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A new Hong Kong election law will be a 'challenge' to opposition and pro-establishment camp, says Beijing academic

7 hours ago

The empire strikes back: what the Qing dynasty can teach us about Hong Kong's modern rulers

22 hours ago

Explainer: Hong Kong's national security crackdown – month 7

17 hours ago

Covid-19: Authorities investigate death of patient two days after he received Sinovac vaccine

15 hours ago

Youngest Hong Kong protester sentenced for rioting

16 hours ago

Hong Kong national security police arrest former Next Digital exec. director over alleged fraud

18 hours ago

Covid-19: Restaurant lease terminated following outbreak, BioNTech vaccine registration begins Wed

23 hours ago

Noose tightens on Hong Kong as China Congress set to open

18 hours ago

Bail hearing for 47 Hong Kong democrats facing security law charges drags on, with four hospitalised due to exhaustion

1 day ago

New RTHK head takes over after three senior officials quit

1 day ago

Hong Kong's popular 'Instagram Pier' closes to the public without notice

1 day ago

Chinese University Hong Kong student union leaders quit after withdrawing election manifesto, citing death threats

1 day ago

Hong Kong media and education sectors should also be 'governed by patriots,' top Beijing official says

1 day ago

Chinese blogger charged with 'defaming martyrs' after border-clash posts

1 day ago

Locking horns: why officials and concerned Hongkongers can't agree on feeding feral cows

3 days ago

The knives are out for Hong Kong's Carrie Lam as her turbulent first term enters its final months

4 days ago

Steve Vines: Does Hong Kong's quarantine centre need to be quite so hellish?

4 days ago

Lord Shinkwin: Beijing's bullying belies its insecurity

2 days ago

How Beijing uses family videos to try to discredit Uyghur advocates

3 days ago

How flights carrying 'seafood' between China and Myanmar fuelled speculation about Beijing's support for military coup

8 days ago

Plight of Irish businessman trapped in mainland China sounds warning for Hong Kong

10 days ago

Academic Gordon Mathews: Why I am staying in Hong Kong – for now

10 days ago

Food for thought: How Hong Kong's farmers can bring about positive changes

11 days ago

Interview: Fergus Leung urges Hong Kong people to keep fighting for democracy as gov't moves to oust him from district council

3 days ago

HKFP Guide: Receiving a Covid-19 vaccine in Hong Kong

4 days ago

'Confession pages' offer shy Hongkongers an outlet when a relationship sours

10 days ago

Covid rules requiring customer registration stir unease among some Hong Kong firms as one gym closes in protest

11 days ago

Covid-19: Some Hongkongers shun gov't tracking app over privacy concerns as new rules rolled out at eateries

13 days ago

Hay, big spender: volunteers step in to feed Hong Kong's stray cattle, despite gov't advice

15 days ago

HKFP Lens: The plight of Myanmar's people in 2006 – and how they still suffer under a new regime

3 days ago

HKFP Lens: Impressions of Hong Kong from a quarantine hotel window

16 days ago

HKFP Lens: A former silk city's rough awakening from the American dream

17 days ago

Hong Kong educators should embrace the system that's crucial for teaching Cantonese to non-Chinese

18 days ago

The case of pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai shows how the security law has shaken up Hong Kong's legal system

19 days ago

In a year, China will host the first genocide Olympics

25 days ago

Give refugees and others a chance to speak out on a new Hong Kong law set to curtail their rights

27 days ago

China's Xi Jinping, the headline columnist

1 month ago

In Pictures: 'Everyone loves it!' The adventures of an out-of-context Hong Kong taxi in the UK

1 month ago

I'm 'not bowing down to anyone': Uncle Roger comic urges 'no politics' after deleting YouTube vid starring Beijing critic

1 month ago

'Snubbed' YouTuber urges 'Uncle Roger' comic Nigel Ng to research Communist Party after joint vid deleted over China criticism

1 month ago

China pineapple ban sparks sour rebuke from Taiwan

1 day ago

Taiwan denies Hong Kong film tycoon Charles Heung residency on 'national security' grounds

6 days ago

Taiwan says 'political pressure' blocking coronavirus vaccine deal

14 days ago

Taiwan has yet to issue visa to allow murder suspect Chan Tong-tai to turn himself in, reverend says

14 days ago