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Biden says nation weary from COVID-19 but rising with him in White House

2 hours ago

Tracking Biden's 1st-year progress delivering on promises

14 hours ago

Ex-boyfriend arrested in death of Houston teen shot 22 times

12 hours ago

'I need to be with my family': Afghan refugee pleads for help reuniting with loved ones

1 hour ago

U.K.'s Boris Johnson defies calls to quit as ouster bid gathers pace

13 hours ago

U.S. Supreme Court allows Jan. 6 committee to get Trump documents

4 hours ago

Suspect in Haiti president's assassination extradited to U.S.

2 hours ago

A lack of jobs in Kabul is leading to an ever-worsening hunger crisis

15 hours ago

Canada's support of Ukraine helps raise 'the level of risk' for Russia launch invasion

3 hours ago

Ghislaine Maxwell to formally request new trial over concerns about juror

11 hours ago

UAE envoy: Yemen's Houthis used missiles in Abu Dhabi attack

7 hours ago

Paul Workman: Return to Afghanistan amid Taliban rule

1 day ago

Blinken urges unity to fight 'relentless' Russian aggression

12 hours ago

Beijing records first case of Omicron

2 days ago

Thieves target cargo trains in California

4 days ago

Djokovic's visa revoked for a second time

5 days ago

Dr. Fauci clashes with Rand Paul at senate hearing

8 days ago

Officer rescues dog from partially frozen lake

13 days ago

Escalating protests in Kazakhstan

14 days ago

CTV National News: South African Parliament fire

16 days ago

CTV National News: COVID-19 cases rise globally

16 days ago

CTV National News: Record-high cases in the U.S.

16 days ago

CTV National News: Final farewell to Desmond Tutu

18 days ago


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