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Today, the self is the battlefield of politics. Blame Michel Foucault

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Trump spied on journalists. So did Obama. America needs more press freedom now

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Louisiana's fossil fuel industry pushes to loosen safety rules despite lax enforcement

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White House unveils first national strategy to fight domestic terrorism

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A different America: How Republicans hold near total control in 23 US states

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'Identity crisis': will the US's largest evangelical denomination move even further right?

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Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes for comparing House mask rule to the Holocaust

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Deb Haaland to ask Biden to restore protections for three national monuments - report – as it happened

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Burrito economics: Republican claims about price rises are so much hot air

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The Guardian view on an Atlantic charter: new rules for new threats

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Joe Manchin: the Democrat who holds the fate of Biden's agenda in his hands

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How Republicans came to embrace the big lie of a stolen election

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Joe Biden's reforming agenda at risk of dying a slow death in Congress

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Revealed: rightwing firm posed as leftist group on Facebook to divide Democrats

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Bill Clinton: 'I always wanted to be a writer, but doubted my ability to do it'

4 days ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene apologises for comparing Covid-19 masks to Holocaust – video

7 hours ago

Biden says Putin a 'worthy adversary' ahead of talks – video

9 hours ago

Kamala Harris questioned over not going to US-Mexico border – video

6 days ago

Kamala Harris tells migrants 'do not come' during talks in Guatemala – video

7 days ago

Albuquerque mayoral candidate interrupted by drone carrying sex toy – video

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'A summer of freedom': Joe Biden sets new vaccine target – video

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'Democracy itself is in peril': Biden delivers Memorial Day speech – video

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George Floyd's family urges Biden to pass laws to 'protect people of colour' – video

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'Slap in the face': Congressman rails against Republicans as House approves Capitol probe – video

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Liz Cheney vows to work to keep Trump from return to power – video

1 month ago