to COVID fuels record employment for people with disabilities

The COVID-19 pandemic's silver lining for people with disabilities: a lot more remote work opportunities. Will it last?

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Editorial: The best gift you can give your loved ones? A COVID-free holiday season

Let’s make it the first holiday season where we avoid a surge of COVID infections. It’s doable. Considering it’s our third winter since the pandemic began, we should be pros at using the tools that we have to avoid getting COVID.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Declining U.S. life expectancy fell further in 2021 due to COVID and drug overdoses

U.S. life expectancy, already declining since the onset of the pandemic, fell further in 2021, according to the CDC’s final accounting of death certificates.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Delaware COVID-19 testing to no longer include Curative sites

DOVER — The state’s COVID-19 testing partner Curative Inc. has decided not to renew its testing contract when it ends in the next two weeks. As a result, Wednesday, Dec. 28 will be the …

Bay to Bay News - Top Stories - 1 month ago

China's COVID-19 outbreak has U.S. worried about new variants

Chinese cities are witnessing a wave of COVID-19 cases, with concerns growing that the government may be hiding the true toll of the virus.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

China's COVID health apps being used for social and political control, activists say

The experience of human rights lawyer Wang Yu shows that China's cellphone health apps can become another tool of social and political control.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Beijing reports two COVID-19 deaths as coronavirus surges amid relaxed rules

Chinese health authorities have reported the nation's first COVID-19 deaths in more than two weeks.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

L.A. County coronavirus threat eases for now, but a second wave after Christmas possible

L.A. County coronavirus cases have stabilized, pushing off the prospect of a new indoor mask mandate, but a wave tied to holiday gatherings is possible.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

'A lot of viruses running around': L.A. County hospital beds at lowest availability since pandemic began

The shortage is from rising cases of COVID-19, flu and RSV, as well as patients who have put off nonemergency care.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

U.S. death toll tied to long COVID exceeds 3,500, CDC report says

Long COVID illnesses contributed to 4,055 deaths in the U.S. through the end of June 2022, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

COVID hospitalizations among older Americans causing concern: 'Worry about your granny'

COVID-related hospitalizations in the United States are up 30% over the last two weeks, with older patients accounting for many of those cases, the CDC says.

New York Daily News - Health - 1 month ago

China faces a rough road to ending its zero-COVID policies

Under the zero-COVID policy, public resources have been spent on PCR tests, building quarantine facilities, propaganda, and controlling people's movement rather than vaccinations or improving medical infrastructures.

Global Voices - Health - 1 month ago

Keep COVID military vaccine mandate, U.S. Defense secretary says

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III says he wants to keep the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, after Republican governors ask Biden to lift the order.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Pfizer asks FDA to clear updated COVID shot for kids under 5

Pfizer is asking U.S. regulators to authorize its Omicron-targeting COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 6 months.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

China quells COVID protests but memories of mass mobilization will be harder to erase

Demonstrations against COVID restrictions showed that Beijing has not wiped out dissent.

Radio Free Asia - Opinion - 1 month ago

Some Chinese cities relax coronavirus controls but step up security after protests

Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu and other major Chinese cities said they were easing coronavirus testing requirements and controls on movement.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 1 month ago

Life expectancy in Israel dropped during COVID pandemic, study finds

Researchers find that Israeli men’s life expectancy dropped by 3.6 months in 2020, with Arab Israeli men seeing the steepest drop, losing a whole year and a half

YNET News - Science - 1 month ago

Rare street protests across China: Is Xi Jinping's zero-COVID policy turning people against their government?

Frustration with Xi Jinping's heavily enforced policy of 'Zero-COVID' has turned Chinese people against their government in unprecedented street demonstration now affecting all main cities in a heavily-policed state

Global Voices - World - 1 month ago

China's zero-COVID policy sparks rare country-wide protests

"...I am the one who jumped from the highrise; I am the victim trapped in the fire. If I am not there yet, I will be the next one."

