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New Japanese KitKat is…a Heartful Bear!

16 minutes ago

Let's make sashimi with…whatever in God's name this thing is【SoraKitchen】

1 hour ago

Getting a driver's license in Japan the hard way: The first driving test again

24 days ago

Is McDonald's Japan's new Godiva hot chocolate worth the relatively high price?

1 hour ago

We find what looks like an alien species at a fish market so of course we make sashimi out of it

2 hours ago

Starbucks Japan's newest Frappuccino is the only date we need this Valentine's Day

3 hours ago

Sales of My Melody merchandise featuring Sanrio character's mom's life advice get cancelled

4 hours ago

Miyagi restaurant refuses to accept customers' money after tsunami warning evacuation

11 hours ago

Japan's Hardcore Gamer General Election generates different results from casuals survey…sort of

13 hours ago

Lace boxer briefs for men: Japanese company creates underwear that's beautiful and functional

14 hours ago

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A pop-up cafe to open in Akihabara

15 hours ago


15 hours ago

Yie Ar Kung-fu

15 hours ago

Japan's Capybara Long Bath Championship 2022! Upstart powerhouse vs. original dynasty【Video】

16 hours ago

How to eat a kebab without making a godawful mess – Advice from an Akihabara kebab merchant

23 hours ago

Muji opens its first prepared food-themed store in Higashi Ikebukuro

1 day ago

Can monkeys win at Japanese crane games? Experiment attempts to find out【Video】

1 day ago

Meet the Japanese grandma who manually operates vending machines in the countryside

1 day ago

Studio Ghibli's Porco Rosso: Behind-the-scenes trivia and secret Easter eggs revealed

1 day ago

Touken Rambu chocolates are a treat for anime fans and a test of how well you know the characters

1 day ago

Japanese design company combines human bed and cat tower, proves felines are who runs the home

2 days ago

Tokyo Disney Resort is set to bring back the snacks and sweet treats at limited park stores

2 days ago

Japanese hot spring charges almost 35 bucks for bucket of uncooked carrots, otaku likely to pay up

2 days ago

Liev Schreiber's son deemed 'too beautiful' in Japan

7 days ago

Studio Ghibli asks fans to help Hayao Miyazaki replace his beloved eraser

7 days ago

Sailor Moon's Moon Stick becomes the real world's coolest subway pass

5 days ago

Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki gets a happy ending to his broken eraser tale

2 days ago

Japanese bento serves up a slice of the samurai life in a special carry case

3 days ago

Japanese company engineers soft toys that will nibble your finger, for folks who are into that

4 days ago

Studio Ghibli answers Spirited Away fan questions, reveals exciting facts and trivia behind the film

9 days ago

English for otaku – New book provides fans with skills to internationalize their oshikatsu

5 days ago

Long wallet or bifold? What your wallet says about you in Japan

5 days ago

Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen

3 days ago

Hidden Easter Egg in Akira shows animator's hilarious passive-aggressive frustrations

24 days ago

Perfectly made snow Totoro spotted by anime director in Japan's frozen north

12 days ago

Japanese Internet mesmerized by photo showing road that appears to go straight into the sky

17 days ago

Sustainable Otaku Goals: A framework to help you avoid fan burnout

21 days ago

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl game music is now free to enjoy or download for a limited time

22 days ago

Our cat mom reporter learns how her cats truly feel about her through a cat translation app

14 days ago

How often do Japanese high school kids watch anime, and do boys and girls watch the same series?

20 days ago

Top 10 anime women with biggest, most impactful breasts, voted by thousands of Japanese netizens

2 years ago

Princesses, fruits, and blacksmiths: Study reveals the 30 most unusual family names in Japan

1 year ago

Miss Universe 2021 Japan entry slammed for wearing 'dead person's kimono'

1 month ago

One Piece characters' nationalities revealed, but fans have mixed opinions

2 years ago

Mario isn't number one? Nintendo plumber doesn't win Super Mario series character popularity poll

6 months ago

Engrish mistake turns innocent sign into X-rated notice at Japanese store

3 months ago

Country kimono! Project completes set of over 200 designs for every nation at Tokyo Olympics【Pics】

5 months ago

Japanese gamers vote for most frustrating, spirit-crushing video game

3 months ago

Retro game personality test: What the way you wrapped your N64 controller cord says about you

2 months ago

McDonald's Japan's new winter menu exclusives: Hot pies and special chicken nuggets

4 days ago