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California case of coronavirus is 3rd confirmed in US

9 hours ago

Cobbler's thumb cut off during shoe accident, replaced by his big toe

1 hour ago

Coronavirus outbreak spurs Paris to cancel Lunar New Year parade, impacts celebrations worldwide

6 hours ago

Alopecia: What causes the hair loss condition?

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Coronavirus: 56 dead and 1,975 infected as Canada reports 1st case

17 hours ago

Chinese coronavirus outbreak sparks evacuation of US citizens, diplomats from Wuhan: report

1 day ago

Man's swollen, calcified testicle caused by parasitic worm infection: case report

12 days ago

Florida man with rare condition says it feels like he's 'walking on glass'

16 days ago

Rare shrew-spread virus linked to deaths of 8 German residents, study finds

17 days ago

Man covered in thousands of tumors says he's treated 'worse than stray animal'

20 days ago

Dr. Manny discusses how to avoid contracting adenovirus, and what it may mean for your child.

1 day ago

Coronavirus death toll rises to 41 in China, more than 1,200 sickened

1 day ago

Interactive coronavirus heat map shows spread of virus around the globe

1 day ago

Girl, 12, develops sepsis from sore throat, wakes from coma 8 days later, mom says

1 day ago

Man donates kidney to mom who would die without transplant: 'It was a no-brainer for me'

2 days ago

Do surgical masks protect against coronavirus?

2 days ago

Is a canker sore causing your mouth pain?

7 days ago

What is dry fasting?

5 days ago

How to identify an STD

12 days ago

3rd case of coronavirus confirmed in US, 15 more deaths in China

53 minutes ago

Eric Shawn: How to protect yourself against the coronavirus

2 hours ago

Coronavirus: Nearly 50 people have died in China from coronavirus outbreak

3 hours ago

California case of coronavirus is 3rd confirmed in US

6 hours ago

Can gear protect you from the coronavirus?

7 hours ago