Global Voices - Health - 1 month ago

People In China Are Demanding The End Of Strict COVID Restrictions After 10 People Died In A Fire

Protests and vigils have been reported in multiple cities and universities — a mass public movement that’s rare for China.

BuzzFeed News - World - 1 month ago

COVID-19 hospitalizations in Lancaster hover in 20s; RSV appears to decline nationwide

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations remain relatively low in Lancaster County: Twenty-five people were in hospitals with the virus on Wednesday, and about 54 people per day were testing positive for

Lancaster Online - Top Stories - 2 months ago

U.S. renews push for COVID boosters as data show they protect

Americans who have gotten the updated COVID boosters appear better protected against symptomatic infection than those who haven't — at least for now.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 2 months ago

COVID-related fear and rumors in Foxconn factory drive workers to flee

Numerous witness accounts suggested that it was fear generated from rumours, COVID-related misinformation and closed-loop factory management that drove the workers to run.

Global Voices - Health - 2 months ago

All the pretty horses: Equine passengers travel on first Russian train to N.Korea since COVID

Russia and North Korea restarted train travel for the first time since railway journeys were cut during the COVID pandemic with an unusually opulent cargo - 30 grey thoroughbred horses.

Reuters - Weird - 2 months ago

Researchers find majority of long Covid patients are women

Researchers believe differences in immune responses could explain gender gap

Independent UK - Health - 3 months ago

The COVID-19 Booster's Public Relations Problem

With a new coronavirus booster rolling out, a leading expert on vaccines explains how public health leaders have struggled to set expectations for the COVID-19 vaccine and convey clearly who benefits from each additional shot.

ProPublica - Health - 3 months ago

Far from home, alone: Cambodian students share life in Thailand during the pandemic lockdown

"We didn't have relatives here, and we were anxious about what to do if we became infected. We have been far away from home."

Global Voices - Health - 4 months ago

No, The Pandemic Isn't Really Over. Here's Why.

“Whether or not the pandemic part of this is over is irrelevant. COVID is here to stay.”

BuzzFeed News - Science - 4 months ago

Community aids in Filipino food truck's pandemic rebound -- Owner encourages customers to "give a high five" to local businesses raising prices. "It means a lot."

Owner encourages customers to "give a high five" to local businesses raising prices. "It means a lot."

CBS News - Business - 4 months ago

First Lady Jill Biden tests negative for COVID-19

First Lady Jill Biden is out of isolation after testing negative twice from COVID-19, her office said Sunday.

New York Daily News - Health - 5 months ago

How are Maryland COVID cases, vaccinations and other metrics trending? Here are the latest numbers. [GRAPHICS]

View visualizations of Maryland COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths, testing, positivity rate and vaccinations.

The Baltimore Sun - Health - 5 months ago

These Tweets Show Just How Mad Public Health Experts Are About The CDC's New COVID Guidelines

The CDC recently relaxed its COVID guidelines involving quarantines, screening tests, and social distancing. That’s a terrible idea, some experts say, given that over 400 people die from the disease every day.

BuzzFeed News - Science - 5 months ago

First Lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19, has 'mild' symptoms

First Lady Jill Biden is isolating after a positive PCR test for COVID-19, her office announced Tuesday.

New York Daily News - Health - 5 months ago

Not Mentioned in Cuomo's Coronavirus Book: How Many Nursing Home Residents Died in New York

Cuomo’s new book on leadership, published as the pandemic continues to ravage America, touts his willingness to speak hard truths about the pandemic. Why then has he still not said how many nursing home residents perished on his watch?

ProPublica - Health - 5 months ago

How Misinformation About COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy Took Root Early On and Why It Won't Go Away

Before coronavirus vaccines were even released, a disinformation campaign used a moment of national and personal vulnerability to prey on those who were pregnant or who planned to become pregnant.

ProPublica - Health - 5 months ago

"God, No, Not Another Case." COVID-Related Stillbirths Didn't Have to Happen.

