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Sky News - Weird

Politician stuffed £4,500 in the underpants he was wearing during raid by anti-corruption police

13 days ago

Bungling burglar leaves his name and address at crime scene

14 days ago

Rare two-headed snake slithers into woman's house

16 days ago

'Moment of joy': Cricket game breaks out in south London street after 10pm curfew

17 days ago

'Ewe wouldn't believe it' - sheep stop traffic

8 days ago

Unexpected arrival for plane passengers as baby born in middle of flight

20 days ago

Strong fragrance? Skunk caught hiding in flowers

3 days ago

Swimmers, sharks and salmon in Oz

4 days ago

Just a puppy with green fur

7 days ago

Ultra-rare flapper skate site discovered

10 days ago

Rare orange lobster is re-homed after chance discovery

22 days ago

'Embrace' differences: Teen secures record for world's longest female legs

23 days ago

Potty-mouthed parrots split up by zoo bosses after egging each other on to swear

29 days ago

Goofy dogs and laughing horses up for funniest pet photo award

29 days ago

Rail workers suspended after 'man cave' found under railway

1 month ago

Evel Knievel's son sues Disney over Toy Story 4 character

1 month ago

Whale smashes diving record with 'amazing' stint under water

1 month ago

Humpback whale escapes crocodile-infested river

1 month ago

Alpaca invades football pitch in West Yorkshire

1 month ago

120,000-year-old human footprints found in Saudi Arabia

1 month ago

Football team lose 37-0 after socially distancing from opponents

1 month ago

Man told snakeskin isn't a legitimate face covering - 'especially when still attached to the snake'

1 month ago

Lego is spending £310m to transform its bricks

1 month ago

Japanese military given instructions on UFOs

1 month ago