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Johnson hands unredacted WhatsApps - demanded by COVID inquiry - to Cabinet Office; 'pressure now on Sunak' to act | Politics latest

6 minutes ago

Boris Johnson tells Sky News new claims are 'total nonsense'

3 days ago

Why Sunak's government is unable to do anything new

1 day ago

Boris Johnson hands COVID material to Cabinet Office in 'full and in unredacted form'

53 minutes ago

Families on Universal Credit to receive hundreds more pounds from end of June

16 hours ago

Government plans to 'make recycling easier' to stop waste going to landfill

1 hour ago

Rail strikes cause disruption with walkouts affecting FA Cup final and Epsom Derby

10 hours ago

UK government not the first to consider food price cap as poorest hit hardest by inflation

2 hours ago

Government stands by refusal to hand over Johnson's 'private' WhatsApp messages to COVID inquiry

22 hours ago

'We're not heading to the 1970s'

8 hours ago

New deadline for ex-PM's COVID messages

1 day ago

DeSantis: Send Biden 'back to his basement'

2 hours ago

What has Suella Braverman allegedly done wrong?

9 days ago

Which MPs are standing down at the next general election?

8 days ago

Boris Johnson failed to answer key question after Sky News 'doorstep'

4 days ago

SNP's Westminster group submits accounts on time to avoid losing £1.2m in public funds

3 hours ago

Labour defends taking £1.5m given by Just Stop Oil donor

5 hours ago

ITV bosses to be quizzed by MPs - as Phillip Schofield is dropped by charity founded by the King

19 hours ago

UK to send signed Beano copies to Australia and New Zealand to mark start of post-Brexit trade deals

13 hours ago

Longer lorries allowed on Britain's roads despite fears over risks to pedestrians and cyclists

17 hours ago

New workplace standards for menopause and menstruation support

12 hours ago

Immigration minister heads to Mediterranean to discuss illegal migration

2 days ago

UN criticises UK asylum system - including 'law breaking and detaining torture victims'

1 day ago

PM: Govt 'cooperating with COVID inquiry'

1 day ago

'Is Boris Johnson toast?'

3 days ago

Cleverly: Sweden in NATO 'will make us safer'

1 day ago

'You've been pretty blunt on WhatsApp'

3 days ago

Johnson refutes 'COVID rule breaches'

4 days ago

Labour wants to see 'lower' migration

3 days ago

Hunt should be 'applauded'

5 days ago

Ron DeSantis calls Trump's COVID lockdown criticisms 'ridiculous' at his first US presidential campaign event

6 hours ago

Rishi Sunak to head to Washington for talks with Joe Biden

1 day ago

Labour plans to make buying land cheaper for councils to boost UK's housing stock

1 day ago

The UK trains impacted by strike action this week

1 day ago

Food inflation up by 15.4% year-on-year in second fastest annual increase

1 day ago

Government to crack down on vape advertising 'targeted at children'

1 day ago