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OHA study finds no link between COVID-19 vaccine and cardiac deaths

During the pandemic, reports linked the COVID-19 vaccine to cardiac deaths, especially among young people, but a new study by the Oregon Health Authority found no connection between the two.

The Columbian - Top Stories - 11 minutes ago

Covid vaccines not linked to sudden death in young people, CDC report finds

The new report debunks widespread misinformation that the mRNA shots were connected to sudden cardiac death in young athletes.

NBC News - Health - 6 hours ago

Canada's Nick Taylor gets Masters Mulligan after COVID-19 tainted 1st experience -- John Chidley-Hill -- Sports

Canada's Nick Taylor will tee it up at the Masters, the first major of the men's golf season on Thursday, but this time, his whole family will be there and he'll be able to soak in the "true" Augusta experience after his debut came during COVID-19.

CBC News - Sports - 8 hours ago

COVID Killed 200 at NJ Veterans Homes, Exposing Failures. Here's How the State Is Responding. -- Widely criticized for failing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that killed 200 inside the state's three nursing homes for...

Widely criticized for failing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that killed 200 inside the state’s three nursing homes for veterans, the Murphy administration outlined its plans to spend millions of dollars in improvements and create a new agency focused on veterans’ health. - Top Stories - 10 hours ago

O.J. Simpson's Death Sparks COVID Vaccine Conspiracies

News of the former NFL player's death has led to speculation and the resurfacing of three-year-old images.

Newsweek - Top Stories - 14 hours ago

COVID killed 200 at NJ veterans homes, exposing failures; here's how the state is responding

Widely criticized for failing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that killed 200 inside the state’s three nursing homes for veterans, the Murphy administration on Wednesday outlined its plans to spend millions of dollars in improvements and create a new agency focused on veterans’ health.

Stars and Stripes - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Cup of black tea could help prevent Covid infection, study finds

Black tea reduced the virus by 99.9 per cent in the mouth, researchers found

Evening Standard - Health - 3 days ago

Scientist discover another tell-tale sign of long Covid

Researchers found that those with long Covid showed a pattern of immune system activation

Independent UK - Science - 4 days ago

Patients with severe COVID-19 at greater risk of developing pulmonary fibrosis, research suggests -- News -- - -- Canada -- - -- British Columbia -- |

Researchers say individuals who have experienced severe COVID-19 are more likely to develop pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that thickens the tissue in lungs and can affect breathing.

CBC News - Health - 4 days ago

Pandemic changed the norm that children turn up to school every day

Teachers say the only solution to a truancy crisis is to repair the relationship between families and schools

Evening Standard - Opinion - 4 days ago

Apple lays off more than 600 workers in California in its first major round of post-pandemic cuts

The workers were cut from eight offices in Santa Clara, according to the filings under the state’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

The Globe and Mail - Technology - 7 days ago

Bird flu pandemic in future? EU warns of potential spread to humans due to 'lack of immune defense'

As avian influenza (bird flu) continues to spread among wild birds in the European Union, officials are warning of the potential for a future human pandemic.

Fox News - Health - 9 days ago

Moderna moves three vaccines into final stage trials, aims to rebound from Covid slump

Moderna will chart its post-Covid future Wednesday during its fifth annual "Vaccines Day," an investor event in Boston.

CNBC - Health - 16 days ago

UK Covid inquiry comes to Scotland... in 90 seconds. Video, 00:01:29 -- UK Covid inquiry comes to Scotland... in 90 seconds

The BBC's Kirsten Campbell outlines what can be expected during three weeks of evidence held in Edinburgh.

BBC News - Health - 22 days ago

New report blasts government's COVID response, warns of repeating same mistakes

A new report has blasted the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and suggests the U.S. should cut ties with the World Health Organization

Fox News - Health - 27 days ago

How bad are flu, COVID-19 and RSV? These charts show how respiratory viruses are spreading in the US

Spring is nearly here, but the 2023-24 respiratory virus season isn’t over yet. Viral activity from flu, COVID-19 and RSV has fallen from the peak, but levels remain elevated.

AP News - Health - 28 days ago

Long COVID could be the cause of your bad hangovers, study finds: 'Bad reaction'

A Stanford University study found that Long COVID could have a direct impact on alcohol sensitivity. Drs. Marc Siegel of NYU Langone and Bala Munipalli of Mayo Clinic discussed the research.

