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CBS News - Science

Cities ban gas in new homes because of climate change -- As states and cities set ambitious clean-energy goals, they're moving to eliminate the "cleaner" fossil fuel.

10 hours ago

Dozens of hungry polar bears causing problems for a Russian village -- Environmentalists says unusually warm weather has kept the "thin" bears from their usual hunting grounds, so they've come inland.

21 hours ago

Climate change is causing birds to shrink, new study says -- Birds' legs are getting shorter, their wings are getting longer and they've been losing weight. -- Dec 5

10 hours ago

Climate models have been right all along, study finds -- Even the rather primitive climate computer models of the 1970s, 80s and 90s were impressively accurate, lending extra credibility to the much more advanced climate models of today, study finds -- Dec 5

17 hours ago

SpaceX launches cargo ship on three-day flight to space station -- The SpaceX launch is the first of two rapid-fire cargo delivery missions to the International Space Station. -- Dec 5

15 hours ago

High winds force 24-hour delay for launch of SpaceX cargo ship -- SpaceX's 19th cargo flight to the space station will deliver more than 5,500 pounds of supplies and equipment. -- Dec 4

1 day ago

Beached sperm whale found with 220 pounds of trash in stomach -- "All this material was in a huge ball in the stomach and some of it it looked like it had been there for some time," researchers said. -- Dec 3

2 days ago

2019 IS SET TO END THE HOTTEST DECADE ON RECORD, REPORT SAYS -- This year will likely be the second or third warmest year ever recorded, according to a UN agency. -- Dec 3

2 days ago

Greta Thunberg arrives in Lisbon after 3-week trip across Atlantic -- "I think people are underestimating the force of angry kids," Thunberg said shortly after her arrival. "If they want us to stop being angry, then maybe they should stop making us angry." -- Dec 3

2 days ago

Koalas are in "serious trouble" because of wild dogs and chlamydia -- The Australian Koala Foundation announced this year that koala numbers in many places are in steep decline - and climate change is not the only culprit. -- Dec 2

3 days ago

Nature up close: Whooping cranes are finally making a comeback -- Despite habitat loss and low reproductive rates, the bird's population in North America has increased in recent years, thanks to captive breeding programs and the establishment of a second migratory flock -- Dec 2

3 days ago

Astronauts replace coolant pumps on $2 billion cosmic ray detector -- New pumps are needed to revive the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and give it a new lease on life. -- Dec 2

3 days ago

Damaged coral reefs could be restored using underwater loudspeakers -- Scientists played vibrant sounds of healthy coral to attract young fish - a practice that could be used to revive coral reefs globally -- Nov 30

4 days ago

Massive black hole that "should not even exist" discovered -- A black hole with a mass of about 70 times that of the sun is lurking across our galaxy. -- Nov 28

6 days ago

Florida school uses synthetic frogs for science class dissection -- The synthetic frogs can be reused again and again, unlike the frogs currently killed every year for dissection. -- Nov 26

9 days ago