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House Democrats are scared to tax billionaires – that's a costly mistake

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'Fascist and tyrannical': US vaccine mandates induce rightwing hysteria

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What does Gavin Newsom's recall victory mean for California?

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Nancy Pelosi says US Capitol attack like 9/11 but an assault from within – video

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Antony Blinken chuckles as Republican senator makes Joe Biden mute button claims – video

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Joe Biden calls Australian prime minister Scott Morrison 'that fella down under' – video

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Watch in full: Biden, Johnson and Morrison announce Aukus and nuclear-powered submarine deal – video

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Governor Gavin Newsom defeats California recall effort – video

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Hillary Clinton: US still faces 'real battle for democracy' – video

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Antony Blinken in angry exchanges with Republicans over Afghanistan – video

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White House asks Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway to quit military academy boards – video

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Jen Psaki mocks Texas governor's pledge to 'eliminate' rape amid criticism of abortion ban – video

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'This is code red': Biden sounds alarm on climate crisis as he tours New York damage – video

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Texas women in New York restaurant vaccine brawl say race a factor

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Republicans who let Trump 'bully' party will seal midterms defeat, senator says

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Gabby Petito: FBI finds remains 'consistent with description' of missing woman

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California recall vote shows Trump's big lie is now Republican playbook

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Doctors treating unvaccinated Covid patients are succumbing to compassion fatigue

1 day ago

Fauci: FDA vote against Covid booster shots 'not the end of the story'

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Florida police search wildlife reserve for fiance of missing woman Gabby Petito

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Haitian migrants intend to remain at Texas border despite plan to expel them

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