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Review Identifies 'Neutrality-related Issues' In UN Agency For Palestinians

30 minutes ago

TV Tower In Kharkiv Struck As Russia Says Captured Village

30 minutes ago

India's Modi Accused Of Targeting Muslims In Election Speech

3 hours ago

Middle East Conflict: Israel Reportedly Begins Preparations To Evacuate Rafah Civilians

1 hour ago

New EU Spending Rules Bring Back Debt Discipline Focus

5 hours ago

UK Deportation Flights To Rwanda Will Take Off 'Come What May': PM Sunak

5 hours ago

China Calls Swimmer Doping Reports 'Fake News'

7 hours ago

The Ukrainian Drones Taking On Russia's Black Sea Fleet

8 hours ago

N Korea Fires Ballistic Missile: Seoul's Military

9 hours ago

Papua New Guinea PM Dismisses Biden's 'Loose' Talk On Cannibalism As A 'Blurry Moment'

12 hours ago

11 Missing, Tens Of Thousands Evacuated As Storms Strike South China

13 hours ago

Portugal Poised To Celebrate 50 Years Of Democracy

13 hours ago

50 Years On, Vintage Vehicles To Reenact Portugal's Carnation Revolution

13 hours ago

Bodies Found At Gaza Hospital As Israel Vows To 'Increase Pressure' On Hamas

13 hours ago

Markets Bounce As MidEast Fears Ease, US Inflation In View

14 hours ago

Kebab Chef Joins German President On Tricky Turkey Visit

14 hours ago

Sensational Trump Trial Moves To Opening Statements

14 hours ago

Negotiations On Global Plastic Treaty To Resume In Canada

14 hours ago

Conflicts Push Military Spending To 'All-time High': Report

16 hours ago

Philippines, US Launch Annual Joint Military Drills

17 hours ago

Prison Chief Slain As Ecuadorans Vote On Anti-crime Measures

18 hours ago

Hundreds Of Thousands Turn Out In Colombia To Protest Petro

20 hours ago

US Set To Sanction IDF Unit For Alleged Human Rights Violations

23 hours ago

US Aid Shows Ukraine Will Not Be 'Second Afghanistan': Zelensky

1 day ago

'Finally': Relief And Optimism In Kyiv After US Approves New Aid

1 day ago

Israel Pounds Gaza As West Bank Violence Surges

1 day ago

Trump Jury Set For Opening Arguments, Man Self-immolates Outside

2 days ago

Iran, Israel Appear To Pull Back From Brink As Gaza Bombed Again

2 days ago

Ukrainian Drones Strike Russian Fuel Depot And Substations, Escalates Tensions

2 days ago