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Sky News - Weird

Big enough for the whole squad! Lukaku splashes out on giant bed

22 hours ago

US ambassador's moustache causes uproar in South Korea

1 day ago

Airline sorry for forcing passenger to take pregnancy test

1 day ago

Hundreds of starlings found dead were 'avoiding bird of prey'

2 days ago

Ghosn escape triggers Yamaha instrument case warning

2 days ago

Udder chaos: Cow on the railway sparks rush-hour delays in Scotland

4 days ago

Cow mooves on after disrupting trains

4 days ago

They see me rollin' - Priest leaves mass in style

25 days ago

Police in Santa hats chase suspect

25 days ago

Red crabs swarm road on Christmas Island

29 days ago

Dog chases cyclists after interrupting race

1 month ago

Fly me to the moon: Tycoon seeks 'life partner' for lunar trip

6 days ago

Snowel Gallagher and Gritter Thunberg among new salt spreaders

9 days ago

Cat lovers less likely to go to church, research suggests

12 days ago

Aliens exist and could already be on earth, first British astronaut says

13 days ago

Cage spends New Year's Eve in a small pub - and gets everyone a drink

15 days ago

Drivers trapped by 30ft high piles of tumbleweed

17 days ago

What's 50 Cent's number? The weird enquiries made to the Foreign Office

22 days ago

'Angry' tortoise rescued after starting house fire

23 days ago

Teacher wears bodysuit to teach students anatomy

25 days ago

Thousands of 'penis fish' wash up on California beach

1 month ago

'Hey Siri, call 911': Teen's life saved by phone assistant

1 month ago

Walmart pulls jumper showing Santa with 'lines of cocaine'

1 month ago


1 month ago

Wonky the 'unicorn-horned' rabbit looks for new home for Christmas

1 month ago

Banana taped to wall sells for $120k (and the banana needs replacing every few days)

1 month ago