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Watch Colbert Audience Go Absolutely Nuts As They Get Trump News In Real Time

6 hours ago

Texas Republican Falls For The Old Filthy Fake Name Prank In Hearing

5 hours ago

I Wanted To Get Pregnant With My Gay Friend's Sperm. I Had No Idea Of The Fight We Were In For.

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'Daily Show' Guest Host John Leguizamo Uses Trump's Own Words Against Him

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Republicans Suggest Democrats Are Simply Not Allowed To Prosecute Trump

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Jimmy Fallon Flips '80s Anthem On Its Head For Donald Trump Indictment

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Eric Trump Fumes Over A Pharmacy Chain In The Wake Of Dad's Indictment

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Stormy Daniels Tweets 2-Word Response About Trump's Indictment

14 hours ago

Trump Indictment: Live Updates On Arrest, Arraignment Plans

17 hours ago

Michael Cohen, Of All People, Explains Why Trump's Arrest Should Be 'Classy'

7 hours ago

Miley Cyrus' Nonprofit Takes On Wisconsin School's Ban Of Dolly Parton Duet

2 hours ago

Jimmy Kimmel Spells Out Exactly What Trump Can Do In Prison

6 hours ago

Fmr. Manager of DOD Aerospace Threat Program: "UFOs are Real"

2 years ago

Arizona Dairy Queen Searching For Missing Giant Red Spoon

22 hours ago

Australian Company Makes Mammoth Meatball Using Actual Mammoth DNA

2 days ago

Here's What Gwyneth Paltrow Whispered To Her Accuser After Ski Crash Verdict

6 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Transphobe In Capitol Encounter

5 hours ago

Lindsey Graham Gets Super Emotional Begging Fox News Viewers To Donate To Trump

7 hours ago

Rachel Maddow Names The 1 Thing To Prepare For In Trump Legal Proceedings

7 hours ago

Maggie Haberman Delivers Frightening Warning On Trump: 'He Can't Control This'

10 hours ago

Opinion: Trump Might Leap An Indictment Hurdle In His 2024 Run But Still Hit A Constitutional Wall

4 hours ago

What The Pope Is Going On Here? Papal Puffer Pic Leaves People Perplexed.

4 days ago

'Cocaine Shark': Another Drug-Fueled Animal Gets Its Own Movie

21 days ago

Maine Motorists Fight For The Right To Have Naughty Vanity License Plates

22 days ago

Exotic Cat That Tested Positive For Cocaine Is Being Cared For At Cincinnati Zoo

23 days ago

Is Slap Fighting The Next Big Thing Or Just Unsporting Stupidity?

23 days ago

Dramatic Moment Where SUV Slams Into Houston Cafe Caught On Video

23 days ago

At Key West's Annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest,The Winners Really Blow

25 days ago