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Ottawa working on artificial intelligence strategy for the public service

22 hours ago

Here's how new AI tech could change the iPhone

40 minutes ago

Some birds may use 'mental time travel,' study finds

1 day ago

Man or machine? Toronto company finds a way to determine how real audio clips are

2 days ago

NASA launches tiny CubeSat to set its sights on Earth

3 days ago

Crows can count up to four, a new study finds

3 days ago

Experts seeing 'more and more' hate content created by artificial intelligence

2 days ago

Boeing's 1st astronaut flight now set for June after a review of small leak on new capsule

3 days ago

OpenAI to start using news content from News Corp. as part of a multi-year deal

4 days ago

Tick season, warmer weather sparks fears about Lyme disease spread in Canada

5 days ago

Michigan farmworker diagnosed with bird flu, becoming 2nd U.S. case tied to dairy cows

5 days ago

Trudeau: Canadians should listen to CSIS warnings on TikTok

10 days ago

Riskin says G5 geomagnetic storm 'exceeded expectations'

16 days ago

Scam texts are getting worse in Canada: study

20 days ago

Rapping Mona Lisa sparks concerns over AI

1 month ago

NASA plans new mission to Saturn. What are they looking for?

1 month ago

Meta's AI chatbot: What to know before you use it

1 month ago

Signs of turmoil as Tesla cuts 10 per cent of workforce

1 month ago

Severe thunderstorms, 15 cm of snow: Canadian weather forecast highlights

3 hours ago

Airline pilot treated to stunning northern lights show during U.S.-Portugal flight

50 minutes ago

Tornado touches down west of the Island of Montreal

14 hours ago

Recovery of Brazil's Spix's macaw, popularized in animated 'Rio' films, threatened by climate change

28 minutes ago

Lobby group says emissions cap would cost oil and gas sector $75B in lost investment

19 hours ago

At least 21 dead in Memorial Day weekend storms that devastated several U.S. states

22 hours ago

A tropical storm floods villages and cuts power to millions in parts of Bangladesh and India

23 hours ago

As Canada warms, infectious disease risks spread north

2 days ago

What you can do to try to stay safe when a tornado hits, and also well beforehand

3 days ago