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Diabetes is treatable — but in Africa, it's still deadly

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How to keep your child healthy

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Sugar's Hidden Dangers

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Landslides and mudslides: Can they be prevented?

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Drugs don't make you more creative

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How the German cockroach conquered the world

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This week's viewer question comes from Omar A. in Jordan.

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The mysterious spike in whooping cough cases

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A deadly tornado hit the US state of Iowa on Tuesday. How do tornadoes form and why are they so difficult to predict?

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The race to fix Africa's poor weather forecasting

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Illicit fentanyl is entering the US at highest rates ever

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New gene therapy allows deaf child to hear

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Weekly roundup — Make things & stay healthy

2 days ago

Rescue operations in Mizoram's stone quarry collapse are being hampered by incessant rains, officials said.

8 hours ago

Arrangements have been made at hospitals to treat patients suffering from issues such as exhaustion and stroke.

1 hour ago

From extreme heat to cyclones and flooding, what is causing extreme weather across the world?

1 day ago

Ten people were reported killed in Bangladesh, and 30,000 homes were destroyed, after a powerful cyclone made landfall.

1 day ago

A superstorm is expected to make landfall in Bangladesh and India on Sunday, bringing storm surges and high winds.

2 days ago

After experiencing its wettest April in more than 60 years, Pakistan is now battling extremely hot temperatures.

1 day ago

Bird flu: 'No evidence' H5N1 virus spreading among people

5 days ago

Gene therapy trials treat inherited blindness and deafness

19 days ago

AstraZeneca withdraws COVID-19 vaccine, citing low demand

20 days ago

Vaping may increase risk of lung cancer

7 days ago

Researchers want to reveal the secrets of animal dreams by measuring the brain waves of rats.

15 days ago

How do Germans behave when they're ill?

1 month ago