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Letter: Bloomberg a leader on gun control, voter suppression

20 minutes ago

How some California cops accused of violent assaults get off with 'disturbing the peace'

20 minutes ago

Report: Trump aide Miller promoted 'racist propaganda' in emails

15 hours ago

Sarah Palin learned via email husband wanted divorce: 'I thought I got shot'

41 minutes ago

FBI report shows surge in hate crime murders and crimes against Latinos, transgender people

2 hours ago

California truckers file 1st suit contesting new gig economy law

1 hour ago

Walters: California cities and schools in financial distress

2 hours ago

Letter: A takeover of U.S. Steel or Anheuser-Busch- that's socialism

2 hours ago

Live: President Trump's latest tweets

2 months ago

Ex-Trump aide: 'State of happiness' after Wikileaks dump

17 hours ago

Analysis: Separating impeachment fact from fiction

17 hours ago

Latest line: Good week for Peninsula Open Space Trust, bad one for Tom Steyer

3 days ago

They said it: Teacher in blackface

3 days ago

Latest line: Good week for Cal Fire, bad one for Kamala Harris

10 days ago

Latest line: Good week for Speier, bad one for Zuckerberg

17 days ago

Trump says some DACA Dreamers are 'very tough, hardened criminals.' Are they?

19 hours ago

Neil Young says his US citizenship application is being held up because he uses marijuana

1 day ago

Hispanic immigrant in line to lead US Catholic bishops

2 days ago

Justices take up high-profile case over young immigrants

2 days ago

California suspends 394 marijuana supply businesses

4 days ago

California seized nearly 1 million marijuana plants, arrests 148 in effort to combat illegal grows

8 days ago

Sanders says he would legalize marijuana with executive order

19 days ago

Three arrested in Emeryville marijuana-facility burglary

21 days ago

Letter: Does Congress care more about animals than humans?

2 days ago

A doctor performed an abortion on the wrong woman

1 month ago

California passes bill to require state universities to offer abortion pill

1 month ago

Over 2,000 fetal remains found at ex-abortion doctor's home

1 month ago

Editorial: California must stop coddling guilty police officers

1 day ago

Opinion: When a $5 co-pay for dental work meant a week's work

7 days ago

Opinion: Congress must act to stop balkanization of the internet

14 days ago

Editorial: PG&E debacle calls for new PUC approach

14 days ago

For better or worse, school construction bond on March 2020 ballot will be Prop. 13

2 days ago

Bloomberg lays ground work for possibly entering 2020 race

5 days ago

Tom Steyer aide reportedly offered money for endorsements

5 days ago

California Democrats expand registration edge as 2020 looms

5 days ago

Opinion: Silicon Valley schools still lacking robust computer science curriculum

2 hours ago

Letter: Apple, Google, Facebook could offer seniors $250K to move

50 minutes ago

Hiltzik: Apple gets in trouble over 'sexism' of its Apple Card

3 hours ago

Letter: World leaders increase their pledges due to US commitment

18 hours ago