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Contra Costa County fines In-N-Out for not checking COVID vaccination status

59 minutes ago

In-N-Out won't follow vaccine rules, so San Francisco shuts the doors to indoor diners

22 hours ago

FDA approves J&J, Moderna boosters, OKs mixing

1 hour ago

COVID: Booster shots could soon be recommended for people as young as 40, source says

3 hours ago

Manchin denies report he's planning to leave Democrats

4 hours ago

UK resists new lockdowns, but urges COVID boosters

5 hours ago

As COVID rages in Russia, Putin orders workers to stay home

6 hours ago

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10 months ago

How Exercise Can Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

2 days ago

How to Support Your Mental Health as the Seasons Change

9 days ago

Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget This Fall

16 days ago

7 Colorful Flowers to Plant In the Fall

23 days ago

California woman on trial after going maskless in grocery store

8 hours ago

White House details plans to vaccinate 28 million children age 5-11 against COVID

10 hours ago

Milpitas mayor received COVID warning for not wearing a face mask

10 hours ago

Letters: Oakland happy talk | The right thing | CRT in schools? | Not backing democracy | Established method | Better studies

1 day ago

Letters: Shuttle program | Better uses | Civil responsibilities | Return to normal | Democracy attacked | Carbon pricing

1 day ago

Brazil lawmaker: President should face charges for COVID errors

1 day ago

Florida private school bars students who've gotten a COVID shot

1 day ago

Mix-and-match COVID boosters expected to be OK'd this week

1 day ago

Coronavirus - The Path Forward

10 months ago

Has COVID pushed Bay Area stressors to the breaking point?

10 days ago

Contra Costa County restaurants brace to 'police the public' with COVID vaccine checks

27 days ago

Opinion: How you can fight back if denied a prescribed medical treatment

4 days ago

J&J vaccine: Two doses needed, says F.D.A. panel

5 days ago

F.D.A. panel recommends Moderna vaccine boosters for high-risk Americans

5 days ago

Southern California among best-paying places for nurses, report says

16 days ago

Opinion: Build Back Better is much more than a catchphrase

11 hours ago

Elizabeth Holmes trial: Theranos claims to Rupert Murdoch were disputed within company

23 hours ago

COVID, pregnancy and loss: Regrets turn to advocacy

1 day ago