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Ex Insys exec gets 5 years for pushing opioids -- Former employees said former pharma executive John Kapoor hired attractive women to boost sales of the drug. -- Jan 23

20 minutes ago

Phoenix woman fights to keep frozen embryos -- The new law says in the case of a divorce, frozen embryos will go to the spouse who intends to use them to have a baby.

1 hour ago

Death toll climbs in China as U.S. confirms 2nd case of new virus -- The deadly coronavirus has now sickened more than 800 people, and new possible cases are popping up in the U.S.

9 hours ago

Coronavirus fears close Shanghai Disney Resort -- Theme-park operator's move comes as McDonald's temporarily closes outlets in five Chinese cities due to deadly virus.

5 hours ago

What is the coronavirus illness blamed for multiple deaths in China? -- Officials in China and around the world are racing to contain the spread of a deadly new strain of virus.

8 hours ago

Floridians are fighting over sunscreen bans -- Environmentalists say chemicals destroy coral reefs that support tourism, but some state lawmakers see skin cancer danger.

9 hours ago

More Americans say they're lonely - blame work and technology -- A stressful work environment and growing reliance on technology are making people feel more isolated, survey finds.

11 hours ago

Pharmaceutical execs "got away with murder," says mom of overdose victim -- Insys Therapeutics founder John Kapoor was sentenced to five and a half years for his role in bribing doctors to prescribe Subsys.

12 hours ago

Survey finds younger generations are lonelier than boomers -- The Cigna 2020 Loneliness Index found 61% of adults reported feeling lonely. -- Jan 23

2 hours ago

Coronavirus drives up sales of masks and rubber gloves -- Companies offering workers up to five times their pay to ramp up mask production as the deadly coronavirus spreads. -- Jan 23

7 hours ago

Nebraska doctor lets patients pay for surgery by volunteering -- Surgeon Demetrio Aguila and his staff calculate the number of volunteer hours required based on the complexity of the surgery. -- Jan 23

11 hours ago

First U.S. coronavirus patient had at least 16 close contacts -- The officials stressed that the risk to the public remains low. -- Jan 22

1 day ago

Chinese city quarantines 11 million as virus spreads -- The virus has infected more than 500 people. At least 17 have died. -- Jan 22

1 day ago

Drugmaker says it is working on coronavirus vaccine -- Shares of Novavax surged after the biotech announced that it is developing a potential treatment for the virus. -- Jan 22

1 day ago

Planned Parenthood leader speaks out on Roe v. Wade anniversary -- Alexis McGill Johnson warned that the impact of an upcoming Supreme Court case could "effectively gut Roe." -- Jan 22

1 day ago