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UPDATE 4-U.S. Health Chief to Visit Taiwan, Angering China

14 minutes ago

Virus Lockdown Shuts Kashmir Year After Autonomy Is Stripped

14 minutes ago

FOREX-Dollar Stays Weak Amid Signs of Lagging U.S. Economy

14 minutes ago

Virus Lockdown Shuts Kashmir Year After Autonomy Is Stripped

14 minutes ago

Malaysian Police Raid Al Jazeera Offices Amid Probe Into Report on Migrant Workers

12 hours ago

One Year After Revoking Kashmir's Special Status, India's Residency Law Amplifies Demographic Fears

19 hours ago

As U.S. Warns of Chinese Influence, Watchdog Says Israel Fails to Vet Foreign Investment

1 day ago

Over 20 Killed in Islamic State Attack on Afghan Prison

1 day ago

Thousands Attend Berlin Rally Against Coronavirus Measures Featuring Antisemitic Displays

1 day ago

Hong Kong Disqualifies 12 Pro-democracy Nominees From September Legislative Election

5 days ago

Trump Snubs Civil Right Icon John Lewis, Cites Absence at 2017 Inauguration

14 hours ago

Larry Johnson, Former Kansas City Chiefs Running Back, Tweets Antisemitic Tropes

17 hours ago

Alexander Vindman, as Retirement Kicks In, Decries Trump's 'Efforts to Undermine the Very Foundations of Our Democracy'

17 hours ago

WATCH - Trump Called Out Over U.S. Virus Death Toll in Tense Exchange

17 hours ago

This Russian Artist Dares to Draw Vaginas. She Could Face Years in Prison

6 days ago

Damaged Door of German Synagogue Attacked in Yom Kippur Shooting Replaced

7 days ago

Germany Arrests Woman Accused of Joining Islamic State in Syria

7 days ago

Retired German Policeman Investigated Over Far-right Threats

8 days ago

U.K. Rebukes Trump: Too Early to Speculate on Cause of Massive Blast in Beirut

22 minutes ago

Massive Beirut Port Blast Kills Over 100, Leaves Thousands Wounded

2 hours ago

Beirut Blast Shockwaves Will Be Felt by Hezbollah for a Long Time

9 hours ago

Netanyahu Mulling Lockdown to Slow Coronavirus Spread – and Protests Against Him

4 hours ago

Palestinian Authority Sees Netanyahu's Annexation Chances Dwindling After September

3 days ago

World Bank Approves $30 Million for Palestinian COVID-19 Response

7 days ago

Palestinian President Abbas Sends Condolences to John Lewis' Family in Letter

7 days ago

West Bank Mosque Set on Fire, Vandalized With Hebrew Graffiti

9 days ago

Opinion - In Colombia, It Took Courage to Make Peace. I Worry Israel Is Choosing Conflict, Instead

16 days ago

WATCH - Canadian Far-right Politician Calls Jews 'Parasitic Tribe,' Seeks Their Removal From Country

19 days ago

University Professor in Argentina Offers Bonus to 'Whoever Finds a Poor Jew'

29 days ago

If Kanye West Is Running for President – He Can Knock Visiting Israel Off His to Do List

30 days ago