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Australia's largest warship runs into more mechanical problems after Tonga deployment

25 minutes ago

'He's not changing': Morrison's promise to be less of a 'bulldozer' ridiculed on Q+A

54 minutes ago

Aged care homes don't need 'evidence' on food spending to receive government funding, with a third still spending less than $10 a day

54 minutes ago

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2 years ago

'I mean Ukraine': George W Bush mistakenly calls Iraq invasion 'unjustified' and 'brutal' Former US president George W Bush, who ordered the invasion of Iraq, describes it as 'brutal' and 'unjustified', before correcting himself to say he was referring to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Duration: 37 seconds - 37 - s

2 hours ago

Curl up in front of the TV. Here's the best of what to binge right now -- Whether you're after a steamy romance or a gripping crime drama, here are the best new shows to binge this weekend.

3 hours ago

'It's a war crime': Protecting art and cultural artefacts during times of conflict -- Priceless art collections are being destroyed and looted as the fighting continues in Ukraine. These experts explain why protecting them is a race against time.

4 hours ago

Meet Freddie and Teddie, the tap-dancing twins all over Kendrick Lamar's new album -- Freddie and Theodore Tisdale are the 13-year-old twin brothers heard tap-dancing throughout Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, and they shared a celebratory pic with Kendrick himself upon the album's release.

1 hour ago

Where are the most left and right-wing seats? Vote Compass knows -- A metropolitan Victorian seat emerges as Australia's most left-leaning, while a sprawling Queensland electorate is the country's most conservative, according to Vote Compass.

5 hours ago

These women grew up in rugby league heartland — now, they're making history -- With the NRLW on the cusp of a major expansion, the prospect of a Cowboys women's team is a driving force for talented young players who hope to one day make a living from the sport they love.

3 hours ago

A hearty tortellini soup to get you through the colder months -- This Hetty McKinnon dish falls somewhere between a chunky soup and thick stew, with the rich tomato and vegetable broth lovingly hugging every parcel of pasta.

7 hours ago

Gruen Nation – Series 3 Episode 2 - The major parties are on the attack but can you trust them? Can the PM change his perception? And can a great ground game make up ground. Wil Anderson and Todd Sampson join Lenda Oshalem, Sally Branson and Toby Ralph. Duration: 35 minutes 21 seconds - 35 - m

6 hours ago

Onion peelers replaced by machines -- This report on Australian innovations in onion peeling technology aired on ABC's This Day Tonight in 1969. -- Duration: 3 minutes 26 seconds -- 3

11 hours ago

How easy was it to buy a gun in the 70s? How easy was it to buy a gun in Victoria 40 years ago? The ABC had this report in 1977. Duration: 5 minutes 41 seconds - 5 - m

1 day ago

Puppy tea party -- Kelpie breeder Tim Austin introduces us to some of his adorable pups and explains what it takes to raise a successful working dog. -- Duration: 2 minutes 32 seconds -- 2

2 days ago

Reporter recalls the morning a tornado 'destroyed the newsroom' -- ABC reporter Alisha O'Flaherty was about to read the news when a 38-metre crane crashed through the roof and landed on her desk. -- Duration: 1 minute 10 seconds -- 1

3 days ago

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1 month ago

The history of war - Is war embedded in human nature? Historian Gwynne Dyer, author of The Shortest History of War, says the truth is that the world has been getting less war-like for many decades. Duration: 51 minutes 18 seconds - 51 - m

6 hours ago

This tooth lay in a Laos cave for 150,000 years. It belonged to a young girl, but she wasn't Homo sapiens -- What links a tooth found in a cave in the limestone landscapes of Laos to a finger bone and some fossil teeth found in a cave in the remote Altai Mountains of Siberia?

1 day ago

If this is a hand grenade, it backs up a long-debated theory about the Crusades -- For decades, scientists have speculated about the use of hundreds of ancient vessels unearthed throughout the Middle East. Australian researchers believe at least one of them was a hand grenade.

4 days ago

How Melbourne's former infectious diseases hospital helped prepare us for COVID-19 -- For nearly a century, the Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital responded to epidemics of influenza, polio and HIV. Those who trained inside its doors say its legacy should not be forgotten.

1 day ago

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