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Pentagon Accused of Using UFO Technology for Weapon Research

A military whistleblower has made a shocking series of claims. Air Force veteran David Grusch, of the National ...

Epoch Times - Top Stories - 5 hours ago

Whistleblower alleges UFO crashes – and a cover-up to keep them secret

Former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is alleging the government has been withholding possible evidence of UFOs, writes Ariana Baio

Independent UK - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Ex–Intelligence Official Says Government Hiding Alien Technology From Congress -- Matt Stieb

A whistleblower on the Pentagon’s UFO investigation team claims there is evidence of “intact” alien vehicles being hidden from lawmakers.

New York Magazine - US News - 2 days ago

Four key takeaways from NASA's UFO panel

NASA held its first-ever public conference on UFOs Wednesday, exploring findings from an independent study team created last year to investigate what it calls "unidentified anomalous phenomena" or UAPs.

Washington Examiner - Technology - 6 days ago

NASA UFO panel says stigma, lack of data are problems when studying 'unidentified aerial phenomena'

The first public meeting of a NASA panel studying what the government calls "unidentified aerial phenomena," commonly known as UFOs, kicked off on Wednesday to discuss its findings since it formed last year.

CBC News - Technology - 6 days ago

NASA panel studying UFO sightings says stigma and poor data pose challenges

The 16-member panel, which formed last year, presented early findings Wednesday in its first public meeting. A final report is expected this summer.

NBC News - Top Stories - 6 days ago

NASA UFO team holds first pub­lic meet­ing on un­ex­plained sight­ings

UFO panel members say online abuse has been directed at their work to investigate the unexplained.

Aljazeera - Science - 6 days ago

Scientists expand search for signs of intelligent alien life

Scientists have expanded the search for technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations by monitoring a star-dense region toward the core of our galaxy for a type of signal that could be produced by potential intelligent aliens that until now has been ignored.

Reuters - Science - 7 days ago

NASA UFO panel in first public meeting says better data needed

The first public meeting of a NASA panel studying what the government calls "unidentified aerial phenomena," commonly known as UFOs, kicked off on Wednesday to discuss findings since its formation last year.

Reuters - Science - 7 days ago

After 53 years of acting, he still loves being recognized. His most famous role: Alien head on stick

Sergio Calderón's first role was alongside John Huston in a film shot in Mexico. Booking roles in Hollywood films eventually led him to move to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times - Business - 14 days ago

China Publishes, Then Deletes Report of Potential Alien Signals

Observations from a radio telescope almost certainly aren't evidence of aliens, but we'd love to know more about these alleged signals.

Gizmodo - Science - 11 months ago

How to Watch the Government's UFO Hearing

Congress is holding its first hearing on unidentified aerial phenomenon in decades.

Gizmodo - Science - 1 year ago

Pentagon Forms New UFO Investigation Group to Figure Out What the Hell Just Whizzed By

The Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group will try to detect and attribute objects flying near sensitive areas.

Gizmodo - Science - 1 year ago