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Latest developments about Covid-19 from world

20 hours ago

Cuba seeks to commercially produce its Covid vaccines after WHO approval

3 days ago

Britain decides to offer Covid shots for children aged 12 to 15

5 days ago

Thousands protest against mandatory Covid-19 health pass in France

7 days ago

Covid shots made compulsory in Los Angeles schools

9 days ago

Cuba becomes first country to vaccinate toddlers against Covid

12 days ago

Latest coronavirus updates from around world

14 days ago

Delta fears about severe Covid in children unfounded: US study

15 days ago

You don't need booster shot if fully vaccinated: ECDC

17 days ago

US study finds heart inflammation more common in Covid patients

18 days ago

France witnesses nationwide protests against Covid health pass system

21 days ago

Covid symptoms last a year for many patients: study

22 days ago

New Zealand to continue nationwide lockdown till August 31

22 days ago

US state Oregon makes wearing mask outdoors mandatory

25 days ago

Pfizer-BioNTech Covid gets full FDA approval as Delta variant continues to spread

26 days ago

Latest updates on coronavirus from around world

26 days ago

Latest Coronavirus updates from around world

28 days ago

Cuba authorizes two more Covid vaccines for emergency use

29 days ago

Sydney lockdown enters third month with additional partial curfew

30 days ago

New Zealand to stay in hard lockdown for three days as Delta variant confirmed

1 month ago

Latest coronavirus developments from around the world

1 month ago

Long Covid forms emerging global healthcare crisis: ISARIC

1 month ago

US health authorities urge pregnant women to get COVI-19 vaccine

1 month ago

Nine Covid patients lose life after oxygen pipe burst in Russia hospital

1 month ago

Pentagon to mandate Covid shots for military

1 month ago

First West African case of deadly Marburg virus detected: WHO

1 month ago

Slow decline seen in Pakistan's daily coronavirus stats

1 month ago

Obligatory coronavirus certificate sparks protests in Italy

1 month ago

US citizens responding to Covid jabs drive as over 50% people already vaccinated

1 month ago

Unvaccinated people more prone to catching Covid: US study

1 month ago

Worldwide Covid infections cross 200 million mark

1 month ago

Microsoft requires vaccinations for workers, as office returns slow

1 month ago