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Live: Trump won't pardon himself, his family or lawyer Rudy Giuliani, White House official says

53 minutes ago

Donald Trump pardons Steve Bannon during his final hours in office

53 minutes ago

Former Cairns childcare worker has manslaughter charge dropped over death of toddler left on minibus

2 hours ago

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1 year ago

Who is responsible for quarantine in Australia? -- The states and territories agreed to run hotel quarantine as part of their broader responsibility for public health, despite it being a federal role under the constitution. Why?

1 hour ago

How parents can manage being 'touched out' -- Having kids attached to you all day can leave parents feeling 'touched out', leaving not much desire for intimacy with partners.

53 minutes ago

Donald Trump supporters embrace Signal, Telegram and other 'free speech' apps -- The popularity of encrypted messaging and 'free speech' apps has soared following the deadly violence at the US Capitol and mainstream social media platforms' purge of Donald Trump and his prominent followers.

3 hours ago

Pooping pigeons prove problematic for properties with solar panels -- Pigeons are known for their ability to find their way home, but the numbers taking up residence underneath solar panels are causing a headache for property owners.

2 hours ago

Why being friends with your boss can backfire -- Being friendly with your boss is always a good idea. Being friends with them? That's a different story.

5 hours ago

Tourist's 'dramatic' close encounter with hammerhead sharks -- A scuba diver off the NSW Mid North Coast has filmed the spectacular sight of about 200 hammerhead sharks swimming above her.

4 hours ago

Western NSW residents still cleaning up dust one year from apocalyptic storm -- After the best harvest in a decade, images of an apocalyptic orange cloud which blanketed towns in western New South Wales a year ago seem like a distant memory.

6 hours ago

As the UK's coronavirus crisis worsens, London's mortuaries struggle to keep up -- London's mortuaries are near breaking point as the coronavirus crisis runs rampant and threatens to overwhelm workers and the system.

7 hours ago

From a mountain monastery -- Paul Haller grew up Catholic in Belfast, and his pursuit of meaning has since taken him around the world. Now a Zen priest, Zen practice and teaching became Paul's calling. -- Duration: 49 minutes 22 seconds

9 hours ago

Sandy Mackinnon's fantastic voyage through the canals of Europe -- Sandy Mackinnon was teaching at a school in the English countryside when he set off in a Mirror dinghy, intending to sail as far as Gloucester. -- Duration: 52 minutes 10 seconds

9 hours ago

The hunt for the world's largest owl -- A chance encounter with one of nature's rarest birds, the Blakiston's fish owl, changed wildlife researcher Jonathan Slaght's life. -- Duration: 50 minutes

1 day ago

The raptor whisperer -- Peggy McDonald has spent much of her life as a wildlife carer who specialises in helping wedge-tail eagles, falcons, owls and other raptors recover their ability to fly -- Duration: 48 minutes 26 seconds

1 day ago

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9 days ago

What astounds about floods in Brisbane is that they continue to take us by surprise -- A decade ago, as Brisbane's record floods receded, many residents were left shocked and awed that such a devastating inundation could happen to a modern city. But Brisbane had flooded before — and it will flood again.

4 days ago

P. T. Barnum: Master showman or master of humbug? -- P. T. Barnum was a master showman, motivational speaker and politician. He was also the master of creating humbug about his upcoming shows, and believed that any publicity is good publicity. -- Duration: 20 minutes 25 seconds

23 hours ago

From FDR to Obama: Six memorable moments from US presidential inaugurations -- We look at the two-hour presidential address that some thought killed a president, along with other history-making moments, ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration as the next president of the United States.

2 days ago

This Week in History: The Palomares Disaster -- In 1966, a B-52G carrying four Mk28-type hydrogen bombs collided with a KC-135 tanker during a mid-air refuelling, killing seven people and contaminating a 0.77-square-mile area with radioactive plutonium. -- Duration: 28 minutes 46 seconds

1 day ago

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How can I find information on emergency incidents in my area?

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After the year that it's been, ABC Classic is bringing together Australia through song.

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