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Canadian teacher in Wuhan says city 'like something out of a dystopian movie'

13 hours ago

Short-term exposure to air pollution can increase risk of cardiac arrest: study

1 hour ago

Licence revoked for Ont. psychiatrist who sexually abused patient

9 hours ago

Doctor diagnoses plane passenger's rare condition resembling stroke

11 hours ago

FDA to Purell: Stop claiming your hand sanitizers eliminate Ebola, the flu

21 hours ago

Wuhan officials face questions, anger over virus response

22 hours ago

Eating one egg a day is 'fine' for your heart health, study says

1 day ago

Advice for parents of kids with mental health challenges: Don't look away

17 hours ago

CTV National News: Drone defibrillator delivery

7 months ago

Health benefits of active young kids

7 months ago

CTV National News: 'This is my health'

7 months ago

Families deal with repercussions after rare but severe complications from laser eye surgery

9 months ago

Health Canada moves to ban textured implants linked to cancer

9 months ago

Canadian veterans set to sue government over anti-malarial drug effects

9 months ago

Abdominal aortic aneurysms a 'big messy preventable problem': surgeon

9 months ago

How parents can help children with mental health challenges

17 hours ago

Demand for face masks surges, but do they work?

18 hours ago

Canadian clinic specializing in treatment for tinnitus

3 days ago

Support for MAID lagging in prairie provinces, study finds

4 days ago

High level of depression in older refugees, study finds

4 days ago

B.C. families call for better access to life-changing drug

6 days ago

Will the coronavirus become a global health emergency?

7 days ago

Can face masks protect you from the coronavirus? Experts weigh in

1 day ago

Deaths rise to 132 in China outbreak as foreigners leave

3 hours ago

Pioneering patient with extreme OCD sees success with new psychosurgery

5 hours ago

Japan confirms coronavirus in man who hadn't been to China

16 hours ago

'Magic mushroom' drug can reduce anxiety and depression for years: study

17 hours ago

Brazilian blowouts turn hairdresser's skin grey and her blood brown

1 day ago

Map: Tracking the spread of the deadly coronavirus

5 days ago