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US support on Covid-19 vaccine patents: This is how it happened

25 minutes ago

Did 'Vermeulen 4 Vunipola 0' influence Lions' selection shock?

25 minutes ago

Budget cuts for NPA, SIU

25 minutes ago

Saturday, 08 May - Add location

6 hours ago

‘We have to be alert, not alarmed’ says KRISP director about B.1.617 variant identified in India

17 hours ago

High doses of vitamin D have no effect on severe Covid infection - study

1 day ago

C-section no riskier than natural birth for mother and baby, according to new study

23 hours ago

Your latest Covid-19 research and news

23 days ago

How rare is very rare? Your questions about blood clots – answered

1 day ago

Are chemicals shrinking your penis and depleting your sperm? Here's what the evidence really says

19 hours ago

Greater access to birth control leads to higher rates of young women completing school

20 hours ago

Moderna's experimental booster shot protects against variants first discovered in SA and Brazil

1 day ago

Covid-19 causing strokes among young and healthy adults, global study finds

2 days ago

Why South Africa stopped making vaccines

1 day ago

WATCH | Cardio alternatives that don't include running

1 day ago

Why we remember more by reading – especially print – than from audio or video

2 days ago

WATCH | How additional exercise and sleep can benefit your child's mental health

3 days ago

OPINION | This grief is not something we will recover from – and that is ok

23 hours ago

How a difficult childhood makes it more likely you'll have mental and physical health problems as...

3 days ago

What to drink with dinner to get the most iron from your food (and what to avoid) Have you considered whether your drink of choice may affect the way your body absorbs the nutrients in your food? 23 Apr

4 days ago

We mapped the landscape for taxes on sugary drinks in seven African countries

16 days ago

OPINION | Change your diet to change your cancer risk

22 days ago

How to make sense of nutrition labels

21 days ago

New research shows South Africa's levy on sugar-sweetened drinks is having an impact

25 days ago

Does coffee burn more fat during exercise? What the evidence tells us - Could drinking coffee be good for more than just helping us wake up, like helping our bodies to jump start fat burning? 01 Apr

1 month ago

Exercise boosts immunity and makes vaccines more effective – new study

11 days ago

HIIT workouts: Just 15 minutes of intense activity can improve heart health

9 days ago


1 month ago

WATCH | Try these heart-healthy activities instead of 'standard' cardio

1 month ago

THE ESKOM FILES | Flashy Eskom exec 'still owe us about a million bucks' says Pretoria builder

49 minutes ago

SATURDAY PROFILE | From Sudan to SA: One man's journey from being called a spy to becoming a doctor

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