Page Updated: Friday, September 30, 2022 6:42 AM ET

CBS News - Health

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa hospitalized after being stretchered off field -- He was spun around and thrown to the turf. While on the ground, his hands froze in front of his face. He remained down for more than seven minutes.

8 hours ago

India's Supreme Court allows all women to have abortions up to 24 weeks into pregnancy -- The ruling came after an unmarried woman in a consensual relationship was denied an abortion by a lower court in July.

15 hours ago

Monkeypox vaccine appears to be working, but CDC still urges precautions -- Early data, based on people who were eligible for the shots, found the unvaccinated are 14 times more likely to catch monkeypox. -- Sep 28

10 hours ago

Uganda is racing to contain a deadly Ebola outbreak -- Officials say the current outbreak of Sudan ebolavirus may be to blame for at least 23 deaths, and one expert tells CBS News he sees it "getting worse before it gets better." -- Sep 29

2 hours ago

Biogen shares rally as Alzheimer's drug results show promise -- Late-stage study finds treatment may slow progression of fatal disease that afflicts more than 6 million Americans. -- Sep 28

20 hours ago

Juvenile arthritis doesn't slow teen gymnast -- Estelle LeBoeuf was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at just 9 years old, but she continues to train and compete in gymnastics.

1 month ago

DEA: OD deaths spurred by fake pills with fentanyl - and some look like candy -- Rainbow-colored pills are "being marketed and aimed at young people," DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said. -- Sep 28

1 day ago

Family gets reprieve from $2,700 ambulance bill after report spotlights the charges -- After a car wreck, Peggy Dula was charged far more than her two siblings who were transported to the same hospital. -- Sep 28

1 day ago

Juvenile arthritis can go undiagnosed in kids -- Dr. Karen Onel, pediatric rheumatology chief, explains symptoms of stiffness and joint swelling to look for in children.

2 months ago

California attorney general warns town against abortion ban -- California Attorney General Rob Bonta threatened legal action against the Temecula City Council if they decided to override state law. -- Sep 27

1 day ago