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Sky News - Weird

Driver fights off deadly snake while going 70mph

40 minutes ago

Exotic frog found in bunch of bananas in Wales after 'remarkable' 5,000-mile trip

1 day ago

Escaped boa constrictor found at allotment in Wales

5 days ago

'We couldn't believe our eyes': Puppy swallows stick half the length of its body

8 days ago

'The limit does not exist': Irish PM quotes Mean Girls in COVID-19 briefing

17 days ago

We've got some news about Marmite - you'll either love it or hate it

26 days ago

Oz driver fights off deadly snake

1 hour ago

Fake blood and fear in drive-in horror show

3 days ago

Frozen seawater on Chilean island

4 days ago

Alpaca pops up alongside police car

19 days ago

This cat does not want to be rescued

26 days ago

33-stone gorilla is given CT scan (with help of five lifters)

29 days ago

A maritime mystery: What has been causing ships to sail in circles?

1 month ago

Pair hired for man's sexual fantasy turn up at wrong address with machetes

1 month ago

Indian officials claim Pakistan 'spy' pigeon captured

1 month ago

Scientists went 'cuckoo' due to laughing gas from penguin poo

1 month ago

Newly released film offers final glimpse of extinct Tasmanian tiger

1 month ago

Football club 'sorry' after accidentally using sex dolls to replace fans

1 month ago

US military jet had encounter with 'silver UFO the size of suitcase'

1 month ago

Male or female dinosaurs? Scientists have made mistakes

1 month ago

Strip club offers drive-thru service during US lockdown

1 month ago

Five-year-old pulled over by cops on his way to buy a Lamborghini

2 months ago

Flamingos enjoy quieter roads and cleaner air in Mumbai

2 months ago

Three-year-old girl goes viral after handling large sheep like an expert

2 months ago

Sweden's smelly solution to stop beer-fuelled festival in park

2 months ago

Man wins $1m lottery prize twice in one day with the same numbers

2 months ago