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7 minutes ago

'I Never Ran Over Anyone With a Car and I Never Hit Anyone in the Head With a Frying Pan,' Says Actual GOP Primary Winner -- Posted in: -- Sandy Smith says she went to Washington on Jan. 6. That's somehow nowhere near her biggest controversy

19 hours ago

'Is Google Trying to Fuck Me?' Trump's Tech Paranoia Hits New Level -- Posted in: -- Trump is privately complaining that Google hasn't approved his social media company's Android app. But sources tell Rolling Stone that Truth Social is yet to even apply for approval

22 hours ago

Trump-Endorsed Gubernatorial Candidate Gets Trounced by Over 20 Points -- Posted in: -- The former president's endorsement didn't do much for Janice McGeachin's bid to unseat incumbent Brad Little in Idaho's gubernatorial primary

1 day ago

Dr. Oz and David McCormick Are Deadlocked in Pennsylvania GOP Primary -- Posted in: -- The highly publicized race between the Trump-endorsed TV doctor and the former hedge fund manager is too close to call

1 day ago

Madison Cawthorn Concedes Amid Orgy of Scandals -- Posted in: -- Trump asked North Carolina voters to give the 26-year-old incumbent a "second chance" as he struggled to navigate series of scandals. They said no

1 day ago

Do Democrats Finally Have Their Answer to Trumpism? -- Posted in: -- John Fetterman is neither a centrist nor a progressive. He's a vibe, and he just won a Senate Democratic primary in a landslide

1 day ago

Justice Department Asks Jan. 6 Committee for Transcripts to Help With Criminal Investigation -- Posted in: -- Attorney General Merrick Garland's probe into the attack on the Capitol appears to be heating up

1 day ago

The Buffalo Shooter Recorded His Deadly Attack. Twitter Let the Video Go Viral -- Posted in: -- "Stop putting the fucking Buffalo shooting video on my timeline," a traumatized viewer pleaded

1 day ago

Military List of UFO Sightings Has More Than Doubled in the Past Year, Navy Official Says at Hearing -- Posted in: -- Congress held its first hearing on unidentified aerial phenomenon in over 50 years on Tuesday

1 day ago

MAGA Lawmaker Now Under Investigation for Claiming Buffalo Shooting Was False Flag -- Posted in: -- The Arizona state Senate voted on Monday to launch a probe into comments made by Trump-loving lawmaker Wendy Rogers

2 days ago