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Uyghur who studied in Turkey arrested by police in Xinjiang, sources say

10 hours ago

Cambodia's Hun Sen orders end to clearance of Phnom Tamao forest

4 hours ago

North Korean soldiers sent to collective farms to relieve manpower crunch

11 hours ago

China steps up cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns targeting Taiwan

14 hours ago

Vietnamese minority activist to appeal four-year sentence on Aug. 16

1 hour ago

Chinese secret police warned exiled Hong Kong businessman over parliament plan

17 hours ago

Myanmar opposition marks '8888' anniversary with protests, vow to fight on

7 hours ago

Junta troops burn 500 homes, displace thousands in Sagaing

10 hours ago

´╗┐Fighting for a Better Future

3 months ago

Myanmar's forests under pressure from illegal logging, smuggling

2 months ago

China keeps up war games with anti-sub, sea assault practice near Taiwan

18 hours ago

Chinese aircraft, ships and drones circle Taiwan on final day of military drills

1 day ago

US seeks to dial down tension over Taiwan Strait

2 days ago

Japanese VTuber, a virtual anime pop idol and show host, sets Taiwan alight

2 days ago

China's military exercises near Taiwan continue as drones fly over Kinmen islands

2 days ago

Xinjiang officials use China's anti-crime campaign to target 'disloyal' Uyghurs

3 days ago

Rail freight service between China and North Korea to resume in days

3 days ago

Comic effect: 'Invincible' Kim

3 months ago

Fighting for a Better Future

3 months ago

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