Fox News - Health - 30 days ago

Catching either the flu or COVID could expose you to myocarditis

Even though winter is drawing to a close, respiratory and viral illnesses still persist; These diseases can have lingering effects, such as potentially leading to the development of conditions like myocarditis

YNET News - Science - 1 month ago

Woman survives sudden cardiac arrest, plus new COVID guidance and longevity diets

The Fox News Health Newsletter brings you trending and important stories about health warnings, drug shortages, mental health issues and more in this weekly recap.

Fox News - Health - 1 month ago

U.S. health officials drop 5-day isolation time for COVID-19

The CDC said people who test positive for COVID-19 no longer need to stay in isolation for five days and can return to regular activities if their symptoms are mild and improving and it's been a day since they've had a fever.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 1 month ago

Older U.S. adults should get another COVID-19 shot, CDC recommends

Federal health officials say U.S. adults 65 and older who got a shot of the updated COVID-19 vaccine in the fall should get a booster dose now, if at least four months have passed.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 1 month ago

Dozens of bailed-out tech start-ups miss deadlines to repay Covid loans

Extension of loan repayment window suggests many ventures are struggling to raise cash

Telegraph UK - Technology - 1 month ago

Opinion: California's new rules allow COVID-positive kids in school. Here's the problem

Amid a COVID surge and with few people masking or testing, the state missed an opportunity for good public health communication.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 2 months ago

Nearly 10,000 COVID deaths reported globally last month, fueled by holiday gatherings and new variant

The World Health Organization says holiday gatherings and the reigning coronavirus variant globally led to increased infections and deaths last month.

Los Angeles Times - Science - 3 months ago

Karnataka logs over 70 new COVID cases: Will the state impose curbs for New Year's?

Karnataka is seeing a surge in COVID infections – on Tuesday, it logged 74 cases in the past 24 hours and two deaths. In reaction, the state has imposed certain curbs and measures, including a seven-day home isolation for those who have tested positive. Will this dampen the festive season?

First Post - Health - 3 months ago

Could JN.1 COVID variant affect your holiday travel? Where are cases rising in India, world?

As millions are set to travel within India and across the world, COVID-19 cases are on the rise. The JN.1 subvariant has been detected in Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala in India, popular tourist destinations. Singapore, the UK and the US are also seeing a surge

First Post - Health - 3 months ago

More JN.1 infections in India: Is India on the cusp of another COVID wave?

India has recorded a high of 614 COVID cases in the last 24 hours, of which 21 have been identified to be of the JN.1 sub-variant. The rise in infections has prompted the Centre and states to increase their vigilance and testing. The situation has led to many asking – is another COVID wave coming?

First Post - Health - 3 months ago

Can JN.1 COVID variant play partypooper in India this holiday season?

With the detection of the JN.1 subvariant in India and a surge in COVID cases, authorities are on high alert. The Centre has urged states to ramp up testing and surveillance. Karnataka has imposed a mask mandate on the elderly and people with co-morbidities. Will this hurt the festive mood?

First Post - Health - 3 months ago

India restarts Covid jab production as infections soar 30% in one day

Health officials conduct nationwide mock drills to test preparedness for Covid

Independent UK - Health - 11 months ago

Covid test technology adapted to spot diabetes and Lyme disease

Aberdeen-based Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd is working with US biotech firm Innova Medical Group.

Independent UK - Health - 1 year ago

WHO chief admits key error it made at start of Covid outbreak

Soumya Swaminathan has expressed regret at the WHO’s early stance on airborne transmission

Independent UK - Health - 1 year ago

Nevada's New Governor Vilified Lobbyist's Influence in COVID Lab Scandal, Then Asked Him to Help With Budget

Gov. Joe Lombardo once called his predecessor’s support of an error-prone COVID-19 testing lab the “biggest scandal in our history” but then brought in the lobbyist who pulled strings to get that lab licensed to help prepare his state budget.

ProPublica - Politics - 1 year ago

Researchers find majority of long Covid patients are women

Researchers believe differences in immune responses could explain gender gap

Independent UK - Health - 1 year ago

Americans spent less in July as COVID-19 cases surged

The spread of the delta variant of Covid may have changed our spending habits.

Houston Chronicle - Technology - 2 years ago