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Fraud ruling could topple Donald Trump's New York business empire -- Judge's ruling could strip Donald Trump of his authority to make strategic and financial decisions over some of his key properties in the state.

11 hours ago

Plan to travel? How a government shutdown could affect you. -- A looming potential government shutdown could thwart Americans' fall travel plans. Here's how.

1 day ago

Kia and Hyundai recall 3.3 million cars, tell owners to park outside -- Kia and Hyundai are advising motorists to park affected models outside after a rash of fires linked to faulty brakes.

15 hours ago

Donald Trump and his company "repeatedly" violated fraud law, N.Y. judge rules -- "The documents here clearly contain fraudulent valuations that defendants used in business," Judge Engoron wrote in his ruling, ordering Trump's New York business certificates canceled. -- Sep 26

8 hours ago

EV charging stations at commercial properties are a hot amenity -- Commercial real estate owners are trying to draw in EV owners by alleviating their range anxiety.

10 hours ago

More than 260,000 toddler books recalled due to choking hazard -- Plastic rings can detach from the Rainbow Road Road series board books sold at Sam's Club, Target and other retailers nationwide.

14 hours ago

Most Americans say they don't have enough for retirement, poll says -- According to a new survey from YouGov for Bankrate, 56% of Americans feel they are falling behind on saving up for their post-work lives. -- Sep 27

3 hours ago

$10,000 bill sells for nearly half a million dollars at Texas auction -- A vintage banknote and an even older coin collectively sold for nearly $1 million at a multi-day bidding event in Dallas.

15 hours ago

Target says it's closing 9 stores because of surging retail thefts -- Rise in "organized" retail crime is threatening the safety of employees and customers, according to Target.

1 day ago

Best CDs to open with interest rates paused -- Now is the ideal time to open a CD and lock in a high rate with one of these top-paying accounts.

10 hours ago

What are today's CD interest rates?

3 months ago

Best 3-year CD rates for 2023

10 hours ago

Which gold investment type is best for seniors? -- Some gold investment options may be more beneficial for seniors' retirement needs than others.

10 hours ago

Are gold bars and coins safe for seniors to invest in?

11 hours ago

Can gold bars and coins protect against inflation?

10 hours ago

Why you should deposit $10,000 into a high-yield savings account now -- If you have $10,000 worth of savings, it's worth considering a high-yield savings account now. Here's why.

11 hours ago

How much can you make with today's top-earning savings accounts?

11 hours ago

How much can you earn with a 5.25% APY on your savings?

15 hours ago

You're probably planning for retirement wrong. Here's why. -- Only about 1 in 10 Americans understands the basics of longevity, or how long they'll live in retirement. Can you pass the test?

1 day ago

Millions of older workers are nearing retirement with nothing saved -- Over the next few years, the U.S. could see a surge in seniors living in poverty, one retirement expert predicts.

1 month ago

Here's how much money Americans think they need to retire comfortably -- The gap between what people think they'll need for old age and their actual savings is massive, even for those nearing retirement.

3 months ago

Social Security's 2023 COLA was 8.7%. It may be stingier in 2024. -- Seniors and other recipients of the Social Security program may get a cost-of-living adjustment of 3.1% next year, one forecast says.

4 months ago

Inflation is ruining Americans' efforts to save for retirement -- Even a brief interruption in plan contributions can affect people's financial goals years down the road, experts say.

5 months ago

Amazon invests $4 billion in AI startup known for ChatGPT rival Claude -- Anthropic will use Amazon's cloud services and machine-learning chips to train and deploy its ChatGPT rival, Claude.

2 days ago

iPhone 15 demand beats expectations, as fans worldwide line up to buy -- Consumers are snatching up the iPhone 15 as they look to swap their old devices for something newer and more powerful, analysts said.

5 days ago

How the AI revolution is different: It threatens white-collar workers -- Emerging forms of artificial intelligence could displace a range of "knowledge workers," new analysis finds.

6 days ago

Apple iOS 17: What it offers and how to get it -- Apple's newest software update brings several new features to iPhones, including Standby mode and live voicemail transcribing.

7 days ago

Rack up charges playing Fortnite? You may be able to claim a refund. -- The FTC is alerting 37 million people that they may qualify for a refund under a federal settlement with Fortnite-maker Epic Games.

8 days ago

iPhone 15: 4 things the new iPhone can do that your old one can't -- Apple's latest smartphone looks much like its predecessors, but has some useful new features the others don't.

14 days ago

France bans iPhone 12 sales over high radiation-emission levels -- It's unclear why the phone, released in 2020, didn't pass the agency's latest tests and why it was only that particular model.

14 days ago

TikTok officially debuts TikTok Shop to U.S. consumers -- The in-app marketplace allows TikTok users to purchase beauty items, clothes and other goods featured in videos.

15 days ago

Apple unveiled the iPhone 15. Here's what you'll get for your money -- The new iPhones will be available for pre-order on September 15, and for sale in stores on September 22.

13 days ago