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Prior COVID Infection Offers Some Protection, Vaccination Still Best Method: New CDC Study

6 hours ago

New Hampshire Pharmacies Could Soon Dispense Ivermectin Without Doctor Approval

9 hours ago

Man Who Lost Whole Family to COVID Had Trolls Trying To Prove They Didn't Exist

10 hours ago

How Does Egg Retrieval Work? Heather Rae Young of 'Selling Sunset' Resting After Procedure

11 hours ago

England Lifts Face Mask Mandate, Lets People Return to Offices as Omicron Cases Near Peak

12 hours ago

Singer Hana Horká Dies of COVID After Catching It on Purpose To Avoid Vaccine

17 hours ago

The Forever Virus: What Science Says About the Future of COVID

19 hours ago

Man Admits to Trafficking Worker Who Was Kept as 'Slave' in Rundown Shed for 40 Years

1 day ago

U.S. Could See Over 1 Million More Hospitalizations Before Omicron Subsides

1 day ago

Kansas Ending COVID Contact Tracing Efforts as Public Loses Interest in Participating

1 day ago

'I Need Those at My School': Video Shows Free COVID Test Vending Machine on College Campus

1 day ago

COVID May Never Go Away But Public Health Emergency Could Be Over This Year: WHO

1 day ago

Pregnancy Makes Woman Claustrophobic in First Known Case: 'I Felt Broken'

1 day ago

China Blames Packages From U.S., Canada, as Reason for COVID Spread

1 day ago

Thousands of Kaiser Patients Warned of Receiving Wrong Amount of COVID Vaccine Dosage

1 day ago

Man Dies, 10-Year-Old Girl in Critical Condition After Falling in Ice Pond: 'He Died a Hero'

2 days ago

Is Omicron Less Severe Than Previous COVID Variants?

2 days ago

Makayla Noble Update as Cheerleader Does Makeup for First Time Since Being Paralyzed

2 days ago

What Is the 'Sleepy Chicken' TikTok Trend, Exactly?

2 days ago

13-Year-Old Dies After Fentanyl Overdose at School With 'Shocking Quantity' of 'Deadly Drugs'

3 days ago

Sleep Hypnosis—What It Is, How It Works and Who Can Benefit

4 days ago

Massachusetts Hospitals Say COVID Has Greatly Affected the 'Stability of the System'

5 days ago