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Syria's army encircles rebels in Hama, imposing 'choking siege'

27 minutes ago

Syria opens 'humanitarian corridor' for civilians to leave Idlib

20 hours ago

Turkey, US agree to launch first phase of Syria safe-zone plan

23 hours ago

Turkey says military convoy targeted in northern Syria

3 days ago

'Our house is burning': Macron urges G7 action on Amazon fires

45 minutes ago

Iran unveils new missile defence system, calls US talks 'useless'

17 hours ago

Hong Kong braces for fresh protests as activists target airport

8 hours ago

The decades-old war on Palestinian workers

45 minutes ago

I survived the 2013 chemical attack on Ghouta

13 hours ago

Pape Samba Kane

20 hours ago

The French colonial designs in Mali

20 hours ago

The political impotence of the Muslim American community

1 day ago

Ghana: Homecoming for African Americans

8 hours ago

Brazil's Amazon is burning: 'Some families lost everything'

16 hours ago

Pakistan's tribal areas: 'Neither faith nor union found'

22 hours ago

'India talked of peace and calm in Kashmir. I saw the opposite'

23 hours ago

US, Russia blame each other for abandoning key missile treaty

1 hour ago

North Korea calls Mike Pompeo 'poisonous' to diplomacy

4 hours ago

Syrian convicted of Chemnitz killing that sparked far-right riots

45 minutes ago

Over 150 treated for tear gas, pellet gun injuries in Kashmir

1 hour ago

Drugs worth $161m seized in Malaysia's biggest haul

2 hours ago

Japan PM Abe: S Korea move to end intelligence pact damages trust

5 hours ago

Will UAE be kicked out of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen?

12 hours ago

Pakistan asks UN to remove Priyanka Chopra as goodwill ambassador

1 day ago

Sanders proposes $16.3 trillion Green New Deal to woo 2020 voters

9 hours ago

China's coal demand to peak around 2025, global usage to follow

2 hours ago

India's health ministry wants to ban electronic cigarettes

13 hours ago

Malaysia's Mahathir: Linking palm oil to deforestation 'baseless'

2 hours ago

How India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed

9 days ago

Interactive: Plundering Cambodia's forests

17 days ago

What is Sahwa, the Awakening movement under pressure in Saudi?

2 months ago