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Uniqlo announces new line of awesome Dragon Ball T-shirts and hoodies【Photos】

2 months ago

What's really for breakfast? 20 Japanese people give us a peek at their morning meal【Photos】

2 months ago

Mr. Sato warms an egg in his armpit for a delicious Japanese dish【SoraKitchen】

6 hours ago

Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

7 hours ago

Tokyo's AKB48 idol-themed cafe announces sudden, permanent closure

8 hours ago

Nanotech professor from one of Japan's top universities arrested for panty-theft

9 hours ago

Dam management finds laughably clever way to deter nighttime thrill-seekers in Japan【Video】

10 hours ago

Style your hair like a cat with kitty saliva hair gel from Japan

18 hours ago

Graffiti artist Pikachu plushies coming to brand-new Shibuya Pokémon Center megastore【Photos】

21 hours ago

Uniqlo's new Dragon Ball T-shirts and hoodies modeled for the first time【Photos】

23 hours ago

3-D model of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock print The Great Wave stuns people in Japan 【Video】

1 day ago

The Great Wave

1 day ago

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

1 day ago

One of Japan's favorite traditional desserts almost breaks the spirit of SoraNews24's Mr. Sato

1 day ago

Japanese people outraged by group riding bikes through underground shopping mall in Osaka 【Video】

1 day ago

Japanese KitKats now come in Gold Caramel Tokyo Banana flavour

1 day ago

The Magikarp kiss - Japanese woman explains why the Pokémon-like smooch is so terrible

1 day ago

This whacky Japanese cat looks hilariously buff, adorably fluff【Video】

1 day ago

Disturbing video shows man hitting woman for crossing her legs on Japanese train【Video】

1 day ago

We revolutionize tapioca tea by making a savory hot pot dinner with both ingredients【SoraKitchen】

2 days ago

KFC Japanese New Year's cards give you free fried chicken to start 2020 off right!

2 days ago

Tokyo Olympics announce brand new heat-prevention measure: 1,300 tons of ice

2 days ago

Can a Japanese person look good in one of those for-foreigner souvenir kimono? Mr. Sato finds out

2 days ago

Beyond miso soup – You can get miso bear in a can in Japan, and we've tried it【Taste test】

2 days ago

Japan's cheapest hotel charges just 130 yen (US$1.20) for a room, with a huge, no-privacy catch

7 days ago

This is Akihabara's best hidden food vending machine: The Mansei meat sandwich machine!

2 days ago

Japan's pre-sliced cat-shaped bread: The greatest thing since non-kitty sliced bread

4 days ago

That time we got imprisoned in a Tokyo hostess bar

3 days ago

We visit the new all-you-can-eat KFC buffet restaurant in Tokyo

4 days ago

Japanese makeup tutorial shows how a middle-aged man can turn into a beautiful young woman

4 days ago

Crazy-cheap Japanese apartment for less than 140 bucks a month comes with headaches every day

6 days ago

Should a man in his 40s pursue a 19-year-old Japanese convenience store clerk?

2 days ago

There's a permanent all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink KFC restaurant opening in Tokyo

4 days ago

Blood-red Evangelion hot spring bath to open in Japan for fun, relaxing terror

5 days ago

Microsoft Japan's experiment with 3-day weekend boosts worker productivity by 40 percent

17 days ago

Five reasons not to live in Japan (as chosen by Switzerland's perviest otaku)

22 days ago

Why do Japanese toilets have double hooks on their doors?

27 days ago

Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online

15 days ago

Uniqlo's shockingly sexy new clothing item inspires selfies and anime-style fan art

11 days ago

Shinkansen announcer shares moment her mother hears her voice on bullet train for the first time

19 days ago

Kyoto's popular tourist spot Gion to forbid photos on private roads, 10,000 yen fine to violators

24 days ago

"Otaku" YouTuber confronts Tokyo tough-guy litterers, who've got no idea who they're dealing with

19 days ago

PewDiePie buys house in Japan, calls it 'a dream come true'

1 month ago

Naruto's author Kishimoto reveals what characters' names would've been if editor didn't intervene

1 month ago

We asked a Niantic insider 30 questions about Pokémon Go, learned a lot of useful information

2 months ago

Why do Japanese recycle bins have two openings but dump everything into the same compartment?

2 months ago

Japanese Mame Shiba Inu banknote design pays homage to nation's beloved dog

1 month ago

Japanese Phantom Cheesecake: A sweet so popular 2,000 sold in ten minutes

1 month ago

Gundam creator thinks Makoto Shinkai anime need more female crotch grabbing and/or horniness

18 days ago