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Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says 'Evidence' Of Alien UFO 'Wreckage' Is Being Held By U.S. Government

Conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on the History Channel program ‘Ancient Aliens’ last week. Controversial Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been known to embrace ...

Inquisitr - US News - 8 days ago

Small And Fast, Strange Alien Comet From Another Star In Solar System

Something strange is sailing toward us. Something small and cold and extraordinarily fast. No one knows where it came from, or where it is going. But it's not from around here. This is an interstellar comet - an ancient ball of ice and gas and dust, formed on the frozen outskirts of a distant star, which some lucky quirk of gravity has tossed into our path.

NDTV - Science - 9 days ago

SpaceX has plans to land a huge spaceship on the moon in 2022

NASA announced five companies that are newly eligible to deliver robotic payloads to the lunar surface for the agency.

NBC News - Science - 19 days ago

Luca Parmitano on space exploration and extraterrestrial experiments

Euronews space correspondent and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano reports directly from space on spacewalks and extraterrestrial experiments.

Euronews - Technology - 1 month ago

Navy Confirms UFO Videos Shot By Pilots Are Real And Shouldn't Have Been Released To Public

‘My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone,’ said a former military intelligence analyst. A U.S. Navy official confirmed on Wednesday that ...

Inquisitr - Weird - 2 months ago

What's Going On At Area 51? 300,000 Alien Enthusiasts Pledge To Breach The Nevada Air Force Base

Alien hunters demand to know Area 51’s secrets. Conspiracy theorists have long believed Area 51, an air force base located 83 miles from Las Vegas, holds numerous government secrets and captive ...

Inquisitr - Weird - 3 months ago