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High-profile Canadian pairs skating coach guilty of sex assault, gross indecency - News - Canada - Montreal - | 11 hours ago

A renowned ex-coach in Canadian pairs skating was found guilty Wednesday of sexual assault and gross indecency dating back nearly 40 years.

CBC News - Top Stories - 49 minutes ago

DeSantis tightens punishments for drug, sex crimes in 'law and order' legislation

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) unveiled new "law and order legislation" meant to crack down on crime, namely drug and sexual offenses.

Washington Examiner - US News - 4 hours ago

Gov't to enact law prohibiting sex offenders from living close to schools

The government plans to enact a law prohibiting sex offenders at high risk of reoffending from living close to kindergartens or schools, the justice ministry said Thursday.

Korea Times - Top Stories - 22 hours ago

How the Internet Turned a Boomer TV Cop Into an Unlikely Sex Symbol -- Cameron Gorman

A bumbling detective provides a surprising kind of comfort.

Slate - Entertainment - 1 day ago

Church of England bishops refuse to back same-sex marriages

Same-sex couples will be allowed to have a service so they can be blessed by religious leaders following a civil marriage or partnership. However, they “would still not be able to get married in a Church of England church."

New York Daily News - World - 8 days ago

BBC investigates after Gary Lineker interrupted by mobile phone playing pornographic noises

Host Gary Lineker shared a picture on Twitter of a mobile phone that he said had been "taped to the back of the set" after the prank at Wolves' Molineux stadium.

Sky News - Weird - 9 days ago

The Cost of Living Crisis Is Ruining Sex

The financial meltdown isn't just hitting people's wallets – it's also wiping out their dating lives.

VICE News - Business - 1 month ago

Supreme Court Justices Warned About The Potential Ramifications In A Major Case On Religious Freedom And Same-Sex Marriage

Lawyers for the Colorado web designer say her First Amendment rights are on the line, but the justices seemed at odds over whether such a case would allow others to discriminate against interracial or disabled couples.

BuzzFeed News - Politics - 1 month ago

The Senate Passed A Bill To Protect Same-Sex Marriage. Here's What It Does And Doesn't Do.

The bill would act as a fail-safe should the Supreme Court’s right-wing majority do to marriage equality what it did to abortion rights.

BuzzFeed News - Politics - 1 month ago

Men Who Have Sex With Men Should Reduce Their Partners For Now To Avoid Monkeypox, The WHO Has Advised

The head of the World Health Organization also urged these men to reconsider new sexual partners and exchange contact details in order to follow up if needed.

BuzzFeed News - Science - 5 months ago