A lack of testing data and government guidance led many to avoid the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy, unwittingly increasing their chances of a stillbirth.

ProPublica - Health - 5 months ago

COVID cases up almost 18% worldwide as omicron variants run rampant

While vaccinations have greatly cut down on hospitalizations and deaths, COVID cases are on the rise again around the world.

New York Daily News - Health - 6 months ago

How do we memorialize the pandemic? -- As the United States neared its one millionth COVID-19 related death, artists, architects, and community leaders are calling for a permanent memorial to honor all those touched by COVID. Globe Opinion asked several artists for their vision of what a COVID memorial could look like.

As the United States nears its one millionth COVID-19 related death, artists, architects, and community leaders are calling for a permanent memorial to honor all those touched by COVID. Globe Opinion asked several artists for their vision of what a COVID memorial could look like.

Boston Globe - Opinion - 7 months ago

FDA authorizes 1st COVID-19 shots for infants, preschoolers

The Food and Drug Administration's action follows its advisory panel's unanimous...

Houston Chronicle - US News - 7 months ago

US lifts COVID-19 test requirement for international travel

The Biden administration is lifting its requirement that international travelers test...

Houston Chronicle - US News - 7 months ago

Pfizer pledges $120M to produce oral COVID-19 treatment Paxlovid at Michigan factory

Pfizer is sinking $120 million into a Michigan factory to drastically increase its production and supply of its oral COVID-19 treatment, the pharmaceutical company announced Monday.

New York Daily News - Health - 7 months ago

Wastewater tests indicate rise in COVID-19 throughout...

Recent tests show COVID-19 levels spiking across the city. Talk about a crappy way to...

Houston Chronicle - US News - 7 months ago

"Similar to Times of War": The Staggering Toll of COVID-19 on Filipino Health Care Workers

One of every four Filipinos in the New York-New Jersey area is employed in the health care industry. With at least 30 worker deaths and many more family members lost to the coronavirus, a community at the epicenter of the pandemic has been left reeling.

ProPublica - Health - 8 months ago

Pfizer says three doses of its vaccine provides 'strong' immunity against COVID for kids 6 months to 5 years old

Three doses of a child-size Pfizer vaccine is not just safe but effective for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old, the company said Monday.

New York Daily News - Health - 8 months ago

Round 3 of free at-home COVID tests now available from Biden administration

“As the highly transmissible subvariants of omicron drive a rise in cases in parts of the country, free and accessible tests will help slow the spread of the virus,” the White House said in its announcement.

New York Daily News - Health - 8 months ago

COVID-19 booster should be considered part of full vaccination: medical experts

A rise in COVID cases, fueled by a slew of more-transmissible variants, is drawing attention to the importance of booster shots for avoiding severe illness and death.

New York Daily News - Health - 8 months ago

Look Up Nursing Home Staff COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Now, users can quickly compare staff COVID-19 vaccination and booster rates across states and between nursing homes.

ProPublica - Health - 9 months ago

Unverified claims that a popular herbal medication prevents COVID-19 triggers online backlash in China

While Shanghai residents are struggling with food shortages, they have an abundant supply of “Lianhua Qingwen”.

Global Voices - Science - 9 months ago

WHO tracking 'a few dozen' cases of two new COVID-19 variants

The World Health Organization is keeping an eye on two new strains of COVID-19 that have popped up around the world.

New York Daily News - Health - 9 months ago

The Grim Lesson of Congress's Failure to Sustain COVID Funding

If we can’t prioritize public health after a pandemic kills 977,000 Americans, how will we ever prioritize climate change?

New York Magazine - Opinion - 9 months ago

Fourth COVID shot will be 'necessary,' says Pfizer CEO

COVID-19 shots could soon become an annual item on your to-do list.

New York Daily News - Health - 10 months ago

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has caught COVID-19, just days after one of his children.

