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A view from space: Comet Neowise spotted after approaching the sun

13 hours ago

Nova Scotia woman discovers 310-million-year-old fossil in Joggins

1 day ago

UN forecasts even warmer temperatures over next 5 years

2 days ago

Anonymous buyer bids a record US$114,000 for a rare Super Mario Bros. video game

11 hours ago

Boom supersonic jet set for 2021 take off

1 day ago

Invasive zebra mussels discovered in Manitoba lake

1 day ago

German intel warns against giving data to Chinese tech firms

2 days ago

Nearly all Madagascar's lemur species 'face extinction'

2 days ago

Environmental groups are calling on governments to do more to protect Lake Erie from algal blooms

1 day ago

Virus projects renew questions about UAE's mass surveillance

2 days ago

More than half of Canadians polled say they have experienced a cyber crime

2 days ago

700-km Brazil 'megaflash' sets lightning record: UN

2 days ago

Indigenous Americans had contact with Polynesians 800 years ago, DNA study confirms

2 days ago

Woman who talked to unconscious husband for 30 years gets solace from B.C. study

2 days ago

Feds lay out plan to boost online defences amid shortfall of cyber warriors

1 year ago

Rights groups to Google: No censored search in China

11 months ago

WestJet launches AI-powered chatbot named Juliet to help manage your trip

1 year ago

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3 months ago

Hackers allegedly spread pro-Trump propaganda on Roblox

2 days ago

Google Maps' newest features help people navigate safely

5 days ago

Travel to the edge of space aboard high-tech hot air balloon

8 days ago

Canadians can now receive free, remote legal advice

9 days ago

Facebook 'failing to meet the moment' in response to boycott

4 days ago

NASA believes Jupiter's moon could sustain life

14 days ago

Zoom fatigue is real and it is growing among Canadians

1 month ago