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2 years ago

A massive sinkhole just discovered in Chile has authorities puzzled

4 days ago

Why do so many bikes end up underwater? The reasons can be weird and varied

4 days ago

It's been over 150 years since the first article was published about the molecular key to life as we know it — DNA. With help from researcher Pravrutha Raman, Short Wave producer Berly McCoy explains how DNA is stored in our cells and why the iconic double helix shape isn't what you'd see if you peeked inside your cells right now. (encore)

6 days ago

A Greenland shark, one of the longest-living animals on Earth, was caught near Belize

8 days ago

You could get paid to eat candy as a Canadian company's chief candy officer

8 days ago

Want to lay off workers more smoothly? There's a startup for that

13 days ago

How a near-death experience could change the way you live

14 days ago

The importance of being Ernest: An attorney wins a Hemingway contest

15 days ago

A diner discovered 100 million-year-old dinosaur footprints in a restaurant

16 days ago

Sharks mistaking feet for fish are likely behind Long Island attacks

22 days ago

Real Life 'Goonies'? A Mysterious Shipwreck Found Off the Oregon Coast

27 days ago

A distillery is fighting invasive crabs by turning them into whiskey

28 days ago

A Georgia monument, seen by some as satanic, was damaged from a predawn explosion

1 month ago

If you're not so fond of spiders, you may find kindred spirits in other spiders! Researcher Daniela Roessler worked with jumping spiders and found that they know to get away from the presence of other possible predator spiders, even if they've never encountered them before. She talks with host Maria Godoy about her research and what Halloween decorations do to the poor spiders, if arachnids can have arachnophobia. (Encore)

1 month ago

A 76 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton will be auctioned in New York City

1 month ago

Rubber ducky watches that don't tell time clock in TikTok views

1 month ago

The strange underground economy of tree poaching

1 month ago

Want to hunt pythons in Florida this summer? This professional has tips

1 month ago

No, this 7-Eleven isn't charging $7.11 for gas, even if the internet says so

1 month ago

The tale of a distressed American town on the doorstep of a natural paradise

1 month ago

Treasure hunters allege the FBI made off with Civil War-era gold and covered it up

1 month ago

A marble slab in storage turned out to be an ancient Greek yearbook

2 months ago

A man in a wig was detained after throwing a piece of cake at the Mona Lisa

2 months ago

This 830-million-year-old crystal might contain life. And we're about to open it

2 months ago

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3 years ago