New York Daily News - Health - 11 months ago

Joe Rogan defends podcast after Spotify's COVID-19 misinformation crackdown – 'Interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions'

Joe Rogan is sorry “if I pissed you off” by spreading COVID-19 misinformation and blamed his massive popularity on just how far that misinformation spread.

New York Daily News - Health - 11 months ago

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle threaten Spotify over COVID-19 misinformation without mentioning Joe Rogan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have “concerns” about how Spotify has allowed and promoted the spread of COVID-19 misinformation on its platform.

New York Daily News - Health - 11 months ago

Czech singer Hana Horka dies after catching COVID-19 intentionally and avoiding vaccine

Hana Horka, 57, died two days after posting on social media that she had tested positive.

New York Daily News - Health - 1 year ago

As Turkey rolls out its own COVID-19 vaccine, questions loom over its efficacy

In December 2021, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan approved the Turkovac vaccine for emergency use. Experts say there is an absence of scientific data and evidence proving the efficiency of the vaccine.

Global Voices - Science - 1 year ago

High infection, low vaccination—could mandatory COVID-19 vaccines be the answer for Caribbean nations?

"Having demonstrated that mandatory vaccination is constitutionally appropriate given the leeway granted in favour of public health imperatives, [...] employers could justify a requirement in a pandemic context."

Global Voices - Science - 1 year ago

'It was scary': How South African scientists spotted the Omicron COVID variant

The samples, tested in the Lancet laboratory, all bore a large number of mutations, especially on the spike protein

Deccan Chronicle - World - 1 year ago

How to apply for unemployment benefits if you are out of work during Illinois' COVID-19 shutdown

Workers laid off temporarily — and even parents caring for children home from school — can qualify for unemployment benefits under the state’s recently adopted emergency rules.

Chicago Sun-Times - Business - 1 year ago

Here's Why Rapid COVID Tests Are So Expensive and Hard to Find

Months-long silences. Mysterious rejections. Here’s what's behind the shortages of a critical tool for ending the pandemic.

ProPublica - Health - 1 year ago

A Boy Went to a COVID-Swamped ER. He Waited for Hours. Then His Appendix Burst.

Non-COVID patients are paying a price as the delta variant and low-vaccination rates overwhelm hospitals across the country. “Wait times can now be measured in days,” said an expert.

ProPublica - Health - 1 year ago

The Chicago Housing Authority Was Slow to Protect Residents During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Internal communications show CHA officials waited weeks before hastily drawing up plans that could reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure for staff and residents.

ProPublica - Health - 1 year ago

Tales from the pandemic

This year’s Community Almanac features stories about special San Diegans who made a difference in their communities during some of the worst days of the coronavirus pandemic.

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Top Stories - 1 year ago

Americans spent less in July as COVID-19 cases surged

The spread of the delta variant of Covid may have changed our spending habits.

Houston Chronicle - Technology - 1 year ago

Why Opening Restaurants Is Exactly What the Coronavirus Wants Us to Do

Governors continue to open indoor dining and other activities before vaccinations become widespread. Experts warn this could create superspreading playgrounds for dangerous variants and squander our best shot at getting the pandemic under control.

ProPublica - Health - 1 year ago

Texans Recovering From COVID-19 Needed Oxygen. Then the Power Went Out.

After COVID-19 hospitalizations peaked, the number of Texans dependent on home oxygen equipment was at “an all-time high” when a winter storm overwhelmed the state’s power grid in February, leaving many struggling for air.

ProPublica - Health - 1 year ago

Leaked Documents Show How China's Army of Paid Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spread in China, the government stage-managed what appeared on the domestic internet to make the virus look less severe and the authorities more capable, according to thousands of…

ProPublica - Technology - 2 years ago

The Family Court Judge Who Threatened a Mother With Contempt of Court for Getting Her Child a COVID-19 Test

Ohio juvenile court Judge Timothy Grendell thought coronavirus precautions were overblown, and made sure people knew it. In one case he forbade a mother from getting her children tested for COVID-19. Then, one of them had to go to the emergency room.

ProPublica - Health - 2 years ago