Page Updated: Thursday, January 20, 2022 12:06 AM ET

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Biden takes defiant tone in press conference and says he didn't overpromise -- But the president admitted one of his signature pieces of legislation, Build Back Better, will probably have to be broken up into smaller pieces to pass the Senate.

5 hours ago

Supreme Court rejects Trump request to shield release of records from January 6 committee -- The order from the Supreme Court clears the way for the National Archives to turn over the records to House investigators.

5 hours ago

Starbucks ends worker vaccine requirement after SCOTUS ruling -- Biden plan to require vaccines or regular testing at large companies was blocked by Supreme Court last week.

6 hours ago

Biden administration defends Trump-era migrant expulsions in court -- Under President Biden, U.S. border officials have used a pandemic-related order put in place by the Trump administration to expel migrants over 1 million times.

8 hours ago

Supreme Court skeptical of campaign finance law challenged by Ted Cruz -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the Supreme Court in a friend-of-the-court brief to use Cruz's case as a vehicle to scrap the entire 2002 campaign finance law.

9 hours ago

Senate Democrats fail to change rules on filibuster to pass voting rights -- Republicans blocked the Democrats from moving forward on the legislation.

1 hour ago

Blinken warns Russia could attack with "very short notice" -- Blinken's visit to Kyiv is the first of three stops in a last-minute diplomatic push to urge Moscow not to attack Ukraine.

11 hours ago

Sotomayor and Gorsuch deny reported tensions over masks at Supreme Court -- "While we may sometimes disagree about the law, we are warm colleagues and friends," Sotomayor and Gorsuch said.

11 hours ago

CBS News poll analysis: Who wants to end or keep the filibuster? -- Senate Democrats are trying to drop the filibuster in order to pass voting rights legislation with a simple majority. Many Americans haven't been following this issue.

12 hours ago

Bill would bar groups from making anyone "feel discomfort" about race -- A proposal would prohibit public schools and private businesses from making White people feel "discomfort" when they teach students or train employees about discrimination in the nation's past.

11 hours ago