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Sea level rise could wipe out mangrove forests by 2050, study says

20 hours ago

Ancient DNA could reveal full stories on the Dead Sea Scrolls

1 day ago

Pregnant elephant dies after reportedly being fed pineapple filled with explosives

1 day ago

Get set for stunning strawberry moon

50 minutes ago

Mysterious interstellar comet Borisov survived its encounter with the sun, new study says

2 hours ago

Experts find galaxies formed much earlier than previously thought, study says

3 hours ago

Huge Maya monument in Mexico is the largest and oldest ever discovered, archaeologists reveal

5 hours ago

Stadium-sized asteroid set to whiz past Earth, NASA says

18 hours ago

Pictures: Amelia Earhart's Lockheed 5B Vega plane

3 months ago

'Storm Area 51' in pictures

8 months ago

Incredible bird pictures from the 2019 Audubon Photography Awards

10 months ago

Jane Goodall says humanity is doomed if we don't change after this pandemic

8 hours ago

New York woman nabbed while allegedly handing out baby raccoons

10 hours ago

Controversial COVID-19 papers retracted from the Lancet, New England Medical Journal amid backlash

18 hours ago

'Lost' Italian village set to emerge from watery depths for the first time in 27 years

1 day ago

Mars may have been a ringed planet in its ancient past, study suggests

2 days ago

NASA will pay people to spend 8 months in a lockdown to simulate missions to Mars and the moon

15 days ago

Mars could have saltwater puddles, but they're likely too cold to support life, study suggests

24 days ago

Controversial hydroxychloroquine research under scrutiny as experts raise 'serious scientific questions'

1 day ago

Earthquake in Southern California pegged at magnitude 5.5: report

1 day ago

New map of SARS-CoV-2 infection in nasal cavity provides more support for wearing masks, researchers say

1 day ago

Mysterious 18th-century shipwreck reveals its secrets

2 days ago

The hunt for Red Hugh: Archaeologists in Spain search for 16th-century Irish chieftain's bones

3 days ago

COVID-19 drug shows 100-fold drop in viral load in animal testing, South Korea's Celltrion says

1 day ago

Viral pictures show chilled-out alpaca getting sheared during summer

1 day ago

Incredible discovery shows 110M-year-old dinosaur's last meal preserved

2 days ago

Astronaut Rex Walheim on uncertainty of launch dates

8 days ago

Doug Wheelock says NASA 'very excited' about manned SpaceX launch

8 days ago

Former astronaut Clayton compares SpaceX capsule to NASA shuttle

8 days ago

SpaceX launch marks historic moment for spaceflight and Trump administration

8 days ago

Astronauts, families say goodbyes ahead of historic SpaceX launch

8 days ago

Former astronauts react to first SpaceX manned mission

8 days ago

NASA astronauts suit up for history-making mission

8 days ago